How Long Can A Pigeon Survive Without Water? Everything About Pigeon Hydration

How long can a pigeon survive without water? A small pigeon will survive a maximum of 48 hours without drinking water whereas a larger bird might make it to a few more hours.

Though a pigeon’s lifespan without water varies based on its health conditions, immune system, environmental conditions, availability of other moisture sources, etc.

However, having a high metabolism, these feathered creatures can break down both food and water quickly. 

Besides, their higher body fat percentages help them stay hydrated for longer.

That’s why pigeons can live longer without water compared to most other birds.

Do Pigeons Need to Drink Water?

Of course, yes. Pigeons need water to digest food properly. Besides, they drink water to process what they eat.

Do Pigeons Need to Drink Water?

However, how much water they drink daily depends on the weather though. If we are talking about hot summer days, they should be provided with more water.

Talking about colder days, they can go a long time without drinking much water.

Nevertheless, if you have a pet pigeon, it’s better to serve it with fresh tap water every day. 

How Much Water Does a Pigeon Drink a Day?

An average pigeon of 450 gm weight usually drinks 35-50 ml water every day depending on the weather condition. 

How Long Can a Bird Survive Without Food or Water?

How Long Can a Bird Survive Without Food or Water? 

If you ask, how long can a bird go without food or water, it depends on what type of bird we are talking about.

Based on a bird’s size, sex, species, fat content, and muscle content, there is 60%-70% water inside its body.

Naturally, this high percentage of water demands for consistent water supply to make the organs work normally.

If birds are deprived of water for a long time, they are supposed to suffer from dehydration and salt stress.

As mentioned above, the water requirement of a bird varies based on its size and diet.

Usually, an average wild bird loses 15%-25% of its total body liquid on a regular day. 

On the contrary, a small bird loses even more water to the environment. Thus, they need more water replenishment to balance the ratio.

Saying that most birds will be dead within two days if they don’t drink water.

However, they can last long without food as well. Whether it’s a captive or wild bird, it needs a continuous food supply to survive.

Without any food supply, birds can live for three days on average.

How Many Days Can a Pigeon Live Without Food and Water?

The answer doesn’t vary much from the survival period of other birds. A pigeon can live 3-4 days without food. 

And it can last for two days maximum without water depending on its size and the climate. In colder climates, a large pigeon can live for 11 days without eating food.

If the weather is extreme, the survival period will be reduced. 

Nevertheless, they actually struggle to survive without adequate food and water supply. Although they manage to be alive for 2-3 days without eating food or drinking water, eventually they will die.

Thankfully, these winged creatures are exceptionally good at searching for food and water sources. If they are wild, they will reach somewhere where they can find something to eat and drink.

The point to be noted is how long can a pigeon live without water and food also depends on how much fat is stored inside its body. 

How Long Can a Baby Pigeon Live Without Food?

A baby pigeon can live without food for 24 hours maximum. 

How Long Can a Baby Pigeon Live Without Food

Just like humans, pigeon parents feed their newborns crop milk. This crop milk is produced by adult pigeons. 

The baby birds are dependent on the pigeon’s parents to have crop milk for 14 days after birth. 

So, if the baby is abandoned by its parents during this period, it will die within a few hours.

However, they start having solid food after 14 days after their birth. Still, they remain under the guidance of pigeon parents for up to 25-30 days.

After one month, they are ready to fly in search of food.

How Long Can Pet Pigeons Live Without Food?

A pet pigeon can survive without food for 4-5 days, slightly more than a wild one.

However, that’s the scientific result. In reality, a pet pigeon can kill itself out of anxiety if you don’t serve food for two days.

Being caged for a long time, it has a limited area. So, it must be provided with food and drink every two hours not to make it depressed.

They prefer smaller meals frequently instead of larger meals once/ twice a day, you know. 

But what to do when your feathered friend doesn’t eat or drink?  You should immediately take it to a vet for proper treatment. 

How Often Do Pigeons Need Water?

They need water every day. In case you have pet pigeons, offer them fresh water every 2-3 hours.

Water is not only to quench their thirst but also to maintain their good health and rehydration. 

Can a Baby Pigeon Drink Water?

Can a Baby Pigeon Drink Water?

As we discussed earlier, baby pigeons drink crop milk produced by their parents. So, they don’t need water as soon as they are born. 

Until they are six weeks old, give them wet sloppy foods that consist of sufficient liquid. 

Nonetheless, a baby pigeon can drink water from trays or bowls after six weeks of their birth. 

Final Words

Because of their special physiological adaptation, pigeons are supposed to be fine without water for 2-3 days as they extract moisture from their regular food.

Alongside, thanks to their food habits, they can survive without adequate water during extreme weather conditions.

Plus, they have special feathers to keep them cool, as Pauline G. Carter suggests.

Hope this guide answers your question- how long can a pigeon survive without water? They hardly survive more than 48 hours without water.

So, if you see a thirsty pigeon around, give it some food and water.