Exploring the Best Beaches in New Jersey: A Guide for Summer Vacationers

New Jersey might be a small state, but it boasts a shoreline adorned with beautiful beaches that are bound to leave an impression. 

In fact, most people are super surprised to learn that New Jersey has so many incredible beaches to enjoy! 

With its diverse array of sands, boardwalks, and coastal towns, it’s no wonder the Garden State becomes a summer haven for vacationers. 

Whether you’re a family looking for a fun day in the sun or a couple on a romantic getaway, New Jersey’s beaches definitely have something to offer. 

Here, we’ll journey through the top beaches, celebrating what makes each a unique gem in New Jersey’s coastal crown.

1. Cape May

Unique Factor: Historic Victorian architecture

This southernmost point of New Jersey isn’t just a beach—it’s a trip back in time. 

The entire city is a National Historic Landmark, thanks to its collection of Victorian-era homes. 

Sunbathers will enjoy pristine sands, while history buffs can wander the gas-lit streets after a day by the sea.

2. Ocean City

Unique Factor: Family-friendly boardwalk

Ocean City’s moniker as “America’s Greatest Family Resort” is well-deserved. 

The 2.5-mile boardwalk is a wonderland with amusement parks, eateries, and shops. 

Its alcohol-free beaches make it especially family-friendly, ensuring peace of mind while the kids play in the waves.

3. Wildwood

Unique Factor: Nostalgic 50’s and 60’s vibe

If neon lights and rock ‘n roll are your jam, Wildwood is your beach. 

The Doo Wop Experience Museum captures the town’s mid-century aesthetic. 

And with a boardwalk housing three piers of rides and attractions, fun is the order of the day.

4. The Sandy Hook

Unique Factor: Proximity to NYC & Fort Hancock historic post

Part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, this beach offers striking views of Manhattan. 

While the skyline beckons from a distance, closer to the shore, you’ll find Fort Hancock—a former Army base, adding a touch of history to your beach day.

5. Asbury Park

Unique Factor: Artsy vibe and music scene

Bruce Springsteen put Asbury Park on the map with his debut album, and since then, the town has embraced its artsy, musical roots. 

The Stone Pony, a legendary music venue, is a must-visit. 

After basking in the sun, explore the vibrant arts scene or catch a live show!

6. Avalon and Stone Harbor

Unique Factor: Upscale, serene atmosphere

These twin towns offer a quieter, more upscale beach experience. 

The beaches are wide with soft sand. The atmosphere is relaxed, making it an ideal spot for couples and families seeking tranquility.

7. Long Beach Island (LBI)

Unique Factor: Diverse offerings along an 18-mile stretch

LBI comprises various small towns, each with its own charm. 

Whether you’re looking for bustling action in Beach Haven or a serene escape in Loveladies, LBI caters to every mood.

8. Point Pleasant Beach

Unique Factor: Blend of family fun and nightlife

The lively boardwalk is lined with games, rides, and an aquarium, making it perfect for families by day. 

As the sun sets, the area transitions into a nightlife hub with bars and clubs, perfect for those looking to dance the night away.

9. Spring Lake

Unique Factor: Tranquil beaches and scenic boardwalk

If you’re yearning for a peaceful retreat, Spring Lake might be the answer. 

Two miles of quiet, sandy coastline are perfect for relaxation. 

The non-commercial boardwalk, longest of its kind in New Jersey, is a tranquil spot for evening strolls.

10. Sea Isle City

Unique Factor: Dynamic social scene

Sea Isle City is renowned for its bustling social events, including its weekly summer concerts. 

With its variety of bars and restaurants, it’s a destination for those who love to mix sunbathing with socializing.


New Jersey’s beaches are as varied as they are beautiful. 

Whether it’s the historic charm of Cape May, the neon lights of Wildwood, or the artsy allure of Asbury Park, each beach tells its own story. 

As you plan your summer vacation, consider the vibes you’re after, and there’s undoubtedly a New Jersey beach waiting to offer you the perfect sandy sojourn. 

Oh, and if you’re interested in enjoying everyone’s favorite green plant (aka, cannabis) while you’re visiting, don’t forget to grab your medical card in advance. 

If you’re not sure how to do it, websites like this one make the process super easy. 

Dive in, splash around, and let the waves of the Garden State take you on a coastal adventure you won’t soon forget!