Exercises For Seniors


As we age, we start to encounter more and more problems. Age-related degeneration starts to set in, making life more challenging. 

One of the problems that is encountered more often is that of mobility. Due to the loss of bone mass that sets in with age, movement and balance becomes harder and harder each day. 

Exercising can help in countering the challenges set forth due to aging. Not only does it make it easier to perform the daily activities, but exercise also aids in improving balance and mobility as well. 

Furthermore, exercise also aids in improving overall health as well. However, for more specific concerns like backache, you should consult an expert like your Physiotherapist in Lahore for specific exercises that are also safe for you to perform. 

Exercises for seniors


Cycle is another exercise that employees the use of lower limbs, alongside the core as well. If you are scared of taking a fall, you may use a stationary bike as well. 

Since cycling takes the stress away from the knees, those struggling with knee problems might benefit from it instead of walking or other forms of more strenuous exercises. 

It also helps in improving the performance of heart as well, so offers multitude of benefits. 


Pilates for seniors is slightly more complicated as opposed to other types of exercises since it requires more equipment and guidance, however, it does bring many benefits to the table as well. 

Alongside improving balance and concentration, Pilates also improves flexibility. Furthermore, since Pilates makes the core stronger, it also then improves the symptoms of backache as well.  

Tai chi

Tai chi is a type of Chinese martial arts, that involves gentle movements that help in improving balance. Moreover, it also can be effective for dealing with musculoskeletal pains around the body, including backache and those resulting from conditions like arthritis. 

Water aerobics

Exercising in water has shown to be effective for patients with arthritis, which is a common complaint amongst seniors. It causes painful joints, thereby making mobility a challenge. 

Moreover, being in water also offers resistance training, which makes your muscles and thus your bones stronger as a result. Furthermore, water aerobics also improves strength and flexibility alongside balance.  


Walking is another convenient activity that seniors can partake in. Not only does walking help in improving the health of the heart, which is another challenge that that older people face. 

When walking is done out in the nature, with varying terrain, it further helps in improving balance and coordination, since walk along different surfaces aids in strengthening the muscles as well. 

If walking is challenging for you, or you are afraid of falling, you may also walk with the aid of a cane or a walker as well.


Yoga is a great form of workout, as if offers the benefits of exercise, without being extra strenuous. However, be sure that you do poses that are safe for seniors. 

Darwin Studio has an excellent form of yoga for seniors, chair yoga, since it takes the stress off the knees. Moreover, chair yoga also improves strength, balance, thus, mobility. Since all it needs is a chair, it is convenient for seniors.


If you want to have fun alongside improving your balance and mobility, you may also try Zumba. A type of dance cardio, it works out muscles in the body, so they become stronger. 


Stretching is a form of exercise that enables flexibility in the body. It also helps with increasing your range of motion as well. Stretching also is effective for pain relief and improving balance. 

You can do a number of stretches to enable your body to perform better. If you have specific complaints, like back ache, you should then try to focus more on these regions, taking counsel from your Physiotherapist in Rawalpindi during the process. 

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