Looking for Trendy Outfits For Summer? Check Out Our Top Picks!

The summer is fast approaching, and you know what that means: high temperatures and hot fashion. Clothing brand Sanctuary reports that camo pants for women are must-haves if you want stylish clothing that can go with many pieces in your summer wardrobe. 

Some ladies may get intimidated trying to figure out what to wear with the bold pattern, but it is surprisingly easy to work with. So let’s talk about lightweight items you can wear with camo pants as temperatures rise. 

Black sports bra

Sports bras are not just for exercise. One in black can be a great item to pair with your favorite camo pants, and several available styles exist. Features include a strappy back, one shoulder, v-neck front, full coverage, or halter option. In addition, you can wear the sports bra as it is or under a lightweight one-shoulder top or a see-through sweater during chilly summer evenings. 

Know your current, correct bra size before you buy the sports bra to wear as a top. You do not want to get the wrong size only to keep trying to adjust it to sit correctly and feel comfortable, especially in the summer heat.

Twist front top

A twist-front top brings something different to what would otherwise be a basic shirt. There is a twisting of the fabric at the stomach level, providing a design and textural element. As part of the shirt’s construction, all you have to do is put it on with camo pants wherever you go out for the day. 

Bralette and a denim jacket

A bralette is a cute, lightweight summer option that can be comfortable to wear in warm weather with camo pants for women. While you can sport the bralette by itself, a denim jacket can add extra warmth, coverage, and style. With so many color and design options, finding a combination that matches your preferences is easy. 

Deep v-neck bodysuit

As reported by Sanctuary, a bodysuit is a trending item for summer. One with a deep v-neck adds sexiness to the rugged look of camo pants. Consider a black or white bodysuit that can complement any camo pattern in your closet, and add a color-coordinated belt as a final touch. 

Some bodysuits can feel uncomfortable when you wear them in the summer heat. Test it out for shorter periods before wearing it for hours, so you can evaluate how comfortable it will be as you move around while wearing it in hot temperatures.

Knotted t-shirt

A knotted t-shirt is slightly different from a twist-front top, but it can look equally good with camo pants for women. Rather than have the feature part of the shirt’s construction, you do the knot yourself, letting you position it as high or low as you want according to your style preference. 

The higher it is, the more midriff will show. Conversely, a low-set knot can sit even with the waist of your pants. Do not worry if this is your first time knotting a t-shirt. 

Some many tips and tutorials can show you how to do it quickly. 

White tank top

According to Sanctuary, you cannot go wrong with wearing a white tank top with camo pants. Many styles of tanks are available, from ones with spaghetti straps to backless options. It is all about which you prefer and what you feel would look best with your particular pair of camo pants for women. 

Jewelry can be a stylish option to complete the outfit. If you are wearing darker camo, consider gold jewelry, and opt for silver when you are wearing camo in lighter shades. 

Slouchy off-the-shoulder tee

When it feels like you might melt in summer, chances are the last thing you want to wear is a tight and restricting top. A slouchy off-the-shoulder tee offers the perfect looseness and airiness to stand up to the summer heat while being stylish enough to complement the camo pants.

Even though a slouchy tee has a casual vibe, you can easily pair it with both sneakers and heels. If you are going to wear jewelry, consider simple pieces, like diamond earrings or a thin silver bangle. 

White button-down with women’s camo pants

The crispness, brightness, and structure of a white button-down shirt with dark camo pants offer the perfect contrast. Choose more form-fitting pants so it balances with the top. 

You do not necessarily need a belt, but LA-based brand Sanctuary said it is ideal to tuck the top in for a more streamlined look. Wear pearl stud earrings if you want to exhibit further juxtaposition. 

Camo pants for women can be a fantastic addition to a trendy summer outfit. The pants could pair well with flip-flops, wedges, strappy heels, and numerous other types of warm-weather footwear. In addition, they provide a great starting point for deciding what kind of top you want to wear and what accessories will offer the best finishing touch. 

Check out the Sanctuary website if you need more ideas about trendy looks you can put together with women’s camo pants this summer.