How To Create Video Collages for Your Email Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the efficient and effective ways to reach the interested customers of the business’s offerings. In today’s technologically advanced time, most people use email for personal and professional purposes, and the usage will increase manifolds in the coming years. Every day there are billions of emails that are sent worldwide. By considering this information, it is quite clear that email marketing is one of the powerful tools to reach the target audiences. People respond positively to emails as the communication is a lot more personalized and relevant to their interests. There are many ways to draft the content for email marketing, one that works best is when video collage is used for the campaigns.

How To Create Video Collages for Your Email Campaigns

Why Use Video Collage for Email Campaigns?

Video collage is a way to display visually captivating videos in emails; it comprises the process wherein the original video is snipped into smaller pieces, and an entirely new video is created with the help of those snippets.

Video collages are used extensively in the short-form content for almost all social media platforms or to make the target audiences aware of important services or events. Some of the rationales for using video collages for the marketing campaigns of the products and services are:

  • Video collage is an effective mode to exhibit glimpses of the company’s various offerings in a short clip.
  • Content that is visually appealing gets a lot more engagement and the video collage fits in it well.
  • Video collages grab attention as they tell engaging stories in a crisp and creative manner.
  • Creating video collages does not require expensive equipment or software; it is cost-effective and easy to create.
  • You can be creative with video collages – add music, sound effects, and texts to the videos.
  • It is an efficient way not only to promote the products and services but also to create brand awareness amongst the viewers.

We now know some of the main benefits of using video collages; let’s understand how to create a beautiful collage for email campaigns.

Select The Desired Video Collage Tool

One quick search about video collage tools in search engines will give you a plethora of options. Some tools are free, while some require a premium subscription. A professional video collage maker will offer users the features that enhance not just the quality but also the content of a video with intuitive ideas and creative AI support. If the user needs to create something basic and the free tools do the job, they will choose the free version and use the paid or premium version to get a better quality, bigger size, or more advanced options while creating the collage. Selecting the desired video collage tool is essential as half of the job is done by choosing the right tool or devices to make the collage.

Select the Layout and the Size of the Video Collage

After zeroing down the desired tool/s and signing up, you can select the layout and the size of the video collage from the various options given in the tool. Size and layout are the foundation of creating an impressive video collage; hence, selecting them carefully is a must. Then, arrange the images into the layout to give maximum impact. Finally, choose those images that are in line with the objective of the whole email campaign.

Arrange the Shortlisted Images

Once the final images or clips are shortlisted, arrange them systematically without overcrowding. Filling the collage with too many images will not serve the purpose and get instantly rejected by the audience. The next step is to upload the shortlisted images into the tool. Every collage-making tool allows you to upload their chosen images from Google, computer folder, Giphy, and various other sources. Post that, arrange these images consistently with the tones and colours that will form the base. You can resize or edit the images to get more visually appealing effects as you start working on the collage.

Add Various Elements

In this step, your creativity and originality as a video collage maker will come to test. Use your imagination and, keeping the concept of the email campaign in mind, add the required text, background score, fonts, graphics, music, animations, and other elements that will assist in enhancing the video. However, while incorporating these enhancement elements, don’t overdo or you will end up nullifying the campaign’s identity and the intent. Apart from that, one should use licence-free music and take extra care while including it; music plays a significant part in completing and giving meaning to the entire video collage.

Preview the Video Collage

Now that the final placements and editing are done, it is crucial to see a preview of the final product. A preview will ensure that the collage is as per the concept and the objective of the email campaign is being met. It will also allow you to edit the required corrections to get the desired final product. For example, you can enhance the tone, music, the collage’s colour palette, and many more such things to make the collage more engaging, effective, and appealing. Once the collage gets finalised, download the final video collage and use the same for your email campaigns.

With the simple guidelines mentioned above, one can create an engaging and fascinating video collage with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the video maker tool you use and how you employ it can do wonders for the video collage. It can make the collage more attractive by making smart music, colours, tone, graphics, and other choices.

One of the best parts of making a video collage is that it can be shared and posted on multiple platforms and not just be restricted to email campaigns. Through this, you can attract a much larger audience and gain engagement. Thereby, due to the versatility of video collages, business owners are willing to incorporate them as part of their marketing strategies, and it is great to have hands-on knowledge about them.