Quality Assurance in Project Planning: Delivering Excellence 

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Every project that you work on should be the kind of successful project that you want. However, in order for your project to have the outcome that you want, it’s wise to be mindful when planning for it, so that you get the kind of quality results you’re looking for. Here are some tips to help you plan:

Get started with a timeline

For a successful project, your project plan is everything. The first thing that you should define is the end goal. Once you have clear objectives, then it’s time to set up a timeline for said project. A timeline can help you to see a bird’s eye view of everything you will need along the way so that you can start planning ahead of time to get things set up. 

If you really want to take your management skills to the next level when managing a team of people, don’t just stop with the overall timeline, but consider using software that allows you to set up timelines for each aspect of the project so that you can be sure your team members hit the mark with your expectations. 

Make sure you designate the best people

If you want to make sure you’re delivering the kind of quality results that you expect, think about the team members that you want on the job. You’ll want to make sure you’re choosing team members with both the appropriate skills and aptitude to deliver the outcome that will make a difference in the project’s success. Designating tasks to the right people can make all the difference when you want to be sure your work is quality, so take time to set up a star team for your next project. 

Check-in as you go

Don’t micromanage your team but do check in as the project is underway. Your team members may need a little help here and there or you may need to help them pivot if things aren’t turning out exactly as you wanted. Creating a workplace environment where feedback is welcomed on both sides can be hugely conducive to the amazing collaboration between you and your team. Make sure your team knows that they can go to you as needed with any questions they may have while working on their tasks for your project. This can ensure the quality you’re looking for. 

Keep track of results

As you finish one project and plan to get started on more, take stock of how the last project went. If there were holes in the planning process or overall implementation of the plan, revisit how you can do better next time. 

A part of expert project planning and quality assurance in project management has to do with noticing what does and doesn’t work. Check to see if the tools that you used benefited your project or if you could choose something new. Consider cutting back on services that didn’t benefit your project. 

Be more organized than everyone else

It goes without saying but as a team leader creating a project plan, you must ensure quality in your planning. What this means is that you want to make sure you’re seeing every single angle of the project, not missing a beat when setting up the timeline, and making sure you have the right team for the job. 

You must know the quality that you expect and make sure it’s in line with company standards. You have to be the one to foresee challenges before they ever happen. So, as you get started planning, make sure you don’t start the process until you’re confident you’ve done your best! 

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In Conclusion

A successful project with quality results starts with planning. You’ll want to make sure you see the overall project before you even start planning so you include each expectation, and phase, and need to plan accordingly. Quality starts at the drawing board!