A Look at the Best Editing Apps for iPhone (2023)

Did you know that more than 65% of people in the United States edit their photos before posting them?

People rarely talk about editing their photographs, but when you do, you can enhance an image without photoshop.

If you want to learn how to make the most of your photos without making them look fake, there are a few apps to try.

Continue reading to discover the best editing apps for iPhone users so you can confidently post your content!


One of the best editing apps for iPhones is Enlight Photofox.

Photofox can be quickly identified by its bold black and purple fox icon. This application can add special effects to images and help you blend images. If you enjoy manipulating your photographs, this platform has endless tools to discover.

Although many advanced photographers use this platform, it’s also great for beginners. The interface is user-friendly and there are plenty of online tutorials to help guide the way.

If you aren’t sure which platform to invest in, you can try Photofox for free and pay for the subscription if you’re satisfied with the results.


It may seem like you’re entering a typo in the app store, but VSCO is a highly recommended photo editing platform.

VSCO is the best photo editor if you take a lot of portrait images. The toolkit on this app can help you adjust skin tones and clarity to ensure each person’s beauty gets highlighted. Not only can you adjust the tones with the settings, but you can also upload photos to your profile to get matching shades.

This is a great tool for beginner photographers since it includes tips and tutorials. If you pay for the premium account, you can enhance your images with less effort.


If you’re looking for the best photo editor for black and white images, Carbon is the solution.

This application only costs $20 annually and you will have a wide range of filters to apply to photos. Not only can you change fully colored pictures into classic images, but you can also manipulate the shades. There are many textures, effects, and filters to play with on this app, making it a favorite amongst iPhone users.

Many people recommend this application for the iPhone 14 since it has the latest features. You can still use this app on older versions, but the features might not have as much detail. The texture tool will be the most impacted by older phones, but it can still bring images to life.


If you’re an experienced photographer, Adobe Lightroom should be at the top of your list of apps to try.

Not only can you handle photos, but you can also take care of video editing on Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a powerful application that has endless filters, effects, and tools. You can enhance panorama or HDR images on this platform to get the highest resolution and quality.

The downside to this app is that it costs $10 a month. If you’re committed to editing photos and making money from doing so, this app is well worth the investment.

Touch Retouch

If you’re constantly photoshopping items out of images, you should consider Touch Retouch.

Touch Retouch costs $2 a month and you can have all the control at your fingertips. With a few touches, you can remove small or large items from an image and blend the surroundings. This app is great for getting rid of imperfections and even the real estate industry uses it to hide boxes and clutter.

The blemish removal tool is easy to use and doesn’t distort your images. You can quickly repair your photographs before sending them to a client with Touch Retouch.


Sometimes the best photos are taken in the dark and without photo editing, they’d never come to life.

Afterlife is a photo editing app that is preventing this issue by adjusting the settings so that you can shoot in the dark. There is an excellent white balance tool that will adjust the tones and shadows in your image. As long as there is something white in the photo to reference, the app will make the adjustments.

People that make photo collages also use this platform for the grid feature. The detailed grid can help you align images to help draw attention to the focal point. The premium accounts offer more editing tools that can help your photos stand out.

Photo ScapeX

If you’re looking for a simple tool that won’t change the dynamics of your photos, Photo ScapeX is recommended.

Photo ScapeX is compatible with Apple and Windows products. It comes with the most essential editing tools that won’t distract you when you simply want to brighten the photo. The auto-adjustment tool works great if you’re in a rush and most of the features are included in the free version.

Try the Best Editing Apps for iPhone Devices This Year

Although most people won’t admit it, they often spend a few minutes touching up their photos before letting anyone see them.

Utilizing the best editing apps for iPhones can help you show off your photos in their best light. Sometimes adjusting the light and shadows can improve an image without changing the foundations. Don’t be ashamed to edit photos, but keep in mind that beauty can also be found within the raw images.

Learning how to edit photos can turn into a career if you’re good enough. Use the internet to showcase your snaps and bring them to life.

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