How long does hyaluron pen last?

Everybody wants to look beautiful. Nowadays, people use lots of beauty products to increase their beauty. A hyaluronic pen is one of those products which will escalate your beauty. The device helps to plump and make your lips pouty. 

The hyaluronic pen doesn’t cost much and is painless. It gets much popularity in the market and has become one of the trendy beauty products. Due to customer favorite, a lot of mixed questions arise about the product. 
People got confused about the cost, procedure, and safeness of the pen. The most common question is how long does hyaluron pen last in our lips? In this article, we will answer all your queries.

What is a hyaluronic pen?

The pen which contains hyaluronic acid needs to be applied to the lips. It increases the volume of the lips. The hyaluronic pen has become one of the trendy products in the market.
It is not like the traditional injection process. The pen fills the lips with hyaluronic acid using extreme pressure. Nowadays, the hyaluronic pen attracts both girls and women.
It looks attractive and increases their beauty. The whole process of filling the lips with the acid is pain-free. Many girls and women are afraid of needles. Besides, they are very much uncomfortable with the needling. Injections are not needed for the hyaluronic pen injecting process.

Pressure technology is for the entire process. The pen uses high pressure to turns hyaluronic acid into a nanoscale molecule. And it inserts this hyaluronic acid filler into the skin. The pen’s piston with a spring creates extreme pressure to insert the flow fillers over the skin.

The flow diameter is 0.17mm, which is twice tiny as the smallest insulin needle. For its easy and fast procedure, the hyaluronic pen has become famous beauty material. And people are very much comfortable with it. This medical and beauty device is for many areas of the body. Like the face, marionette line, forehead wrinkles, 11 lines, and nasolabial lines. 

If anybody applies the hyaluronic acid, it does not cause any harm. The acid reaches the dermis’s papillary layer. 

And on this layer, it does the treatment without any occlusion risk. The process doesn’t cause any blood vessel damage. 

What are the advantages of the hyaluronic pen?

The hyaluronic pen has many advantages over using traditional needles or injections. That is why women and girls are very much interested in this pen. The advantage of using this hyaluronic pen is that it does not have any needle or injection. So, those who are afraid of needles or injections can use them without any fear or hesitations. 

The hyaluronic pen filler is into the body or lips, made of natural substances found in the body. That is why anyone can use it without any side effects. Nowadays, top beauty products have lots of side effects, and it is harmful to our body. So, the hyaluronic pen ensures that there are no side effects of using it.

In today’s top products contains many chemicals. It is very uncommon to find a product without chemicals. According to medical science, using chemical products is risky to our skin and health. In a hyaluronic pen, no chemicals are used. So, anyone can use this pen without any tension. 

Other products or devices that are used on lips and face for different purposes took many times. Sometimes it took more than a few hours. In that case, the hyaluronic pen takes very little time. It is not time-consuming like other beauty products. One session of this pen took 20 to 30 minutes.

We need to make an incision for doing any stuff with our skin, lips, and face. After an incision, it took much time for recovery. In a hyaluronic pen, there is no incision which takes a very minimal time for recovery.

Other methods used to increase the volume of the lips and used in other areas are very expensive. People could not afford those methods. The hyaluronic pen is much cheaper than the other methods.

When we use any beauty products, we do not feel good if it does not look natural. It makes us embarrassed to other people. The hyaluronic pen ensures a natural look. And after using it, the lips will look more beautiful than before. 

What is the process of using hyaluronic pen?

The entire process of the hyaluronic pen is very much comfortable and pain-free. A single session of this pen takes only 30 minutes. First of all, a consultation is necessary to determine the area where fillers will be applied. 

After consultation, the experts will numb the lips. Users will feel a slight pinch on their lips as the whole process is pain-free. After making the lips numb, the procedure of hyaluronic pen will start. Each session of the process will take 30 minutes. 

The hyaluronic acid will be inserted into the lips by using the hyaluronic pen. The pen creates extreme pressure to fill the lips with hyaluronic acid. For this reason, the process does not need any incision. After that, the hyaluronic acid is applied to the top of the lips for healing purposes.

After doing the entire hyaluronic pen process, there will be slight swelling in the area. It will go after 3 hours. Each session of the hyaluronic pen will take place after 3-4 weeks. A client might need 3 to 9 sessions. The number of sessions depends upon the client’s requirements. 

Is there any risk of a hyaluronic pen?

Yes, there are few risks of doing a hyaluronic pen treatment. After using the pen, the correction might be necessary. It might affect facial asymmetry along with discolorize skin. It might also cause cold sores. 

Besides, the place of treatment may face hazardous infection. It is found that many girls and women have an allergic reaction after using the hyaluronic pen. Sometimes scars are also found on the area where the hyaluronic pen is used. 

The most important issue of using a hyaluronic pen is it does not last for an extended period. It only lasts for a short time. As it does not last for long, users need to take the treatment more than once. Using a hyaluronic pen can change its users’ look due to the bad lips shape and over plump lips.

Who doesn’t should use a hyaluronic pen?

It is advised not to use the hyaluronic pen if you are going through this kind of stuff. A pregnant woman should not apply the hyaluronic acid to their lips or face. Many girls under 18 years shouldn’t be allowed to use this pen. Yet, they have a massive interest in making their lips plumped and pouty. 

Those who have a weak immune system are advised to avoid hyaluronic pen treatment. People who are hypersensitive allergic should also avoid this treatment. 

How long does hyaluron pen last?

On average, the effects of this pen last from 6 weeks to 8 months. If the user takes proper care, it will last longer than the mentioned period and lasts up to several months. As the lifespan depends on client care, the effect may last for eight months if proper care is taken. The metabolism of a person is different from one another. 

What is the cost of a hyaluronic pen?

For taking the treatment of a hyaluronic pen, one needs to go for 3-9 sessions. The number of sessions for this treatment varies from person to person. It depends on the client’s requirements. But, the complete treatment of a hyaluronic pen will cost around $620. A user can also buy the hyaluronic pen. And the price is 50 dollars along with its fillers. 

Anybody can do the treatment by themselves using a pen. You need to buy the fillers before doing the treatment. You need to consult an expert about the procedure before doing it on your own. 

What care should be taken for the hyaluronic pen?

As we know, after using the hyaluronic pen, lots of care is necessary for the user. One should take advice from the experts about the care of hyaluronic devices. Usually, the treatment area with base filler lasts long. Without the base filler on the treatment area, one should not expect a longer result. It would be best if you visited the expert two weeks later after taking the first filler.

Is it safe to use a hyaluronic pen?

The answer to this question is no. Using the hyaluronic pen is not safe. This pen is very much dangerous to use. Many people think that the process does not do any incision, so it is safe, but the thinking is wrong.

Indeed, the pen doesn’t have any needles. It is painless but has many dangerous effects on our health. One cannot know do the product follows the stationary conditions or not. Well, the product has lots of hazardous consequences. It has been discussed in the above part of the article. But before inserting the hyaluronic acid, the skin needs to be cleaned.
The skin carries bacteria which is also being inserted with the acid as the skin is not cleaned. Besides, it is found that many people use it by themselves without any instructor, and it is very much risky. Thus, the hyaluronic pen is not safe to use. 


Hyaluron pen has become one of the most popular beauty products. Many girls and women use it all around the world. A beauty product can be good, but sometimes it has the worst effect on our skin. There is massive confusion about the hyaluronic pen because it has many risk factors. Many medical experts say that it is not safe to use this pen. So before using this hyaluronic acid, one should be very careful. As it is a popular beauty product, there are many queries about it. And people want to know how long does hyaluron pen last and lots of stuff about it.