Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Indoor Cycling

Are you a cycling aficionado? Do you love cycling and spend most weekends on cycling trips? Or do you love Indoor cycling so much that you stay inside your rooms and gym to workout on the cycle? Either way, I’m sure, you wouldn’t have come across the following interesting facts about the sport. It is not easy for everyone to know about this but if you have already known these, then truly you are a little more than an enthusiast and probably a champion. Read on the following and find out how many you knew already!

You Can Workout at Your Ease

This is perhaps the most widely known but the most interesting fact about cycling in your rooms. You can do it any time you want. All that you need is an exercise bike and you are all set to workout at your own schedule as per your preference.

It Has the Least Resistance to Start an Exercise Regime

If you are new to the sport, you can start it without much resistance. As we said earlier the entry barrier to this is minimal. You don’t need any fancy gadgets or need to invest a huge amount in starting to cycle. With a simple stationary cycle, you can do it! This is just a weekend’s work. If you are planning to start a sport other than Online cycling, then you will have to get yourself new shoes, a membership at the playing area, new gear, safety equipment, and certain other fundamental things. More importantly, if the place of playing the sport is far from your home or office, then you should also invest a huge amount of time in the travel. 

You Can Use an App to Workout Virtually

Another interesting fact that is not commonly known is that you can always use apps to enhance the exercise experience that you have. For example, Vingo is one such app that can be easily connected with your existing treadmills and exercise bikes. It also creates a virtual world for you to exercise in. Here you can enter whenever you want and pause the progress, only to be continued when you are free again. It is like playing a video game.

Get Better Results with High Levels of Motivation

With an  Indoor cycling app like Vingo, you will feel like exploring the new and unexplored parts of the digital world. So, you will naturally cycle more and get better at what you do. Since you are not spending a lot of time around the exercise and actually exercise, you will also get better results which increases the high levels of motivation.

Bring in Your Friends for Memorable Experiences

If you enjoy cycling in the virtual world, you can easily bring in your friends inside the same shared world. This makes Vingo more of a video game than a true and complete bike training app. All that you need is for the both of you to have a stable high speed internet connection.