How Much Is A Black Pearl Worth?

Pearls make elegant and stylish ornaments, and black pearls are one of the rarest and most expensive diamonds. Billionaires and millionaires often invest in diamonds, as pearls offer a great financial investment.

But, how much is a black pearl worth is a big question before you invest in black pearls.

Because the price for a black diamond necklace highly depends on the price of a single black pearl’s price. As a starter investor, you might think it quite natural that the black pearls will come at a high price.

But, honestly speaking, the price for black diamonds isn’t always so high; some freshwater black diamonds are expensive to buy.

Typically, the price for black diamonds ranges between $50 to $30,000. Basically, the $50 is the price for the freshwater pearls, whereas the $30,000 is the price for the natural black Tahitian pearls.

Dive into the article if you want to learn more about the black pearl’s price and worthiness.

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How Much Is A White Pearl Worth?

How Much Is A White Pearl Worth

South sea pearls are one of the most extensive and most valuable pearls comprising white and golden shades. The white pearl is the most traditional and classic colored pearl that people are familiar with.

But these saltwater pearls are primarily found in the Seaside of Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Some saltwater pearls also come from Japan and France.

Apart from saltwater, white pearls are also found in freshwater. Unlike saltwater, freshwater pearls are grown in the river and lakes. They usually come from the USA, China, and Japan. 

The value for white pearls ranges from US$100 to US$10,000 based on where it’s found. Usually, the freshwater white pearls cost US$100, whereas the saltwater white pearls cost up to US$10,000.

That’s the reason for the south sea pearls necklace getting more expensive than US$1,00,000.

How Much Is A Black Pearl Worth?

How Much Is A Black Pearl Worth

Black pearls represent independence, mystery, riches, and strength. Moreover, black pearls are one of the rarest pears that are hard to find.

Rarely finding makes the black pearl one of the most expensive pearls in the world. But, how much is a black pearl worth? Based on quality and where it’s found, the value for black pearls ranges between $50 to $30,000 and more.

Typically, black pearls are divided into three types based on their origin. Look at the pearl price list to understand the typical price ranges of black pearls.

Dyed black freshwater pearlsUS$50 –US $1000
Black Akoya PearlsUS$100 – US$2000
Natural Color Black Tahitian pearlsUS$250 – US$30,000
  • From the above discussion, we get to know that the natural colored black Tahitian pearls are the most expensive pears.
  • The black Akoya pearls are the second most expensive pearls.
  • Lastly, the Dyed black freshwater pearls have obtained the 3rd most expensive black pearls.

How Much Are Freshwater Pearls Worth?

How Much Are Freshwater Pearls Worth?

The cultured, lake, river, and pond-grown freshwater pearls are the most inexpensive pearls worldwide. The price for low-quality freshwater pearls doesn’t cost more than $20, and fine quality freshwater pearls don’t go more than $5000.

In Short, the price for freshwater pearls ranges between $20 to $5000 or more. Nevertheless, if you want fine-quality freshwater pearls, you must spend at least $65.

The reason behind the freshwater pearl’s inexpensiveness is their culturing. Saltwater pearls are gemstones only found on the surface of the ocean.

But, the freshwater pearls are produced in nearby water artificially. However, that doesn’t make freshwater pearls fake; they’re 100% real but less rare than saltwater pearls.

Although the freshwater pearls are mainly white, they’re also found in different pastel shades, like pink, lilac, and peach. Moreover, the freshwater pearls also include the Akoya pearls and enrich themselves.

How Much Does A Real Pearl Necklace Worth?

How Much Does A Real Pearl Necklace Worth

If you want to buy a stylish and elegant-looking necklace, you might need to spend more than $1,00,000. But depending on brands, shapes, and size, the price for a genuine pearl necklace starts from $100.

We cannot determine the value of the pearl necklace based on its other factors. But, we can define the pearl necklace price based on its origin. Let’s check the price range of pearl necklaces from different places throughout the world.

South Sea Pearl Necklace

South sea pearl necklaces are the most expensive and valuable pearls worldwide. The cultured white and golden south sea pearls are expensive gemstones amongst south sea pearls.

When the pearls of the south sea are so expensive, the necklaces from those pearls are definitely going to be expensive. Usually, the price for the south sea pearl necklace ranges from $450 to $1,00,000 based on its uniqueness.

For the high-quality pure pearl, you might need to spend at least $950 to $40,000USD.

Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklaces

Japanese Akoya Pearls, another most expensive and classic pearl globally famous for its round shape and glossy finish. The price for an Akoya pearl necklace starts from $100 and can go up to $10,000.

But the high-quality Akoya pearl necklace price starts from $220 and lasts up to $10,000USD and more. Even if you want a classic and mid-level White Akoya necklace, you must spend at least $250 to $5000USD.

Tahitian Pearl Necklaces

Unlike others, the Tahitian pearls, mostly dark and exotic, are mainly known as black pearls. But depending on where the pearls grow, they may come in varieties of colors ranging from gray to green.

The price for Tahitian pearl necklaces ranges from $450 to $10,000USD. But if you look for high-quality Tahitian pearl necklaces, they can rise to $30,000 from $600.

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

Freshwater pearls are the most inexpensive pearls, mainly found in China and places besides China. If you want budget-friendly and colorful pearl necklaces, you must go for freshwater pearl necklaces.

Although freshwater pearls are inexpensive and available in jewelry shops, they aren’t fake.

The price for freshwater pearl necklaces starts from $50USD and rises to $10,000USD. But for high-quality freshwater pearl necklaces, you must spend at least $150 to $3000USD.

How Much Is A Pearl Worth from An Oyster?

How Much Is A Pearl Worth from An Oyster

The oyster pearls are one of the rarest and most natural pearls found in the oyster. Usually, an oyster can produce only one pearl, although a good quality oyster produces two or three pearls in its lifetime.

The value of oyster pearls dramatically depends on their size, types, exceptional quality, color, surface quality, etc. But, the price for sea oyster pearls ranges from $20 to $5000USD somewhere.

The prices might range between $300 to $1500, particularly when an area is highly productive for oyster pearls.

Cultivating the oyster can also produce pearls besides becoming a nutritious food. If you plant pearls in oysters, it might take 6 to 3 years and more.

How Much Are Akoya Pearls Worth?

How Much Are Akoya Pearls Worth

Go for the Akoya pearls if you want exceptionally rare and most precious saltwater gems. The name of Akoya pearls comes from the south sea pearls and Tahitians pearls.

The natural classic Akoya pearls are mainly found in the saltwater oyster, which is rare and expensive. To reduce the price of these pearls, japan and china are producing these pearls commercially in their land.

Top-quality Akoya pearls start from $100, and the average quality Akoya pearls range between $150 to $300USD. Finally, the excellent quality Akoya pearl costs between $400 – $6000USD.

What Determines the Value of Black Pearls?

Whether it’s black pearls or any other colored pearls, the price of the diamond can vary for many reasons. Exceptionally, the freshwater diamonds are consumer-friendly and come at a good affordable price.

But, what actually determines the price for the pearls? Let’s get a look.

Pearl Brand

When a pearl necklace is offered from a premium-graded brand, it’ll gradually become more expensive than the less popular brand. However, the expensiveness will still be the same for both famous and less popular brands.

Pearl Size

The price for a large black pearl will definitely be lower than a small or medium pearl. It means the price of the black pearls is also affected by their size.

On average, the length of the large black pearl ranges from 10 to 8 millimeters. And the size of the small pearls doesn’t go smaller than a bird’s egg. The largest black pearl that has appeared till now is 23 millimeters.

Pearl Surface Quality

Based on the surface quality, the black pearls have divided into three types – 

  • Freshwater pearls
  • Black Akoya pearls
  • Natural color black Tahitian pearls

Freshwater pearls are easy to produce, and so the market might become full of freshwater pearls.

But the black Akoya pearls are impossible to produce but are comparatively found in good numbers. So, the price for these pearls is higher than the freshwater pearls.

Lastly, the natural color of black Tahitian pearls is rare to find, so they hold an unexpected buying price.

Pearl Luster

The visual shininess is also an essential factor in determining the pearl’s worthiness. Indeed, the pearls that shine more get an excellent value to the customers and become expensive in the market.

Pearl Color

The pearl’s color is also responsible for its popularity compared to its similar staged diamonds. So, what is the most expensive pearl color worldwide?

Well, blue is considered the most expensive and rarest diamond; the same also goes for black diamonds. Black diamonds are hard to find on the earth and are mostly discovered at the seaside.

Pearl Shape

Pearls can appear in different shapes, but the round shape is the most popular and valuable. Because of the pearl’s rarity, we hardly find it on our surface.

So, the round shape black pearls price is higher than the other shaped pearls.


What Are the Rarely Found Pearls?

Naturally colored blue is the rarest color of pearls in the world. It’s saltwater oyster pearls and was uncovered to the people till today.
Just recently, naturally colored blue pearls have started to gain recognition in the jewelry market. The meaning of blue color stands for peace, integrity, loyalty, calm, confidence, and intuition.

What Is the Largest Size of Black Pearl?

Today’s largest size of black pearls is 23mm, which looks like a small bird egg. But, on average, black pearls are found between 8 to 10 millimeters.

What Is the Largest Pearl in The World?

The largest pearls in the world are – white pearls and golden south sea pearls. The pearl of Puerto is another largest pearl found by a Filipino fisherman. Nevertheless, the Giga pearl is the largest certified pearl worldwide.

Which Color Pearls are the Most Expensive?

The south sea pearls naturally come in two shades – white and gold. Both of these are the most expensive color, pearl. White is preferable more than gold because white is the symbol of purity.

Do Real Pearl Peel?

The natural pearls start to get brittle and peel if you dry them out and store them for a long time. So, whenever you get a chance, use the pearl necklace and prevent them from peeling off! 
However, the pearls also start to peel due to unwanted damage. Keep away the harsh chemicals from your pearls for ensuring their safety and preventing unwanted damage.
Besides, make sure you don’t rub the pearls with each other while it may harm your pearl’s exterior.

The Sum Up!

Pearls are a smart financial investment, particularly when choosing rare color diamonds, like black. But, how much is a black pearl worth is a common query when looking for affordability.

Usually, diamonds aren’t affordable for the ordinary class people; still, a simple piece of diamonds can become a good start for investment.