Mastering the StoryBrand Framework – A Guide for Certified Guides

Those who need more time to be ready to commit to the training needed to become a certified StoryBrand Guide can still benefit from using this framework in their marketing by working with a StoryBrand Certified Agency.

Every hero has a problem they need to solve, and along the way, they meet someone who offers them guidance. That guide is your business or brand.

Identify Your Hero

If you’re a business owner, clarifying your message with the Storybrand certified guide is essential. It’s the best way to make people listen and buy.

The framework starts with identifying your customer as the hero of their own story. As Donald Miller explains, every good story follows the same pattern: A character wants something and encounters a problem that prevents them from getting it. At the peak of their despair, they meet a guide who gives them a plan and calls them to action. This action helps them avoid failure and succeeds.

Identifying the hero of your story is a critical part of the StoryBrand framework because it shows that your product or service is a guide and can help your customers overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. This is what drives people to purchase your product.

Identify Your Problem

One of the biggest problems many businesses encounter is ensuring their messaging connects with customers. This can be done through various channels, from social media posts to email campaigns, but it all starts with identifying the clear problem your customers face and how you help them overcome it.

Every story since the beginning of time, a character steps into the scene with a problem. They then meet a guide who gives them a plan and calls them to action.

This is exactly what you need to do with your marketing. Your website and marketing should clarify your customers’ problems, how you help them overcome it, and how you guide them. This will help you stand out from your competitors and captivate your audience.

Identify Your Solution

When your messaging is aligned with the StoryBrand framework, you’ll see a drastic improvement in your marketing results. This is because the framework puts your customer at the center of your message. The hero in this scenario is the customer, and you, as the business, serve as their guide to help them succeed.

By clarifying your message to appeal to your customers’ needs, you can help them solve their problems and meet their goals. Whether it’s your website, social media posts, or email campaigns, you can leverage the StoryBrand framework to craft and deliver engaging content that drives growth. 

Identify Your Call to Action

Knowing what your hero is looking for is critical before creating your messaging. This helps you clearly communicate how your product or service solves their internal problem. You can find out what they are struggling with by Googling their problems or asking them for feedback on social media.

As the guide, your job is to help them overcome their internal struggle and find success. You should provide a clear call to action on your website and marketing. You should offer a direct call to action like “Buy Now” or a transitional one like “Get More Info.”

Identify Your Ending

Every good story follows the same pattern, from original folklores to modern books and movies. It starts with a character who wants something. The character then encounters a problem and is at their lowest point. That’s when they meet a guide who gives them a plan and calls them to action. The plan helps them avoid failure and leads to success.

When crafting your messaging, you must paint a clear picture of what life looks like for your customer after they solve their external and internal problems. You can identify their before and afters, like financial security or a fun weekend with family, or highlight how your product/services will help them reach new heights.