5 Tips On Throwing The Perfect Garden Party

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Nothing feels more relaxing and fun than being surrounded by your favorite people while bathed in the buttery rays of the sun—and that’s exactly what garden parties are all about.

If you’re planning to throw a garden party, there are numerous ways to make your garden party refreshing and unique. However, your top priority should be to arrange basic amenities like restroom facilities and wash stations for your guests. 

Here are some essential tips for you before you start handing out party invitations.

1. Set A Budget

It is ever so easy to hand a professional party planner the task of managing the intricate details. The only problem is they rarely come cheap. You’ll have to figure out those details if you are on a budget. There are some factors to consider if you want to save money. You should know how many guests you can afford to invite. The more people you invite, the bigger the bill/

The time of the day can also be crucial to saving money. Springing money on a three-course meal or dinner would cost you much more than a simple brunch or breakfast with classic items. If you already have a garden or patio, it would be much more economical than renting a party venue. 

However, if you decide to use your backyard, you’ll probably need to rent porta potties. Here, the question arises, how much is a porta potty rental? Well, the answer is not that much if you get them from the right place. You can acquire one for a mere $140.

2. Create A Beautiful Tablescape

Many people go all out when it comes to setting up a table with dramatic flourishes that catch the eye. However, you can create a balance between drama and simplicity. A plain white tablecloth provides the perfect canvas over which you can decorate the table using plates and cutlery. You could either keep the colors muted to contrast with the myriad of colors of the food or set up plates or napkins in fresh summery colors like yellow and green. It is advisable to avoid paper plates and cups as a strong gust of wind could blow them away, creating a mess.

Wooden tables and benches can create a rustic look. If you decide to throw the party once the sun sets, fairy lights can add a nice touch.

3. Set A Creative Theme

There are numerous themes you can choose from depending on your interests. You could set up a Victorian Era theme where guests could dress up in voluminous skirts, top hats, and quirky bonnets. Alternatively, you could choose a bohemian theme and allow guests to wear unique patterns, headbands, and chunky belts to complete the look. The options are endless. The more creative it is, the better. You could even tailor the music choices according to the theme and set the perfect mood.

4. Prepare A Seasonal Menu

A necessary trip would be to your area’s local farmer’s market. You can grab all the seasonal fresh fruits you might need to serve refreshing juices and cocktails. Adding slices of lemon and sprigs of lavender can elevate the drink without much effort. Fresh salads and luscious lemon tarts are universal favorites at garden parties, along with healthy dips and charcuterie boards for a rustic appeal.

If you opt to throw a tea party, you could have petite finger sandwiches, some mascarpone scones, and an exotic rose and pistachio cake to complement the tea. You could align the food with the party’s theme and get creative with how you present it.

5. Fun Lawn Games

How can you possibly expect a party to be fun without lawn games? Take a trip down memory lane to your childhood by drawing a hopscotch game on the concrete and getting everyone to join.

You can even get an entire game set if you want to have your guests playing croquet, corn hole, or bocce ball. They are certainly classics that never go out of style. Giant Jenga and ring toss are also new favorites you can explore. No matter what game it is, the essential purpose is to loosen up and relax as you focus on having a great time with your family and friends.

The Bottom Line

Garden parties can provide a magical backdrop and experience. They are a great way of helping you connect with your social circle. It is easy to mesmerize guests with elegant tablescapes and fresh flowers while also getting them excited through unique themes and fun lawn games. Including a fresh, seasonal menu can also help your case if you want to throw a fantastic summer party.