How Long Does Infatuation Last

In relationships falling in love is considered a fascinating thing. It is hard to find people who don’t fall in love. After being in a good relationship for a short period, they quickly become infatuated with each other.

When you start to like someone, excitement arises: it creates huge suspense in your mind. Is it our infatuation, or am I in love? So here comes a big question: how long does infatuation last, and the answer to this question usually varies from person to person. Hopefully, you’ll get your appropriate answer from this article and get a brief idea about infatuation matters.

What is falling in love?

When a strong feeling grows for another person, we consider it as falling in love. It creates a pleasurable attachment for that person with intense emotions. Mental and chemical factors work in this case. It creates a desire to get close to pass the time with your loved ones. And it is the first phase of love relationships. More often, this first phase of falling in love leads to a strong love relationship. We can relate very profoundly to Infatuation with falling in love.

What is infatuation?

Infatuation is a state of human beings that creates a short-lived unreasoned passion and strong feelings for someone. It is also a stage of the love relationship. According to famous psychologists Goldstein and Brandon, before a sophisticated intimacy, the first phase of a relationship is infatuation.

What is the difference between love and infatuation?

Infatuation lies in humans for a short period. It is like a quick temporary enjoyable illusion. When you start to like someone or being infatuated, you don’t know anything about that person. All you think is to be around that person and want to fulfill your pleasurable desires. It is like having daydreams without knowing the ups and downs of relationships. Over time and for many issues, the feelings of infatuation fade away.

On the other hand, being in love is the most beautiful thing in a person’s life. Love lasts long, and in many cases, true love continues till death. It is such a strong attraction that you will fight against all matters to get your loved person. People always try to fulfill their dreams with their loved ones. Love never fades away. Instead, the attraction of love for that person increases with time. 

What are the reasons for infatuations?

It is very typical for people to get infatuated by someone near you. You will feel like you are falling in love with the person around you for his attractive looks or other stuff. It creates an allure to your mind to get close to that person.

All these things happen because of the human chemical dopamine in our brain, which causes a chemical reaction. Every person has their interest and desires about another person, and whenever you get a person who fits your standards, it feels like you are falling for that person. Here sexual and looks of someone matters most. Besides, many unknown and undefined things cause infatuation. These are the prime reasons for infatuations.

What are the signs of infatuation?

It creates a massive confusion that if you are in an infatuation with someone or not. The gesture of infatuation varies from person to person. Here I tried to explain a few common aspects.

You will leave everything whenever you get a chance to spend time with your new lover at the start of your relationship. You will give him/her the most priority, and in their need, you will be the first one to help. It is good to help others, but one should know about their boundary. Infatuation leads us to help to cross our boundaries which may cause us a lot of trouble.

Whatever he/she does, you will see it in absolute perfection. Even though your partner has many faults, it will make you feel that flaws are appropriate. You will always keep him/her above you and consistently be grateful to have someone like him/her in your life.

When you are fascinated by someone, you will always be flirty rather than serious about life or the future. You will forget all your obstacles and want to spend all the time in enjoyment with your partner.

You will try to become the best in her eyes. And for that, you are going to pretend lots of stuff that you are not. For example, if you don’t like chicken and your partner likes it, you will also like chicken to get close to her.

Times and days without your partner will be so lonely to you. You have friends and other people around you but only for your partner. Whenever he/she isn’t with you, will think you are passing lonely days.

Whenever you see your partner with another person of the opposite gender, you are just going to be jealous. Sometimes you are going to express it and sometimes not. However, you will become overprotective and possessive of your partner.

Your mind won’t leave her at any cost. It is like whatever you do, but your mind will always be on your partner.

These are the most common gestures of infatuation.

How Long Does Infatuation Last?

The time span of infatuation for someone varies from person to person. Sometimes it lasts for one day, two days, or might lead up to a few weeks.

Again for many people, it also lasts for a few years. Most of the infatuation lasts more than a few years and turns into deep love.  It depends on your partner, emotions, and the relationship you are going through. Many factors work there, but nobody doesn’t know the exact time span of infatuation for someone.

Is infatuation good or bad?

The answer might be confusing to you because it also differs from person to person. We cannot say infatuation is a bad thing.

Falling in love with someone is one of the best moments of life. It makes us happy to fall for someone, and it might lead up to a solid true love, along with it will make our soul cheerful. So in that sense, infatuation is good for us.

However, sometimes it might make people depressed for not getting the person he/she loves. They start to do wrong stuff to get closer to the person. Sometimes that little thing made them sick. Otherwise, infatuation is not dire. It is good.

How does it feel to be infatuated?

Being infatuated sometimes makes us feel excellent but maximum times, it makes us feel bad. We become self-centered and obsessed with our partners. And whatever we do or things automatically relate to the person we love.

If the response from him/her is good, it feels fantastic, and if it is terrible, it is depressing. Sometimes we cross all the limits and do unethical and self-harm stuff to get the person we love. Falling in love with someone can lead a person to long-lasting true love, but maximum time results in heartbreak.

Can infatuation last year?

Yes, for many people, infatuation lasts up to a few years. Nobody knows the specific answer because it differs from person to person and their situation and surroundings. According to psychologist Dorothy Tennov, the period of infatuation lasts from 18 months to three years, and if you cross this period, you are not being infatuated. You are in love.

Does infatuation lead to love?

The answer is not specific. It depends on the person you are dealing with and the situation you are going through. People might get attracted by any person, and when this attraction gets deeper and deeper, you are in love with him/her. To be in love, the bond between the two-person depends most, and if everything fits with you, then infatuation leads to love.

What happens at the end of infatuation?

After an unspecified period, infatuation also ends. If the relationship or bonding between the two people is good and everything goes well according to their desire and standard, they will fall in love with each other.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t work after infatuation, most people focus on themselves, and everything becomes regular, and life goes away with its flow.


Falling in love or being infatuated with someone is a natural process. Sometimes this infatuation leads people to intense passion, and many times it ends with a short span; how long does infatuation last nobody can answer this question precisely. The period varies from person to person.