The Duties of a Dependable Tow Truck Professional

Most careers advise more than one responsibility and even many different hats they must wear to fulfill their position. The majority of people understand this because gauging from the service industry to the business professional world – careers all include a multitude of tasks that make up even more responsibilities. Tow truck drivers are more than meets the eye, and when your car won’t start and you are seeking out towing in Paramus, NJ, chances are you don’t understand how much your towing specialist will offer through your required services.

Tow truck drivers do much more than just show up and complete the two from point A to point B. When we are the client in need, it can be easy to have tunnel vision solely for what you want and need right then and there. Drivers have a lot of things they need to worry about before they even begin their transport, and there are many different safety precautions and various logistical procedures to ensure the comfort of New Jersey residents, businesses, and commercial properties.

Quality Customer Service

When a towing company or tow driver receives an incoming request or call, the driver can be responsible for responding to that communication as quickly as possible. This involves customer service and consistent interaction with clients. It’s easy to assume that the driver just shows up at the location and completes the tow – but information needs to be collected before the driver meets the service. 

Tow truck operators must retrieve all the information necessary to complete the towing service and provide the client with an estimate. They must be personable and empathetic with the customers because in the towing industry – customers are usually experiencing a problem they need assistance with. Drivers are highly active listeners and will display their expertise regarding the type of tow service needed equipment, repairs, and vehicle maintenance!

Administrative Responsibilities

When most people think of administrative tasks – we think of a regular office position, and while that is an excellent example of what administrative responsibilities can look like – a lot goes into these kinds of tasks. Tow truck specialists deal with administrative work every day on the job, and they often must commit to these tasks on the go, so multitasking becomes almost second nature to many drivers.

Towing duties include administrative tasks because all drivers constantly contact dispatchers and clients to provide arrival times, updates, confirm addresses, service stations, various impound lots, junkyards, and autobody shops. Drivers have multiple forms of paperwork required daily for clients, general logs and tow truck inspections, travel and mileage, and services rendered reports. The driver will generally also provide each customer with an itemized copy of their invoice and receipt of payment for all towing services. 

Minor Repairs & Roadside Assistance

Towing is associated with vehicle breakdowns and various forms of roadside assistance, and this is a pertinent part of every driver’s daily job description. Your local tow truck professional will always be able to assist you with any minor repairs necessary to get your car issue resolved, such as dealing with a dead battery, troubleshooting a flat tire, lockout situations, and even retrieving gas when you run out. 

Just about everyone has been there, and it is not a fun situation, primarily when you are located on the side of the interstate or a busy roadway. Towing companies and drivers prioritize safety over everything. When a customer is in a hazardous station – the driver will take responsibility for securing the vehicle and the customer to safety. Drivers are there for much more than just towing, and whether you need a few parts reconnected or simply require a tow to your mechanic, towing technicians fulfill every role needed to get the job done.

Regular Equipment Maintenance

Heavy-duty equipment is required in the towing industry, and that means regular inspections and maintenance of that equipment are necessary to ensure the safety of the drivers, customers, and vehicles in tow. Tow truck drivers have routine maintenance checks on their trucks and equipment. Drivers are responsible for their trucks and are dedicated to upkeep and maintenance as professionals.

Every towing professional adheres to general organization and cleaning to keep up with professional appearance for their clients. The driver must also follow safety inspections and procedures, including checking lights, batteries, fluids, tires, and air pressure. All that maintenance is up to the driver to complete so their equipment is in good working order for all the services provided.

Tactical Towing

Towing is a give-in, as that is what tow truck experts are there for! Aside from regular roadside assistance and more minor problems, when there is a more significant issue at play or a specific request for repossession – the driver will complete safe and tactical towing. All drivers are certified, licensed, and trained to use any tow tools such as straps for wheels & motorcycles, safety chains, hooks, and any appropriate materials necessary to get the vehicle transport completed.

Towing involves many responsibilities, and any elite tow truck driver will take every single one of those responsibilities seriously. The New Jersey Tow Guys are a crew of local experienced towing professionals in Paramus, NJ, that pride themselves on their quality of service provided and the integrity of the experience customers have with their company. These drivers are dedicated to creating a safe and efficient operation and offering every client excellent customer service, on top of the transport required. When looking for a tow truck driver in the New Jersey area, pay close attention to the available services and how your driver navigates their responsibilities because the art of towing is accompanied by a slew of tasks that are just as important as the tow itself!