The Popular of Muay Thai for weight loss in Thailand        

For many people whenever the topic of Thailand is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is Muay Thai. This is after all the national sport of Thailand and it has been around for many centuries and it is very much a part of the traditions and culture of this amazing country. There are today several locations in Thailand especially in Phuket and Bangkok where fights can be seen on a daily basis. There are many Muay Thai training camps in Thailand that continues to produce Muay Thai fighters who are always eager to test their skills against other fighters. This provides spectators with a truly incredible experience. Muay Thai is also extremely effective when it comes to reducing body weight and improving physical fitness. Muay Thai also has unique health benefits which makes it one of the most popular forms of martial arts on the planet. Regular exercise over many years can help to prevent many of the problems which is encountered in old age.  

Its history

Many centuries ago, Muay Thai was used by the Siamese army to defend the country against hostile invaders. It continues to the most popular sport in Thailand. Today, Muay Thai is so popular that people come from all across the planet to learn Muay Thai in its country of origin. Muay Thai is also known as the art of eight limbs because the experienced Muay Thai fighters uses eight points of contact when going on the offensive. This will become apparent when watching an actual fight because it will be seen that the legs and knees are employed as an ax and staff while the elbow becomes a hammer or mace. The forearms and shins act as defensive armor while the hands of the Muay Thai fighter are used very much like a dagger or sword would be used. Muay Thai is widely recognized as one of the most complete and effective fighting systems around today.  

Wide spread popularity

Today Muay Thai at is popular far beyond the borders of Thailand. Muay Thai for weight loss program is the famous program.  Statistics show that hundreds of thousands of people are now actively involved in practicing Muay Thai. Interestingly, some of the most successful boxers in the world use the unique Muay Thai training routine as part of their own daily exercises. Even though Muay Thai can a viciously aggressive sport, during training every effort is made to ensure the safety of beginners while still ensuring that they learn all the essential techniques. Many people learn Muay Thai for weight loss. Therefore, they do a lot of pad training which helps to improve their skills until they are ready to engage other fighters who are on the same level of competence as they themselves are. Because of the effectiveness of Muay Thai it is now increasingly used by the military and law enforcement and also by other organizations. It must never be forgotten that the king of Thailand is an avid supporter of Muay Thai which is doing a lot to boost the popularity of this amazing form of martial arts.