How to Choose the Best Deer Food Plot Seeds

Do you want to attract deer to your property? Do you want to develop a deer food plot on your property? Attracting deer to your property is another way hunters hunt deer. It is easier than going out into the woods. By creating a deer food plot, deer will be attracted to your property to eat under cover. In this article, we discuss how to choose the best deer food plot seeds.

  1. Cold Tolerant

    When choosing deer food plot seeds, you want seeds that are cold resistant to withstand the harsh winter weather and yet sprout to grow the crops. Cold resistant deer food plot seeds makes them long-lasting and flourish even in cold weather.
  2. Heat Resistant

    In addition to the deer food plot seeds being cold resistant, you also want the seeds to be heat resistant. This makes them flourish even in very hot weather.  Heat resistant food plot seeds makes them robust and long-lasting, capable of flourishing in very hot weather.

    Choosing food plot seeds that are cold and heat resistant makes them robust to withstand any kind of weather and yet grow to develop your deer food plot.
  3. Drought Resistant

    Drought resistant food plot seeds makes it very difficult for the seeds to wither and die. No matter the severity of the weather, the seeds will flourish and grow the food plot when they are planted and watered.

    When choosing deer food plot seeds, it is a good idea to choose seeds that are not only cold and heat resistant, but also drought resistant.
  4. Life Duration

    One important information to find out when choosing food plot seeds to grow your deer food plot is how long the deer food plot will last until it has to be replanted. You don’t want to plant a new food plot every few years.

    The life duration of the food plot seeds will give you an indication about the survivability of the food plot seeds. Some food plot seeds last more than 5 years before it will need to be replanted.
  5. Irresistible to Deer

    When deciding on the food plot seeds to get, you want to read and learn how attractive the food plot will be to deer. What are the plants and vegetables that will grow to develop the food plot? How irresistible will they be to deer? Will the crops be sweet and attractive crops that draws deer to your property?

    You want to develop a food plot that will attract deer regularly because they like what is grown in the food plot and will come time and time again to feed. Deer feeders are also used by hunters to attract deer to an area for hunting and the deer feeders become irresistible to deer.
  1. Nutritional Value

    You want to hunt healthy deer and prefer that the food plot consist of plants and crops that will provide nutrients for the deer. Because the deer you hunt from your food plot will be consumed by your family. Read about the food plot seeds to find out if the plants will be highly nutritional plants and crops.
  1. Perennial Food Plot

    Another important feature of the food plot that you want is that it will be year-round. A food plot that will grow all of the months in a year will be more appealing than a food plot that will only grow and flourish during certain seasons. A year-round food plot will attract deer to your property the entire year which makes it easy for you to have a rich source of protein meat for consumption during the entire year.
  1. Variety of Crops

    There are food plot seeds that only develop one type of crop or plant for deer consumption. And there are other food plot seeds that develop a food plot with a rich variety of crops and plants that deer like and will attract them to your property all the time.

    When choosing food plot seeds, find out if the seeds produce one type of crop or if they produce a variety of crops and plants.


    Deer food plot seeds allow you to develop attractive food plots with sweet and nutritional crops and plants that deer like. This will attract them to your property and this makes it easy for you to hunt them.

    In this article, we discussed how to choose the best deer food plot seeds to develop a food plot that keeps deer coming to your property to eat. If you want to learn more about attracting and hunting deer, then you can visit this website.