Understanding AI and Using It to Automate Your Business

The term digital transformation has rocked the business world as signs of the impending metaverse intensify and the inevitability of AI (artificial intelligence) and machine-driven business processes and functions becoming reality. This brief article will provide you with some detailed insights into AI with a few tips on how best your business can engage with AI and embrace your digital transformation.

What Is AI?

Artificial intelligence is, at its most basic, the ability to be able to train and program a computer to be able to think and make decisions based on human intelligence and machine learning. The computer program can use vast amounts of available data and programming instructions or code to then deliver a response or a business solution and decision that is as close to as possible or even replicates that made by a human in the same context and with the same background information.

It has been referred to as the 4th industrial evolution and has been one of the hottest discussion topics and areas of business interest over the last year or so.

How to Use AI?

Automate Decision Making

One of the biggest uses of AI in business is to be able to automate decision-making and business processes. Many a business also uses AI to manage APIs, with the idea being to include a form of AI in the application management, which will allow the right application to be accessed at the right time seamlessly and one that may not necessarily require human decision-making. An example is an API that can recall which specific software program was used for sales or marketing work and once informed, can provide seamless access to the specific software, exactly when required. 

Reduce Human Error

A huge aspect of AI and one that is viewed most positively is the ability to reduce and do away with human errors. Processes that are monotonous and dreary and prone to input or calculative errors can now be done entirely by machines, or the right technology.

Personalize the Customer and Client Experience

The use of AI is best known to make every instance of customer communication as targeted and personalized as possible. From the ever-popular virtual shopping assistants to the ability to provide a personalized online shopping experience based on previous buys is one of the most successful uses of AI in today’s business world.

The most popular and most written about and spoken about AI software at the moment is Chat GPT and its ability to produce human standard responses to most questions. It is an example of how far AI has come and how it is currently pushing the limits of technological development.

There is a lot more that AI has the potential to do and bring to your business. These are the basics that have become widespread in their use and understanding. However, the truth of the matter is also that no business in today’s information-driven age will be able to survive without beginning to use and implement AI solutions.