Does Wave Internet Have Unlimited Internet?

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Being the 10th largest cable provider in the U.S., Wave Internet offers and continues to offer internet, TV, and phone services to residential and business customers in Washington, California, and Oregon. Although it is primarily a cable provider, it also offers copper and fiber internet services. It has earned its reputation by providing high-speed internet services with minimal disturbances and issues. It is known for its affordable prices, attractive bundles, and 24/7 customer support.

While it is a wonderful service provider with a footprint of about 2 million Americans, Wave Internet also has some cons. It is limited availability and is available to some cities in three states only. The speeds it offers are slower than some service providers. Some internet plans have data caps. However, there is a way to tackle this problem and we will talk about that soon enough! But first, let’s take a look at the internet plans it offers!

Wave Internet plans

As Wave Internet is known for its affordable plans and pricing, it is obvious that you want to take a look at it. Given below is a table of details about the plans offered by Wave Internet.

PlanPriceDownload speedData AllowanceAdded benefitsBest forNumber of users
High-Speed 100$29.95/mo.(for 12 months in select markets)Up to 100 Mbps400 GBTiVo Stream 4KORLocal TV at no added costSurfing/browsingOnline gamingWork from homeOnline schoolSocial mediaVideo and music streamingUp to 4
High-Speed 250$39.95/mo. (for 12 months in select markets)Up to 250 Mbps500 GBTiVo Stream 4KORLocal TV at no added costSurfing/browsingOnline multiplayer gamingWork from homeOnline schoolSocial mediaMusic streamingHD video streamingVideo conferencingUp to 6
High-Speed Gig$69.95/mo.(for 12 months in select markets)Unlimited (Conditions apply)Unlimited (Conditions apply)TiVo Stream 4KORLocal TV at no added costSurfing/browsingOnline multiplayer gamingWork from homeOnline schoolSocial mediaMusic streamingHD video streamingVideo conferencingSmart devicesMultiple heavy internet users

So, looking at the internet plans, you can see that each plan has been made with the needs and requirements of different types and classes of people. While all the plans are priced reasonably according to the data and benefits offered, some things need to be discussed here. The first package, High-Speed 100, is perfect for students, bachelors, and even a small family of up to 4 people. The second package, High-Speed 250, is ideal for 4-6 heavy internet users that enjoy gaming and work from home.

The last package, High-Speed Gig, is the one we’re most interested in. As you can see in the table, the data offered for this package is unlimited. That means there are no data caps in this package. Now we’ve seen all the packages, let’s talk more in detail about the last one.

Does Wave Internet offer unlimited internet?

So, to answer this question, yes, it does. The last package, High-Speed Gig, has no data caps and offers unlimited high-speed internet. It is the premium option for residential customers that connects all the smart devices to the internet and lets you work effectively and efficiently on your computer and phone. It is the perfect option for a big family with heavy internet users, gamers, streamers, etc. You won’t have to worry about using up all your data or any lags. 

Of course, some conditions are in effect for this package. One of them is that after 2 TB usage of data, internet speed may slow down to manage and maintain the network. Other conditions applying to this package can be confirmed by your local Wave Internet retail store.

Benefits of unlimited internet

Now, it is time to decide whether you should go for unlimited internet or not. Let’s take a look at the benefits of unlimited internet.


As a gamer, you would want extremely fast speeds for the internet and as minimal interference as possible. With an unlimited data plan, you will not have to worry about data caps and you can get the internet speed you want. While online gaming may not take up too much bandwidth, downloading upgrades, patches, and add-ons do. You can’t have your screen freezing every five minutes due to limited bandwidth.

Usually, gamers play challenging multiplayer online games where you have tournaments and showdowns. So, to keep up with the fast attacks of your opponent, your internet speed must be very good. Players can also stream and chat with each other live with help of speedy internet. This is why gamers do not compromise on internet or equipment costs as they want only the best to be the best!


Streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ are not something you can live without anymore. While most people are cutting the cable to get streaming services instead, some of them are keeping both. Streaming services require a good and reliable internet connection to stay running. “Binge-watching” is a concept that is very quickly being adopted by a lot of teenagers and adults. If not twice or thrice a week, at least once a week people will sit and binge-watch some movies or TV series with their friends. To do that, you need to have a smooth and speedy internet connection. Having unlimited data relieves you of any worries of crossing the data limit.

Work and school

Work from home can require a significant internet speed and bandwidth as you might need to send and receive a lot of heavy files and data. To be able to do your work without disruption, an unlimited data plan sounds very reasonable. Online schooling also requires a lot of data due to video calls and assignment submissions. Moreover, if you have a family, then you are not the only one that needs the internet for work and your child will not only need it for education, rather there will be other users and other purposes for using the internet. 

Multiple users

Like it was pointed out above, you might not be the only person in the family and if you are a student, you might be living in a dorm or with a few roommates that also want internet services. So, instead of getting the internet individually for every person, it is better to buy from one service and split the bill. In the case of a family, you will obviously opt for only one service and unlimited internet sounds like the best possible choice for you.

Smart devices

Nowadays, you can find smart devices in every home. Ranging from virtual digital assistants like Alexa to smart TVs and refrigerators, you, at least, have one smart device at home. For that smart device to function properly, it needs to be connected to the internet 24/7. Updates are automatically downloaded whenever the internet is connected and the device is not in use. As it is connected all the time, you need a lot of internet data for that and an unlimited data package helps you use the internet along with keeping the smart devices connected.

The ending note

From Wave Internet data plans to the benefits of having unlimited internet, we have made it to the end of this blog and we hope you have made up your mind. Unlimited internet is, no doubt, becoming a necessity with the increase in technology and devices in our home. There are not so many users as there are devices in one home. An average person has at least two devices that they use at a time, a phone and a laptop. So, if you are looking to subscribe to a good ISP for unlimited internet services, Wave Internet is a pretty good option! To know more about Wave Internet or to find any other good ISP, go on to BuyTVInternetPhone and enter your ZIP code to find options in your area!