How to Prepare Your Garage for the Winter: Avoid Costly Repairs & Common Mistakes

As Summer is coming to a close, many of us are gearing up and getting our wardrobes, cars, and homes ready for the cooler months ahead. Winter is often when people like us prefer to hibernate, cozy up with a warm blanket, and stay indoors. While California doesn’t have the harshest of winters, the cool weather still impacts our homes and households, and as much as most people would prefer it to remain Summer forever, the change of the seasons will always be a constant.

Garage doors are susceptible to the weather just as the rest of our home’s exterior, and adequately preparing for the changes is essential for homeowners. It sounds as simple as Googling garage maintenance or garage repair near me – but there are things you can take responsibility for to avoid the need for costly repairs and constant supervision. Taking control of your garage and how the weather may affect your doors’ quality, function, and appearance will make all the difference throughout the year.

The Cold Can Have Extreme Effects on Your Garage Door

You may think, “I live in Santa Monica, CA; how will this affect my garage doors?” Your doors are always more susceptible to the weather than ever imagined. They are constantly exposed to the outdoors, and when the weather begins to cool down, the materials used for your doors will respond to those changes. Just as water freezes once it reaches 30 degrees Fahrenheit, all other substances react to both hot and cold weather conditions.

  • Metals will contract in cooler temperatures, which means that over time, it decreases the door’s flexibility and can cause it to freeze up entirely or wear down and damage the door itself.
  • The cool weather often brings moisture; moisture and water build-up on your garage door can cause damage and ice build-up. You must monitor this to prevent any issues with the electrical systems.
  • Even in California, without the snow, the cold weather can create issues with your remote system; your springs are more susceptible to breakage and damage, the cables are more vulnerable to problems, and if your garage mechanics are not prepped for the Winter months, a breakdown could occur resulting in the need for repairs. 

Winter Maintenance is Essential

Before starting the necessary maintenance as Fall and Winter approach, consulting with a local, professional garage door company is always a good idea. Their technicians can schedule a time to come out and complete a full inspection of your garage parts to ensure everything is already in good working condition. They can also provide their professional opinion on any immediate repairs that may be required once you have had a chance to consult with the experts and follow their team’s maintenance suggestions. 

  • Cleaning and prepping all the tracks and rollers is something homeowners will want to do every year before the cooler months.
  • Checking all sensors and remote systems to ensure they are correctly hooked up, batteries are secure, and the garage door is secure for its functions.
  • Check and double-check your weatherstripping until Spring arrives to ensure no water or moisture is seeping through its path.
  • Sometimes, it is necessary to invest in a replacement garage door that is made especially for Wintertime and all year round. While it is always nice to maintain the system in place, sometimes the repairs are too much to take on, and a replacement is the most responsible decision for the safety of your household.

Winterizing Your Door Pays Off

When you are proactive and put your time and energy into something, it will always pay off in one way or another – and your garage door prep for Winter is no exception to the rule. You can reap many benefits from properly winterizing your garage door, and homeowners never regret preventing a repair before it occurs. 

  • Adding the suggested annual maintenance to your garage door will increase its lifespan. The large majority of garage door options will last anywhere from 15 to 30 years and beyond, and when you are keeping up with the maintenance, you can increase the projected lifespan by 5 to 10 years!
  • Garages are not often insulated areas unless you are utilizing yours as an accessory dwelling unit and have already converted the space. Since there is no insulation, it is fully susceptible to the cool moisture in the air during Winter, which can cause your pipes and plumbing to freeze. When you keep up with the necessary inspections, you can prevent this problem before it happens to your household.
  • Maintaining your garage will ensure the safety of its use, the quality of the doors, and the overall efficiency of the unit – while also preventing homeowners from funneling money into costly repairs. 

Contact a Local Garage Door Service for an Inspection

The easiest way to ensure that your garage door is prepped and ready for the Winter months is by contacting a trusted professional in your neighborhood to guide you through the steps and procedures necessary to protect your home and garage. Ben’s Garage Door and Gate Supply in Santa Monica, CA, is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured garage door company offering excellent garage door repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance services. Ben’s technicians are committed to providing personalized garage door and gate service solutions to California homeowners preparing for the Winter. Don’t let the cold invade your household; be proactive and call on the professionals to support and protect your garage doors!