How Long Can A Lion Go Without Eating? Let’s Find Out

How long can a lion go without eating? On average, an adult lion can live up to two weeks without eating. 

Although it depends on several other factors such as the weather conditions, age, and health conditions of the lion.

Being one of the most powerful predators on earth, this fierce feline is capable of hunting any animals in the jungle. 

Naturally, they survive on a great amount of food. But despite their ferocious size, lions can survive up to two weeks without food based on the environmental conditions. 

On that note, let’s study their eating and hunting habits below for a better understanding of these bold hunters.

What Do Lions Eat?

How Long Can A Lion Go Without Eating

As lions are carnivores, they feed on meat. In fact, they are one of the largest carnivorous predators in the world.

However, they prey on large herbivores, small animals, and even carrion.

Their diet consists mainly of antelopes including wildebeest, deer, zebra, buffalo, crocodiles, warthogs, giraffes, etc.

In the scarcity of food, they even hunt smaller animals like birds, snakes, rodents, porcupines, etc.

Additionally, cows and goats are also targeted by these fearful felines when they are accessible in their surroundings.

Nevertheless, they try to avoid carrion as long as possible. But in extreme cases, they feed on the remains of dead animals as well. 

To our utter surprise, lions do eat vegetation as well. Sometimes, they chew on tree leaves, fruits, or small plants. 

Although fruits or veggies don’t contribute to their main meal.

Talking about humans, lions don’t usually attack humans unless they are really hungry or feel threatened.

How Long Can a Lion Live Without Food?

An average lion can live up to 14 days without eating food.

As stated above, this depends on lots of other factors as well. If it’s hot outside, a lion probably can’t last long without food.

In the case of regular weather, they will survive for two weeks with a strong health condition.

However, health and age both work as deciding factors for how long a lion can live without food and water.

If it’s really healthy, the survival period without food could be extended to one month. But for average lions, it’s two weeks maximum. 

So, can a lion survive without eating for 2 weeks? In most cases, yes.

Reportedly, lions go on hunting every 2-3 days and succeed only in 30% of cases.

On a regular basis, a lion eats 5-7 kgs of food for survival. However, male lions need more food compared to female ones. 

How many days lions live without food also depends on their last meal. If it’s good enough, they can survive more.

Can a Lion Survive 3 Months Without Food?

Can a lion survive without eating for 2 months/ 3 months? Not really. They can live without food for one-month maximum with an available water supply. 

Although the lion’s digestive system survives for several weeks without eating, eventually, it will break down due to a lack of adequate food.

So, if you ask, how can a lion survive 3 months without food?- it rarely happens. 

How Long Can Lions Go Without Water?

As lions mostly live in hot climates, they need to drink water frequently. Otherwise, they fall sick. 

But how long can a lion go without water? Up to four days, maximum. 

Though their main source of hydration is the blood of the animals they hunt. But if water is available, they prefer drinking it every day.

However, sometimes, they eat watermelons, cucumbers, fruits, etc. to remain hydrated when there’s not enough water in their territory. 

And in the period of severe water scarcity, they prefer avoiding direct sunlight and resting under the shed. 

Can a Lion Live Without Meat?

Lions are carnivorous par excellence. That’s why it’s impossible to replace meat from their food list.

Let’s explain the facts in detail. These fierce felines cannot utilize glucose and fructose because of their short intestines.

As a result, fruits or vegetables never could be their primary food source.

Naturally, these apex predators must eat flesh to survive as they can’t digest vegetation. 

How Long Can a Human Go Without Eating?

In contrast to the largest predators on earth, humans can live for longer without food.

Typically, an average human can survive up to 40 days without eating food. And they can live without fluid for 3-5 days maximum.

How Long Can a Baby Lion Live Without Food?

How Long Can a Baby Lion Live Without Food

A newborn baby lion can live at least 24 hours without having food.

Though a newborn cub is taken care of by its mother and fed several times a day.

As a lioness raises the cubs outside of the pack for 3 months, the cub is supposed to be left alone when the lioness goes on a hunting trip.

That’s why they learn to survive without being nursed by their mother at least for one complete day.

How Long Can Tigers Go Without Eating?

Similar to lions, tigers can go for two weeks without eating food. Sometimes, the survival span is prolonged to 3-4 weeks

How Long Can a Crocodile Go Without Eating?

Although it’s utterly surprising, a crocodile can live up to 3 years without food. 

As they are cold-blooded reptiles, they have smaller brains consuming less energy. 

Besides, they can even digest the bones and shells of their prey intaking maximum calories. And they move slowly to save energy. 

That’s how they can easily go for a few months to 3 years at best without having a bite.

Final Words

Do these jungle kings go on hunting every day?

No, they hunt every 2-3 days for survival. And the rest of the time they usually sleep.

However, they can easily live without food for two weeks, and survive without water for four days maximum. 

Hopefully, the article above lets you know some surprising lion facts regarding their diet plans and more.