How Long Does A Crush Last

Is it normal to have a crush for a long time? The answer is yes. It is normal to have a crush on a boy or girl for several months. According to psychologists, a crush can last longer for about 4 to 5months.  But it does depend on many factors.

You may be wondering how long does a crush lasts?, and how you can know if you have a crush on someone. It actually depends on several factors. We encourage you to relax and go through the whole article in order to gain the proper knowledge about the topic.

What is a crush?

Before we move into the depth of this article, let’s understand the definition of crush. Crush is nothing but an exciting imagination grown in your mind when you think of somebody. When an intense feeling develops for a person without knowing much about him/her, it is considered a crush.

When you are thinking about a person all the time, dreaming about them, and really want to get them in your life, then this can be termed as a crush. Crush is really fun!

How long does a crush last?:

The length of a crush actually depends on you. According to my, there is no exact time, days, months, or years a crush can last. It can continue for a number of months or years or even for a few days. 

The feeling of having a crush on someone is really different. It feels like you love someone from the deep of your heart and wanting that person to be with you always. Whenever you meet that person, it gives you a wonderful feeling. Until you both talk privately, this will remain as a crush. But if you do, it may turn into love. And if both of you move away from each other, then it will not last more than a few months.

The length of a crush depends on many factors like your feeling for that person, how much time you are spending with your crush, how often you are meeting together if your crush has someone else to meet, and so on. Sometimes, a crush can last up to everlasting love.

Difference between Crush and Love:

Crush is an intense feeling that is grown for a person about whom you don’t know much but want to be with that person always. A crush can feel your life with excitement making you alive. Crush is not a matter of emotion; rather, it is a matter of feelings and lust. If your crush moves away from you after some days, you will gradually forget her, and thus, your crush will not last longer than a few days or months.

On the other hand, love is full of emotional feelings and attachment that is grown when two persons spend more and more time with each other and share their feelings and expressions. Love can be everlasting unless you break up.

Actually, the initial stage of love can be termed as a crush. When you have a crush on someone, and you meet with that person daily, and very often you both spend quality time together, then crush turns to love. Crush grows the attachment between two persons.

Can a crush really turn into love?

A crush can last for a very long time. It can be everlasting if it turns to love. A crush can be termed as an initial stage of love. In the stages of a crush, your intense feelings will grow for a particular person, and that can finally lead you to love. Love needs enough time to grow.

Meeting the girl or boy you are crushed will give you an amazing feeling all the time. You will feel really good to talk with that person, laugh with that person and also will be eager to spend some quality time with that person. When you spend your days like this with your crush, a feeling will naturally grow in your mind. You would really want that person to be with you forever. Gradually, in this way, your crush can turn into love.

If you want to be in love with your crush, you should form a deeper and safer connection with him/her. It strengthens the trust, bonding between both of you. Common in favorite foods, movies, songs isn’t that important. The thing that matters is sharing opinions and values, determining long-term and future goals. You should be with her in good and bad times. Commitment, understanding should be at their level best for both of you. So, having a crush is easy, but making him/her your love of life isn’t that easy. You must bear much more responsibility on your shoulder. If you have the ability, your crush will turn to love easily.

Nowadays, people can have a crush through social media. If you talk with a person for a long day, it is not unnatural to fall for him/her. There are many such examples like that.

So, if you have a crush on someone, it is better to tell him/her. With the intense feeling grown on your crush stages, you will certainly enjoy your love life. And if you don’t talk about this with him/her privately, your crush will probably last for a few months.

Should you give up or keep trying?

A crush can last indefinitely. It is really tough to determine whether you should give up or keep trying. While you are going through the stages of a crush, you will definitely feel for him/her. You will try to talk to that person at least once a day or even more.

If you notice that your crush spends free time the whole day without doing anything, it’s high time you should keep him/her busy talking to you. You can turn your flirting skill up a notch. Try to make her/him laugh and enjoy all the time while she/he is talking to you. A healthy crush is very effective, and it can really make good progress. If you try in a healthy manner, you can definitely turn your crush into love.

On the other hand, if you see that your crush is not responding to you with proper energy and seems like in any kind of relationship with someone, it’s better for you to back off. You may have your honest feeling for him/her, but the right signal isn’t there for you. So, you don’t have any more choice but to move away from him/her. Don’t get upset; you will be on the top for being good and honest about your feelings.

How you can get over your crush:

Having a crush is fun. It gives a thrilling and exciting experience. However, if your crush is not over you, then it is high time you should get over your crush. 

Strategies you should follow to get over your crush:

  • Evaluate why you had a crush in the first place:

A crush can strike a person at any time, anywhere. You may ask yourself, why do you actually like that person? What has driven you wild towards that person? You should think about the matter seriously. Is it something about the way she smiles? Or maybe he/she has nice behavior and politeness? Or even the way she ties her hair? You should figure out how you feel around that person. Think about your crush’s shortcomings and imperfection and realize if you could deal with them if you go on a relationship. Keep that in your mind, and you will find a lot of other guys or girls around you who have the same kind of smile, same kind of hairstyle, have polite behavior, and many more attractive characteristics. 

So, if you find your crush not perfect for you, you must get over your crush as soon as possible.

  • Stay away from your crush:

Creating enough distance between you and your crush is an important strategy to get over your crush. You should stop running behind your crush wherever he/she goes. If both you and your crush are in the same class and always stared at one another before, stop that for now. Have lunch with your other friends and enjoy yourself with others in such a place where you can’t stare at him/her all day. Create a gap as much as possible and start avoiding him/her. Avoid the places where your crush hangs out, or choose a different coffee shop from where your crush goes.

  • Stop stalking your crush on social media:

All your efforts to avoid your crush will go in vain if you regularly stalk your crush on social media. Stalking social media will increase your want for that person even if you don’t communicate. If you want to get over your crush, you should stop drooling over the photos of your crush. 

Checking his/her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter will not move you away. You will start to miss and will be eager to know what he/she does on social media. 

If you don’t have your own self-control, it is better to block the person from all types of social media.  It is surely hard. But you should do it to get over your crush.

  • Don’t ask about your crush:

Your crush and you may have many mutual friends from where you can get enough information about him/her. But you must not do it. To get over your crush, you should avoid asking people how he/she is. It is a hard task, but if you do this for a couple of months, I’m sure you can get over the situation.

  • Treat the situation like you broke up with him/her:

Though he/she is only your crush and nothing more, for your sake, you should treat it as a breakup. The strategy you follow to get over your ex can be followed when you want to get over your crush as well. It is natural to feel sad and pain inside. Think about your hobbies and do what you most like. Learn new different types of skills you think necessary. Hand out with all your friends, interact with other persons regularly. You may also search for a girl or guy and judge if he/she is perfect for you. Meeting a new person can make you forget the past. If you start dating a new person, do not compare him with your older crush. Focus on what type of guy or girl he/she is.

  • Give yourself time:

Getting over your crush suddenly is very much hard. If both of you are in the same class and if he/she is your co-worker, provide yourself some more extra time to get over it. You may feel horrible while you try to avoid him/her. You will feel helpless and broken. But that’s how the process follows. Try making new friends. Enjoy hanging out with them. Do everything you enjoy doing that keeps you busy. Try to stay away from social media and mostly try to interact with your relatives and friends. This will help.

Giving yourself enough time can really help you a lot to get over your crush. Surely, you will get a day when you will not think of him/her. You will lead your own busy life.


Having a crush is fun, and it gives a thrilling experience all over. If you are wondering how long does a crush lasts, then probably it depends on you, your feelings for him/her, how much time you spend with your crush, how often you are meeting together. 

According to psychologists, a crush can last long for 4-5 months. If you feel for that person during the crush stages, you may fall in love ultimately. But remember, whether the guy/girl is perfect for you and you can deal with him/her seriously. If he/she is not perfect, just back off and try to get over your crush as soon as possible.