How an Online Accounting MBA Can Accelerate Your Career in Finance

According to the BLS, a master’s degree can boost your salary and open new career opportunities. With MBA programs offered year-round, online graduate degrees are a convenient and flexible option for working professionals.

An online accounting MBA can prepare you for various roles in the finance industry. It can help you interpret data to make business decisions and evaluate federal tax complexities.

You’ll Learn Business Management Skills

An MBA program provides a wide-ranging education that can enhance your career in many ways. Some MBA skills are immediately applicable, such as learning to analyze and craft marketing strategies and calculate critical metrics. Other skills, known as soft skills, may not be applied in your first role after graduation but can help you advance quickly when promotion opportunities arise.

An accounting MBA online also helps you prepare for professional credentials like CPA certification. Depending on the program, it may include courses that cover exam topics like financial accounting and auditing.

Most programs expect applicants to have a bachelor’s degree, and some require GMAT or GRE scores. However, applicants with work experience can often apply for a GMAT waiver. Professional organizations can also provide career guidance and networking opportunities for accounting professionals and students.

You’ll Learn Accounting Skills

If you’re an experienced business professional looking to take on leadership roles with more significant financial responsibilities, an online MBA in accounting can help you achieve your career goals. A typical MBA program with a concentration in accounting at William Paterson University includes core business management courses that cover topics like organizational leadership, management principles, and decision-making. In addition, you’ll also learn advanced accounting skills like taxation regulation, forensic accounting, and accounting information systems.

You’ll Learn Finance Skills

Whether you’re looking to work in business finance, accounting, investment commercial banking, or money management, an online MBA program with a concentration in accounting can give you the skills to excel in nearly any industry. During an online MBA program, you will take courses that cultivate your understanding of formulating financial business strategies and plans and analyzing company finances.

You may also find coursework focusing on corporate finance, including mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buy-outs, spin-offs, and financial restructuring. These courses help you develop your ability to evaluate investment opportunities, cut costs, and maximize profit potential. This is especially important in a role as a budget analyst, where you will be tasked with developing operating budget proposals and spending decision-making.

You’ll Learn Analytics Skills

Students in an online accounting MBA program gain skills to collect, analyze, and translate data into useful information for business decision-making. These tools can help managers predict consumer behavior, make investments, identify market trends, and more.

Many online MBA programs also provide networking opportunities, connecting students with a network of alums who can open doors in the business world after graduation. This can be a great way to find career advancement opportunities or start a new company.

Whether you want to advance in your current field or become a finance leader, an MBA focusing on accounting can set you up for success. Start by looking into courses to help you achieve your professional and business objectives. Admission usually requires a GMAT or GRE score.

You’ll Learn Leadership Skills

A master’s degree in accounting can help you advance to leadership positions in your field. You can also pursue additional professional credentials, such as becoming a certified public accountant.

You’ll gain the advanced accounting knowledge necessary to lead finance professionals, including financial statement analysis and valuation techniques. In addition, you’ll be able to develop your managerial skills and positively impact the organization.

As an MBA graduate specializing in accounting, you can take on various roles — from junior analyst to investment manager to chief financial officer. As a result, your career potential is unlimited. The next step is to find an online accounting MBA program that fits your needs and prepares you for the future.