Legal Considerations After a Motorcycle Accident Happens While Vacationing in Philadelphia

It’s that time when you need to break from your nerve-racking life and wend through a new city. Out of your options, you’ve rested on Philadelphia and anticipate exploring its scenic beauty to the fullest. Vacationing in a new town comes with many expectations and, sometimes, accidents. After a motorcycle crash, you must know how to pedal through Philadelphia’s legality. If you know less about this, keep reading the following article for more insights.

Find an Attorney Experienced in Motorcycle Accident Matters

One of the easiest ways to remove the devastating burden off your chest is to hire a lawyer skilled in dealing with these types of lawsuits. Having a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer guiding you through all legal formalities eases it all. These attorneys fight for your compensation, gather evidence and provide legal advice, and ensure you receive appropriate medical treatment. Therefore, after a motorcycle accident, contact your Philadelphia lawyer immediately.

Remain at the Accident Scene

One of the common mistakes that most drivers and motorists commit is fleeing from the accident scene. This misconduct usually happens if the driver disobeys traffic rules and causes a fatal accident. However, you shouldn’t opt for this even if you’re at fault. Although you shouldn’t accept liability before the police determine who you are, you should remain where the accident occurred. If the other motorist tries to escape, be quick to take their vehicle or motorcycle registration numbers and present them to the police.

Report the Motorcycle Accident to the Nearest Police

Reporting the accident is a legal requirement in Philadelphia, whether it’s minor or causes severe injuries. Police arrive as soon as possible at the accident scene and record whatever occurred before and after the motorcycle accident. While at it, they address the inquisitive media personnel by giving details of the crash, rescue progress, and fatality numbers, if any. Also, police advise motorists to adhere to ways to reduce accidents in Philadelphia. You must understand that failure to report an accident in Philadelphia may attract penalties.

Submission of the Required Documents

Almost every step you take after the motorcycle accident in Philadelphia needs to be on paper. Record and document the accident severity, capture the scene on your phone camera, safeguard your medical bills, and witness recordings. In addition, remember to exchange contacts with the other party and request a police report copy for your lawyer. This way, you’ll build a strong base for your compensation requests and claims. Further, having the proper documents ensures you produce them on request.

Take Accurate Notes

Record the accident details before the Philadelphia investigation officers arrive at the accident scene. When making notes, capture the location and involved parties and your entire motorcycle accident experience. Then, pass the accurate information to the authorities without unnecessarily twisting the account occurrences and exaggerating the events. If you provide false witnesses and information, you can easily land in trouble if not in Philadelphia jail.

Visit the Nearest Philadelphia Hospital for Assessment

How will you prove that a motorcycle accident in Philadelphia caused you injuries? Although you may not notice any physical injuries after the accident, seeking medical attention for a detailed evaluation is always wise. This is because you may have internal bleeding and invisible injuries with your bare eyes. Also, most people experience delayed symptoms days or months after the motorcycle accident. Note that the earlier you visit a physician, the better.

Vacationing in Philadelphia for the first time should present much more to enjoy than stress. However, motorcycle accidents in Philadelphia happen more often than people notice. Nobody anticipates such an occurrence, so you must understand what to do if the worst happens. The above guide outlines the primary legal criteria to consider whenever you’re involved in a motorcycle accident.