Essential Oils Blends For Vertigo Relief

When you’re doing the dishes, the room may occasionally start spinning as you work. You start to feel lightheaded, lost, and sometimes even sick.

When vertigo strikes, it is terrifying in addition to being disoriented.

There are numerous potential underlying causes of vertigo. from acquiring a sinus infection to developing a sore throat. However, some people are just more prone to vertigo than others, whether as a result of inner ear structure or other circumstances, such tension on the vagus nerve or nasal congestion.

However, there is a solution to get rid of the wooziness and lightheadedness. You can use essential oils to treat the nausea and headaches that frequently accompany vertigo, tinnitus, dizziness, and motion sickness.

How To Use Several Essential Oil Mixes For Treating Vertigo.

We’ll cover five essential oil buddies in this quick guide that can assist vertigo patients lessen and treat episodes of dizziness.


Ginger root is one of the best-known ingredients for relieving nausea and upset stomachs and is used in everything from candies to tea.

Commercial fishermen all over the world have traditionally consumed ginger root to stave off motion sickness. Ginger is also a traditional treatment for vertigo.

The use of this oil for vertigo and motion sickness has specifically been studied in a number of research.

Researchers discovered in 1986 that ginger root prevented dizziness following vestibular system activation.

The same researchers discovered that ginger root can lessen seasickness symptoms like nausea and vomiting in a 1988 study.

However, you don’t need to always have ginger root on hand to enjoy the health benefits of the plant!

Ginger essential oil concentrates ginger’s potent components in an accessible container, making it an excellent ally for vertigo sufferers.

Use it as such:

Place Ginger oil in a car diffuser as a prophylactic precaution if your vertigo frequently occurs while you’re driving.

Keep 5–15 drops of ginger essential oil in your own pocket inhaler. When experiencing vertigo sensations, open it up and breathe in.


Fresh and zesty Another of our favourite essential oils for feeling lightheaded is lemon. It is also a common treatment for motion sickness. People have tried sniffing lemon peels, consuming lemon water, and making lemonade for generations to calm troubled stomachs.

Recent research has looked into lemon essential oil aromatherapy as a potential treatment for chemotherapy- and pregnancy-related nausea.

Lemon oil may help avoid nausea, according to a study on the condition.

After receiving frequent aromatherapy for 3–4 days, subjects reported reduced problems.

To experience the benefits of lemon throughout your home, spread it regularly in your living area or include it in your DIY bathroom cleanser.


Your inner ear may also be impacted by what else? sinus tension Sinus congestion can damage your vestibular system and increase your chance of feeling vertigo because your ears, nose, and throat are all tightly related via the sinus pathways.

In this situation, cypress oil should be used as an essential oil. What this oil has:

  • Congestion-relieving anti-inflammatory characteristics
  • a fresh, woodsy scent that helps boost self-assurance and promote clarity of thought

Try including a steam in your routine if you feel congested to get a dose of Cypress oil deliciousness.

Using steam:

  • In a heat-resistant bowl, fill it up 1/3 with hot water.
  • Drops of Cypress essential oil can be added.
  • Lean over the bowl with your eyes closed and a cloth over your head to create steam.
  • Deep breaths
  • Continue steaming for 5 to 10 minutes, pausing as necessary.


Another of our favourites for decongestion is clary sage essential oil. Similar to Cypress, Clary Sage oil can assist in removing mucus from the nose, sinuses, and throat.

Being a potent anti-inflammatory, Clary Sage’s impact on your body may also calm ear canal irritation. Clary sage is a well-liked component in women’s perfumes because to its bright, herbaceous, and tea-like aroma.

In aromatherapy, clary sage is applied to:

  • reduce tension and worry
  • Encourage sound slumber
  • mood and encourage positivity

Clary Sage can also support your holistic health in ways that may help you maintain a healthy physical and emotional balance because anxiety and poor sleep quality can both lead to vertigo.

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