From Schools to Care Homes: 4 Facilities and Establishments That Benefit the Most From Building Washing

Cleanliness is a major factor in the success of any business. Not only does it help to create an atmosphere that customers find inviting, but it also helps to reduce the risk of bacteria and viruses spreading in the workplace. 

What is Building Washing?

Building washing is a specialised area of exterior maintenance that involves cleaning the outside of a structure to restore its visual appeal and protect it from damaging elements. Whether it’s a home, commercial property, or industrial facility, building washing helps maintain the structural integrity of the property and keeps it looking great. The process typically uses special solutions designed to force dirt, grime, and other contaminants from both flat and curved surfaces. High-pressure water jets may also be employed to remove embedded elements. It provides an efficient, cost-effective way to extend the life of a building and keep it looking like new for many years to come.

But what businesses need routine building washing? Below is a list of some of the most common establishments and buildings that should be cleaned regularly. 

1. Retail Stores

Retail stores are one of the most common places that require routine building washing. From clothing stores to supermarkets, these establishments can quickly become dirty due to high foot traffic and droplets from customers’ sneezes or coughs. 

But reaching the perfect cleanliness level in a retail store is no easy feat; after all, customer foot traffic can be unpredictable and shelves are often packed with merchandise. Every day, dirt and bacteria can accumulate on these surfaces; not only does this unsightly mess detract from the store’s aesthetic, but it also creates an environment that could be potentially hazardous for shoppers and employees alike. For that reason, regular retail building washing is essential to keep these locations hygienic and safe. With a reliable cleaning service on your side, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re providing your patrons with an environment designed to safeguard their health and well-being. Having a store professionally cleaned at least once a month can help maintain that pleasant shopping experience for customers while reducing potential health issues caused by germs and dirt. 

2. Restaurants

Restaurants should also receive routine building washing services. The kitchen area needs to be kept spotless since food is being prepared here as well as served in this space. The dining room should also be routinely cleaned since there are often spills from drinks or dropped food that can cause bacteria build-up if left uncleaned for too long. 

In today’s world, especially in the restaurant industry, it is more important than ever that establishments take extra precautions and cleanliness measures. Routine building washing services can help restaurants stay ahead of health standards and codes by ensuring that their facility walls, windows, signs, roofs, parking lots and walkways are kept in pristine condition. Not only does this benefit their bottom line and customer experience, but it also shows an investment in their employees’ safety and comfort. Through regular building washing services, they can rest assured that they are ready for all health inspections and know that they are doing the best they can to keep those who enter safe and up to code. Regular professional cleaning services will help keep a restaurant clean and safe for both staff and customers alike. 

3. Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc., are some of the most important places that require frequent cleaning services. Due to the high level of contact with patients, these spaces must remain germ-free at all times to prevent any sort of contagious illnesses from spreading among patients or healthcare workers. 

These are essential places, but they require a great deal of cleaning to ensure the safety and health of both staff and patients. From hospitals to nursing homes and even disability resource centres, these areas must be kept spick and span at all times. Despite the countless safety protocols in place, regular cleaning services help reduce exposure to germs and viruses. 

For example, regular disinfection and sanitation of surfaces help minimize the spread of infections within medical facilities. In particular, disability support centres that provide help with personal activities like personal hygiene need this routine clean-up to minimize health risks. Ever mindful of their duty to uphold safety standards, healthcare professionals depend on cleaning teams to keep their premises hygienic and germ-free. And professional cleaners can perform deep cleanings in these areas regularly to ensure that all surfaces are properly sanitized and free from germs or viruses. 

4. Schools and Universities

Schools and universities are also prime candidates when it comes to needing regular building washes. Students are constantly coming into contact with each other, making it important for schools to take extra precautions to ensure their buildings have been thoroughly sanitized. 

Maintaining a clean space is an important part of the student experience. Whether it’s a school or university, clean buildings are vital to providing a welcoming environment and elevating the quality of education offered. That’s why premier institutions invest in regular building washes – to keep their buildings clean and well-maintained, ultimately making for a more pleasant learning environment for students. With the number of students, teachers and visitors on-site every day, time and expertise are needed when it comes to managing a full building wash. Investing in professional services can prevent costly mistakes from occurring due to inexperience and carelessness. From top-to-bottom cleaning to protecting your property’s exterior features from natural elements – regular building washes help keep schools at their best.

This includes door handles, light switches, water fountains, desks, chairs, bathrooms – you name it! It’s also important to remember that the outside of the school is just as important as the inside. Students play outside during recess and lunchtime, meaning any buildup on the exterior walls should also be taken care of as quickly as possible. 


From restaurants to healthcare facilities and schools, regular building washes are essential to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Professional cleaning services can help reduce the spread of germs by providing thorough sanitization of all surfaces regularly. And investing in professional building washing services is important for any business or institution that wants to ensure their premises remain clean and up-to-code at all times.