Awaken to a New Smile: What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Did you know that around two-thirds of adults go to the dentist’s office each year? If you’re not crazy about dental procedures, you might be searching for a way to make those dental treatments more bearable. Fortunately, there is an option that can make your patient experience better.

Read on to learn more about what sedation dentistry is!

Understand What Sedation Dentistry Is

Sedation is a method used to help patients relax for a dental procedure. While not every patient needs it, sedation can be a useful tool for certain patients. Anyone with a fear of the dentist or elevated discomfort may benefit from it.

In most instances, patients are awake but have taken medication to help them relax. In other cases, a patient may need more sedation. Patients may deal with temporary amnesia when they come out of sedation.

It’s best to talk with a trusted dentist to determine what type of sedation is best. At that time, patients should disclose their medical history and any known allergic reactions.

A good dentist will communicate potential risks. They also will explain the process of administering sedation and outline their experience doing so.

Know Who Makes a Good Candidate

Who should receive sedation during a dental visit? Patients with a gag reflex or tooth sensitivity issues can be good candidates. Likewise, an individual receiving a lengthy treatment or multiple treatments makes sense.

Patients who struggle to sit still or have a fear of needles can be good candidates. In some instances, children may need sedation if they are not cooperating during a visit.

According to the Top Dentist in Dubai, individuals with dental phobia make excellent candidates for sedation dentistry services, too. After all, pursuing preventative dental care is important for those hoping to avoid bigger issues later. The right sedation can help a patient feel less apprehensive about visiting the dentist for routine care.

Ask About the Types of Services

Not all sedation dentistry services are the same. Some offer lower levels of sedation, while others are much deeper. For instance, some patients may require full sedation.

One popular option is to use nitrous oxide sedation. This type of sedation is often called laughing gas. When a patient inhales nitrous oxide, they will feel more relaxed and avoid feelings of pain during the procedure.

With IV sedation, the dental professional uses an IV to administer medication. This medication puts the patient into a deep sleep so they do not feel the procedure. The dental team checks the patient’s vitals, including blood pressure, throughout the process.

Under general anesthesia, the patient is unconscious during the dental procedure. A dental anesthesiologist will oversee this process to ensure the patient is safe.

Pursue Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry offers an appealing option for patients who feel anxious about their treatments. Patients with anxiety or sensitivity issues make good candidates for sedation. Anyone interested in sedation should talk with their dentist to determine which type of sedation will meet their needs.

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