How Should a Solitaire Ring Be Complemented By A Wedding Band?

A solitaire ring is a beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry that can be worn for many years. It is also a very popular choice for engagement rings, regardless of what cut the center stone is in. After the engagement of course comes the wedding planning

If you plan to marry soon, you may wonder how you can complement your solitaire engagement ring with a wedding band.  But don’t you worry. There are several ways to complement your solitaire ring! You can choose to have your wedding band style differently from your solitaire ring but still look cohesive.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you find the perfect wedding band to complement your solitaire ring.

Complementing a Solitaire Ring With a Wedding Band

Solitaire rings are a great way to show off your style. However, if you want to wear yours with a wedding band, it’s essential to ensure the ring doesn’t distract from your set. A solitaire ring can be worn alone or as an accent on another piece of jewelry. But when paired with a wedding band, the look should be complementary rather than contrasting.

Use a Complementary Metal

The wedding band can be embedded into the solitaire ring. This is done by having the same metal. The choice of metals is essential, as it will affect its durability and cost. Gold, platinum, and silver are the most traditional choices for wedding rings for women. These metals have a more classic look that is appropriate for most couples. 

The complementary metal should balance out the ring’s metal. For example, if you wanted an all-gold ring with a white diamond, it would look great with an all-white diamond. You don’t want to use two different metals that clash together because both will overpower each other and look off-balance.

Complementary metals include copper and palladium on either side of the ring and can look great together in a variety of styles. Copper-gold are examples of complementary metals that would work well together on the same finger.

Choose the Right Ring Size

When sizing your wedding band, choose a size that fits snugly enough so the ring won’t fall off – but not so tight that it causes pain. The correct ring size depends on your finger.

The most common mistake people make is choosing a ring size based on the finger their ring will sit on. This can be very dangerous, as it means that your jewelry may not fit properly and could even cause you to get an infection from it.

A good rule of thumb for selecting a ring is to take your current ring size and add 1/4 inch to that number. That will give you an approximate starting point for choosing a new one.

If you have tiny fingers and have trouble finding rings with enough width, go up one size than you would typically wear. If you have larger hands and feel like some rings are too small or uncomfortable, go down one size than you would typically wear.

Add Stones for Your Wedding Band

A solitaire ring should complement a wedding band. While the two can be worn together, the solitaire ring is more of a statement piece that adds extra sparkle and character to your look.

What’s more, when you wear two rings together, the second ring must complement the first one somehow. If you’re getting married and want a solitaire ring, consider adding additional stones to your wedding band. This could be a diamond or gemstone from the same family as your wedding band. Or it could be a different type of stone altogether. It all depends on your style and taste.

Get a Matching Pattern

You can go for solid rings if you have a simple ring and want a matching wedding band. You can also get them in different shapes and styles. You can go for two-tone wedding bands if you want something more traditional and elegant.

This will give your ring an even more stylish look than just having one type of metal on top of another. The rings are usually made from two metals that match each other in color and design.

Customize the Ring

If you want to go the extra mile and customize your ring, consider engraving it with your name and wedding date. It’s a great way to personalize things and make them truly unique. You can also get the inside of the band engraved for a little extra detail.

If you’re having a lot of rings made at once, this is an excellent way to ensure they all look uniform together. An engraved ring will help you to make a statement and convey more meaning to your partner.

Wedding Band Styles

There are many styles of wedding bands suitable for complementing a solitaire ring. These include:

Matching Wedding Band

This style is the most common. The ring is made out of one piece and is joined to the ring finger by a tiny link that makes it look like it has been attached to the finger forever. When choosing this style, remember that it will not change with age as much as other types.

Spaced-Out Ring

This is a popular choice for those who want a unique wedding band. This style is created by spacing out the center diamond from the surrounding diamonds in the band. It looks like two rings on your finger instead of one, and it can be worn alone or with another ring for an extra bit of bling.

Band with Paving

A paving pattern is similar to a channel setting but has more expansive spaces between stones and smaller stones. It’s perfect if you want more visual interest and less weight on your fingers.

Diamond Band

A diamond wedding band can be classic or modern in style, depending on its design. It can also be made from any metal or stone you want. Most diamond bands have at least two rows of diamonds set along each side of the band.

Channel Band

The channel band is the most popular style of wedding band. It is a simple ring with a simple design and a slightly textured band. The channel band is available in various widths, including half-circles and full-circles. A channel band can be made from gold, platinum, or palladium. The band will complement any style of engagement ring, whether modern or traditional.


Before shopping for your wedding band, know that bands can come in many styles and with different precious metal types. And if you like your engagement ring to have diamonds, choose a band with lab-grown diamonds. The wedding ring is an integral part of the wedding ring, which you will wear for the rest of your life, so have fun trying on possible options!

Regardless of which route you choose, remember that these are different pieces of jewelry that don’t need to match perfectly.