Six Quick Tips for Prestige Parking Lot Maintenance

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If you pull into a parking lot every day, they may not seem to change much over time, and the details around damage, aging, and other signs of wear and tear may not be so obvious. Whether your lot has been in place for twenty weeks or twenty years – it will be there for another twenty more, so putting some maintenance and repairs into keeping it looking and functioning its best is essential to keeping up your security and overall curb appeal. 

When you think of a parking lot – you are generally referring to clear parking spaces and accessibility, but the safety and beauty of the area matter just as much because, often, it is the first impression you will make as a business owner in New Milford, NJ. While asphalt paving is a great way to upgrade your space and ensure that the parking lot is sitting pretty – there are several ways to maintain the lot to ensure that the surface is secure, visitors find the space appealing, and everyone is instilled with a sense of satisfaction.


Different problems can arise quickly, and sometimes, what feels out of nowhere. To ensure your asphalt parking lot reaches its lifespan and allows for continuous function for your facilities, you are responsible for regularly completing personal inspections. Take a routine walk around the parking lot to see if any issues have arisen, like cracking, draining, standing water or automobile liquid spills/leaks. 

When you notice things like cracking or breakage, they will need immediate attention for repair to avoid further damage or issues. When you procrastinate on repairs, they can result in more dramatic and significant maintenance, and they can even pose accessibility problems and impose a wrong first impression on clients or employees. When you notice something, contact your local asphalt pavement specialist for further assistance and a repair quote!

Clean Sweeping

On top of visual inspections of the parking lot, you will also want to maintain cleanliness throughout the area. You can complete cleaning as required or do a full sweep as you walk throughout the site for your inspection. Unfortunately, many things can be left behind in your parking lot – trash, dirt, other debris, etc. Without focusing on maintenance, things can pile up quickly.

Check Out the Drains

While asphalt is one of the most durable materials regarding pavement options – it doesn’t mean it has all the defense against weathering and damage. Water is the greatest culprit of damage- it can cause major issues in the structure of your parking lot. All the drains in the area should always be thoroughly inspected and cleaned occasionally to ensure there are no blockages or problems with the draining process. Open up those drains and check for any overt accumulation of dirt, debris, or things backing up the space. If you run into a problem too large to solve, call in those local paving experts for a helping hand! 

Fill Cracks or Breaks

As a result of age and weathering, cracks and damage can happen – even if they start small, they can end up huge. When you see a small crack, it doesn’t mean everything below the surface is damaged, but it should still be addressed as soon as possible. Filling in and sealing those cracks is much easier than addressing something more extensive and damaging to the structure of your parking lot.

If water seeps in any cracks sprawling through the lot, it could significantly deepen them and cause the asphalt to deteriorate further. When the weather gets cold, the freezing and thawing of the surface area can also cause the same side effects, so instead of waiting on it – have the professionals assist you in filling and sealing any of the cracks in the area to maintain the quality of your asphalt and the aesthetics of your parking lot.

Clean Oil or Gasoline Drippings

If there is one thing you see in parking spaces all the time, it is oil and other automotive liquid leaks. During your inspections, you will want to check for any leaking vehicles and puddles that may have been left behind. While these are not always the simplest things to clean, they should be dealt with soon as they are discovered to avoid damage and costly repairs. Vehicle oils, gasoline, and other liquids are similar to water – they can cause existing damage to become worse. Still, since they are composed of chemicals, they can also physically eat away at the asphalt, and this is certainly something you want to avoid.

Consider Sealcoating

Maintaining a parking lot can feel like a lot of work, but there are ways to be proactive and apply a line of defense when you don’t have time to complete regular cleanings. Sealcoating is an excellent alternative to protection and continuous shelter for your asphalt. This will make a significant difference in extending the life of your parking lot and the look of the lot; it makes cleaning easier and saves you money in the long run. 

Maintenance is required for almost every aspect of our lives – our businesses, homes, cars, relationships, and parking lots are no exception! These tips can help keep up appearances, function, and the continued quality of your parking lot. Utilizing local experts can also assist you in your maintenance journey – whether you need repairs, seal coating, striping, or hoping to pour something new. 

NVN Paving offers premiere paving solutions in New Milford, NJ, and the surrounding communities. NVN asphalt paving technicians are always prepared to lend their expertise to help maintain, upgrade, repair, or install your parking lots, driveways, and roadways. Don’t procrastinate on those cracks and potholes; keep your curb appeal at an all-time high with the help of trustworthy professionals in your area!