What Are The Factors To Be Considered While Buying Opal Gemstone Jewelry?

What Are The Factors To Be Considered While Buying Opal Gemstone Jewelry

Blessed with natural beauty, gemstones have amazed humankind. These gems are found deep inside the Earth and have formed through years. When set in jewelry, these crystals completely transform the look with their exotic colors and excellent luster. One of the richest variety-colored gems, opal is a mineraloid known for its fire. It shows the outstanding play of colors and is always in demand. The beautiful gemstone captivates the onlooker with its beauty and undoubtedly has a statement appeal. Known as the queen of gemstones, opal has been desired in accessories, and gem collectors are obsessed with its brilliant luster.

Let us know a little in-depth about this gemstone. In this blog, we have also mentioned what to look for while buying this gem and where to find authentic gemstone jewelry. Finding genuine gemstone accessories can be a task, but going through regular customer reviews of a store can give you a brief idea about their quality. In the case of opal, you must know the features of this gemstone. So, let’s get started.

Every opal is different from the other. This happens because of the phenomena of opalescence or play of color. The crystal flashes various colors and patterns of colors. These can be seen when you move the gem in the presence of light. The gemstone is composed of tiny silica spheres that diffract the light that falls on them. The size of the silica spheres decides the color emitted by the crystal. The gem can be found in pink, red, blue, brown, black, and many other colors.

The green, white and blue colored opals are pretty common, while the black and red hues are extremely rare and fetch higher values. The gem is mostly opaque, but you can also find some more transparent varieties than the others. With a hardness of 5.5- 6.5 on the Mohs scale, the gemstone can be categorized as delicate, but if you buy it from a reliable place, where they give it a protective setting, there are chances that you will be able to cherish the gem accessory for a long time. Rananjay Exports has a wide variety of opal jewelry designs and patterns. There is a great demand for their accessories that are crafted, keeping in mind the quality standards.

Color Of The Gemstone:

When buying this gemstone, the most crucial factor to keep in mind is its color. In this factor, you need to check the clarity of the hues and the intensity of the play-of-color. Warm tones like orange, pink, and yellow are rare and fetch higher prices. The pure red-colored opal is quite desirable.


Saturation and color tone of the opal matters. So in case you are looking at an opal crystal that has a pure color rather than mixed tones, it is highly desirable. The clarity of this gemstone also depends on the level of transparency. The lesser the inclusions, the more valuable it is considered. An opal might have inclusions, including sand particles, tiny fractures, and other small articles that might interfere with the stone’s color. If they affect the gem’s appearance, then this might also affect its value.


It is better to give a cabochon shape to this gem rather than faceting it. Other crystals might need faceting to exhibit their luster, but the dome shape is best to emphasize its color and brilliance when it comes to an opal. Rounded, oval cabochons are pretty famous for making opal rings. Opal bracelets also have rounded cabochons and give the statement appeal that can grab the onlooker’s attention at once.


The price of the opal is determined per carat. Therefore, the overall carat size of the gem will tell its value.

Opal In Jewelry

The gemstone comes with exquisite metaphysical properties. Gems have been used to enhance the quality of life for a long time, and when it comes to opal, it is worn to possess good luck. Opal accessories are also worn to promote abundance in life. The gem looks ravishing in jewelry, and hence its admirers have a variety of opal jewelry in their collection. The royal ancestors were fascinated with this gemstone and considered it a precious one. Opal ring have always been in demand due to their extraordinary appeal.

A set of opal pendant and earrings can be a good gift for your loved one as the gemstone looks unique and precious.

Where To Buy Authentic Opal Accessories

Since the gemstone is quite popular, there are chances that you might fall into the trap of imitation crystal. Therefore, one must find a reliable store like Rananjay Exports that deals in genuine wholesale gemstone jewelry. Their jewelry is crafted in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil. They also have rewards and offers for their customers.