How Much Does A Shipping Container Cost

Shipping containers are large steel containers that are built for storing various types of products and goods and also for shipping purposes. The use of these big shipping containers is increasing day by day. 

Nowadays, the demand for shipping containers has risen at a massive level. The shipping containers are now becoming more popular because they are not only used for shipping and storing various products but also for establishing nice aesthetic houses and a place of business.

So, if you want to have an idea about “how much does a shipping container cost”, you may go through the following article. 

Use of Shipping Containers:

The shipping containers were created to have a solution to various problems like- transporting goods from one state to another state. The shipping containers are perfect in size to transport multiple products easily. The brand new shipping containers are generally made by the manufacturer of China. About 80% of steel shipping containers in the world are produced by CIMC, a Chinese company.

Though shipping containers were built for shipment, now the architect uses them to make houses and office spaces too. The architects use different sizes of the shipping container to give a good shape to the house. The architects claim it as economical, durable, and liveable.

On What Factors Does Cost Of Shipping Container Depends:

The cost of shipping containers depends on various factors like- Geographical location, container’s age & condition, container’s size, Modification, Cost of delivery, Buying place, etc.

  • Container’s Age & Condition: If you want to buy a shipping container, first watch out for its condition and how long it was used. Buying a brand new container is always the best option. 

But, if you are looking to buy a used but good one, which contains minimal wear and tear, then a One-trip container can be an excellent solution to your problem. A one-trip container is only used once for a shipment process and then sold. The price of a new condition One-trip container can be a bit higher than that of a used Wind & Watertight Container used at sea. Remember, a one-trip container will provide you a greater lifespan than any other used containers you buy. The main thing is, the more the container is new, the higher its price will be.

  • Container’s Size: If you want to buy a shipping container, it is better you go for a standard shipping container or a high-cube container.

Generally, two standard sizes are available for the standard shipping containers – 20 footers and 40 footers. The standard shipping containers ensure durability, quality, and safety.

The size of the high-cube container is 9 feet, 6 inches. For this type of container, custom sizes are also available. But remember, you have to pay extra money for that.

A shipping container’s price increase with the increase in size. A 40ft shipping container costs almost double that of a 20ft shipping container.

  • Modification of the container: Modification of the container increases the price by an extra 20%-30%. Modification means modifying your storage container in your own way, i.e., adding windows, ventilation, lock system, doors, etc. The more modifications you will have, the higher the amount will be.
  • Quantity: Many storage container selling companies offer a discount when you buy the product from them in a lot. In this sense, buying in a large quantity can minimize your cost by a good percentage.
  • Cost of delivery: The delivery fee is one of the essential issues while buying your storage container. If you are ordering or purchasing your container from a very distant place, say, 100-200 miles away, in that case, the cost of delivery will be very expensive. Besides, there may come a situation when you have to pay for special permits too. So, when you look for a decent priced container to buy, also have a decent idea about the delivery fee and from where you are buying. If you buy from a place that is not far from you, the cost of delivery will be less.

Many suppliers provide free delivery for a certain amount of distance or for buying multiple numbers of products from them. They may charge if your distance is more, but the charge may come less.

  • Buying place: After you have decided which shipping container you will purchase, it now time to decide from where you should purchase. When you are buying from a reseller, there is always a possibility of the price being 15%-25% high. This is because the resellers are the middleman. The resellers buy from the source and sell them. So, it is always better to find a way of how you can buy from source or larger suppliers. It will save your money by far.

Buy from a trusted supplier. Make an inquiry about the market price and fame of the supplier. Besides cost, it is also better to inquire about the amount of warranty, duration of delivery, and quality of the product.

  • Seasonal Effect: The price of steel varies from time to time. Depending on supply and demand, the price of shipping containers changes. The economic condition of a country does not remain the same in every season. When the economic condition is good, the price of steel is low and steady. But when the country’s economy falls, the price of steel increases, and also the price of shipping containers also increases.

Cost of a New Shipping Container:

Depending on the size, usefulness, properties, and market price, the cost of a new container can be from$3,000 – $7,000. 

Before buying a new container, make sure what size of the container you need for your work. If you are looking for transporting goods and products, it better you choose a big container. There are a huge number of sellers which provide new containers, so better deal and bargain with them before buying.

Nowadays, ISO containers that are manufactured by maintaining the specification given by ISO have become very popular among the industries. A brand new ISO container may cost from $3,000 – $7,000.

Cost of an Old Shipping Container:

If a used container should work for you, make sure what size of the container you need for your work. If you are looking to transport goods and products, you may need a big container. But, if you are looking to establish a house, you may need different sizes of containers. So, have this in your mind before you buy your shipping containers. There is a huge number out there, and some of them are in new condition. Unless the container is severely damaged, it can be used to store and protect your stuff. If you buy a used container, it means that you are getting a durable and quality product at a reasonable price.

 The price of a used container of 20ft ranges from $1,400 – $2,100 and for 40ft the price ranges from $2,000-$2,800.

The one-tripper container can be a well-used container to buy among all the used containers there. The one-tripper container is always in very good condition. So, if you are looking to buy a container that is durable, good, and strong, a one-tripper container helps you to sort out the problem.

This price may change if you ask for some modification or customization. But, generally, it will not exceed the amount of $3,500.

Remember, when you are buying a used container, do not search for the cheap one. You can get a cheap one at around $1,000. But, surely it will not be of high quality, and after some days, you may notice some hidden faults.

Advantages of Shipping Containers:

Shipping containers are a great thing for storage purposes. It can store a huge amount of products and goods like – business products, Sports equipment, Huge Stock of goods, etc. It is secure and safe. A shipping container is used for transporting goods and products from one place to another in a very quick time. It is very strong and durable. Besides, Nowadays, many architects build houses using a shipping container. They claim the houses to be affordable, sustainable, strong, unique, and flexible. There are many other traditional ways to build a house at a cheaper rate, but with a shipping container, a nice-looking house can be made at an affordable price. Besides, the shipping containers are made of steel, so it is not a secret that they are strong and durable. Besides, houses made with shipping containers look unique and aesthetic. So, shipping containers provide a good number of advantages for us.


Shipping containers have turned into a trend in today’s world. Shipping containers are a very affordable and easy way to store items and goods and transport them from one place to another. Today, it is even used to build houses and office spaces, too, at an affordable and cheaper rate.So the answer to the question, how much does a shipping container cost? depends on various factors, mainly- container’s condition, size, and cost of delivery. Keep in mind that, It is always better to buy a brand new one but in incase if you can’t afford it you can buy a used one inquiring about its overall condition.