React Native app developer career: Salary Trends and Growth Prospects

What do you think is common among companies like Meta and Uber? Well, they are leveraging the power of React Native. The demand for such developers is constantly increasing, and companies always look for React Native developers at hourly rates. 

So, to give you an insight into React Native app developer salary perspective and growth aspects, we have developed a blog covering how React is creating the future. 

Whopping Demand for React Native

You are among many people looking for a React developer for your next project. See, React is changing the way people develop their businesses. It leverages the power of the Java script environment, allowing cross-platform development. 

A report by SimilarTech stated that React Native is now powering up more than 1 million websites. And noted that the features and perks, more and more companies are on the hunt for React developers and want to learn to React Native salary. 

According to jobs posted on Indeed and Total Jobs in 2022, there were 1387 jobs related to React Native hiring. That was 27% more than in June 2021. 

Salary Trend of Of React Native Developers

This section covers the details of how the salary of React Native developers has changed. Given these analytics, you can see how it will change soon. 

React Native developer’s salary depends on a variety of factors. The most dominating factors are experience levels and market competitiveness. Keep in mind that as more and more websites are being created, hunting for talent is getting more intensified. 

While we give an overview of React Native developer hourly rate, click on the link to read about salary analytics by going towards this link.

Salary Scale of React Developers For the Year 2022

  • United Kingdom

Junior Developer= $4150

Mid-Level Developer=$5450

Senior Developer=$7300

  • United States of America

Junior Developer=$7900

Mid-Level Developer=$9785

Senior Developer=$12800

  • Portugal

Junior Developer=$1825

Mid-Level Developer=$2823

Senior Developer=$3750

  • Mexico

Junior Developer=$950

Mid-Level Developer=$1350

Senior Developer=$3200

Average Annual Salary According to Countries

United Kingdom= $105,941/year

United States of America= $121,875/year

India= $22,500/year

Poland= $38,109/year

Factors that Affect React Native Developer Hourly Rate

As mentioned above, experience and market need are the dominating factors that affect the average salary for a React Native developer. But that is not it. Let’s talk about what other parameters define this scale. 

Communication Skills

Whether it’s a team member or a lead, their communication skills define how competent they are. This skill also shows how well a project is moving smoothly. So, the React developers who know how to communicate and deliver their dialogue tend to get more salary when compared to those who lack these skills. 


Industry expertise is another important parameter that has an effect on the React Native engineer salary. A React developer working in the medical sector will earn more than a developer working in the gaming industry. 

Front/back-end Skills

Companies typically want a developer who can code the front end as well as the back end of the app. Well, if you are one of these companies, keep in mind that you have to pay more to the developer. React developers who also know how to develop a front end will get more pay than others. 

Extra Tech Stack

It is kind of difficult for developers to learn additional stack on top of React Native. However, the ones who do that, they tend to get paid more. Here are some of the most common combos of React with other languages. 

  • React+ Meteor
  • React+ Angular 4
  • React+ Ionic


There is a considerable demand, and many people are learning to code on React Native. But, finding a React developer is challenging. React Developers are not easy to find due to the fact that their former employees don’t let go of these beasts. More quantity doesn’t mean that the developers will cost you less. The analytics show an annual increase of 5% every year in React developers’ salaries. 

React Native developer hourly rate depends on most because of the experience and the market need. The developer in the US will cost you more than the developer in Mexico. A developer with 5+ years of experience will ask for more salary than one with 2+ years of experience. 

Hiring a React Native developer is kind of a hectic task if you don’t know what you are doing. But, if done right, you can land your developer without pulling your hair. The idea is to stay calm and trust the process. We hope you will get a developer who matches your project requirements and budget scale.