Home Maintenance Tips for Frequent Travelers

Maintaining their residences might be difficult for frequent travelers for a variety of reasons. Whether you travel extensively or frequently for work, it’s critical to make sure that your house is maintained in a decent condition while you’re away. Domestic upkeep mistakes might result in expensive repairs and unpleasant shocks when you return. In order to help you preserve your house in peak condition, this post will go over some helpful home maintenance advice designed specifically for frequent travelers.

Securing Your Home

The first thing to do is protect your home before you go on your trip. Lock up every window and door, and think about purchasing a security system or surveillance equipment. Inform a neighbor or acquaintance you can trust of your absence so they can watch after your property. Employing a house sitter in some circumstances might be a great choice to add an additional degree of security. To further deter potential burglars, you can also place timers on inside lights to give the appearance that someone is home.

Temperature and HVAC Control

To avoid dramatic temperature swings that can harm your possessions, it’s essential to keep your home at the proper temperature. Set your thermostat at a temperature that will prevent freezing pipes or too much heat depending on the season. With the use of programmable thermostats, you can plan a schedule that regulates the temperature in your home according to the time of day while also saving energy. To ensure the best circumstances, think about putting in smart home equipment that enables you to remotely monitor and modify your HVAC system.

Electrical Precautions

To save energy and lower the risk of electrical fires, unplug any electrical equipment and devices that are not absolutely necessary. For the protection of your most expensive electronics, think about purchasing surge protectors. Before you go, make sure that all key appliances, such as your water heater and refrigerator, are in good operating order. If a broken appliance is ignored, it could cause serious harm if it is not fixed right away. To reduce any potential electrical risks, it’s also a good idea to shut off the main circuit breaker.

Maintaining the Plumbing System

Taking care of your plumbing system is one of the most important components of house maintenance, especially in places like Australia. Plumbing problems may occur while you’re away, resulting in water damage and expensive repairs. It’s crucial to turn off your home’s main water supply in order to avoid such issues. Hire a qualified plumber from Chermside to perform a complete examination before you leave as well. They can spot any possible problems and guarantee that your plumbing system is in good shape. Remember to insulate exposed pipes so that they won’t freeze during the colder months.

Landscaping and Exterior Maintenance

While you’re away, you should also take care of your home’s exterior. Potential robbers may believe that your property is abandoned if the grass is overgrown and the landscape is neglected. Make plans for gardening or lawn care services to keep your property looking good from the outside. To prevent intruders from using trees and bushes as cover, trim them away from windows and doors. To avoid water damage to the foundation of your home, make sure your gutters are clear. To improve security, think about installing outside lighting that is activated by motion.

Mail and Deliveries

A stuffed mailbox or a stack of items on your doorstep are blatant signs that no one is home. Suspend mail delivery or arrange with a trustworthy neighbor to pick up your mail to retain the appearance of an occupied home. In a similar vein, get in touch with delivery services and request that they postpone deliveries until your return. This easy measure can prevent potential robbers and guarantee the security of your property. In addition, think about placing a security camera or video doorbell next to your front entrance to keep an eye on activity and get alerts when deliveries are made.

Regular Check-Ins and Maintenance

Even if you take all the necessary safeguards, you still need to have someone regularly check on your house. A reliable friend, neighbor, or house sitter can make sure everything is in order and take care of any unforeseen problems right away. They can search for indications of power outages, pest infestations, or water leaks. Regular check-ins can significantly reduce the likelihood that minor issues will escalate into severe catastrophes. Give your trusted contact a list of emergency phone numbers and directions on how to contact you in the event of a serious problem. Use smart home technology to provide you peace of mind even when you’re away from home by enabling remote monitoring and notifications.

In conclusion, as a frequent traveler, preserving your property necessitates careful preparation and close attention to detail. It’s crucial to take precautions to secure your house, such as locking windows and doors and purchasing security equipment. Setting the proper temperature, taking safety precautions with electricity, and maintaining the exterior are also essential components of home upkeep for visitors. By using these suggestions, you may travel with the knowledge that your home is secure and well-kept, enabling you to completely appreciate your excursions.