Top 5 Cities to Move in the United Kingdom

There are several wonderful cities in the United Kingdom, a small island nation. Every city, from Southampton on the south coast to Edinburgh in the north, has its personality, history, and culture. 

It also depends on whether you’re seeking cities with greater health and happiness rankings or locations with better career prospects. Here is information about the top ten cities in the UK to reside in to inspire you.

No matter what you aim to achieve, a relocation can be thrilling when you choose one of the UK cities to stay in. To top that, moving services like Man and van Tottenham makes the process easier throughout the country!

Let’s examine some of the top locations in the UK for both living and working purposes. We shall also look into what each one has to offer—

Oxford And The Cotswolds

This region of England, which stretches from London to Wales in the west and is filled with charming villages and old cities, is as near an Old World paradise as you can. 

Green slopes, rose-covered houses, elaborate cathedrals, and thatched roofs make this paradise. Oxford, a university city with beautiful architecture and a hip feel, proves why this region draws tourists.

In the summer, the roads are deserted, yet leaving the tourist regions is simple. The golden Cotswolds will perform their finest magic if you can find a private retreat. 

Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire are home to lovely rural estates, and Windsor is the location of the biggest castle in the world. The Forest of Dean in the farther west offers outdoor activity.


Many festivals and events are held in the Magic City, as well as theatres, symphony halls, and art museums. In addition, live stage acts, including stand-up comedy and concerts, are available to locals. 

Each year, Alabama State University and Alabama A&M University football fans go to Legion Field to witness the teams play. 

The 2022 World Games will be in Birmingham. Six restaurants in Birmingham have received Michelin stars. In addition, the city is well-known for baltis. Thus, when discussing our culinary scene, we must suggest a visit to Balti Triangle. 

The largest public library in Europe and home to one of the largest Shakespeare collections in the world is our famous Library of Birmingham.


There is a lot to learn if you intend to live in London, the capital of the United Kingdom and one of the most well-known and dynamic cities in all of Europe. 

You’ll understand what I mean after you’ve been on the tube during rush hour. Some of the information you need is good, some are awful, and some is nasty. 

We had an endless list of things we wanted to see and see when we lived in Philadelphia and Austin, but when we came to London, I felt overawed. 

Living in London has both advantages and disadvantages. Pros: Londoners are kind and welcoming; if you meet the right people, you’ll feel perfectly at home.


Anyone traveling to Scotland on a temporary work visa will find Edinburgh fascinating. It’s a tiny, pleasant city with tons of wonderful sights, historical monuments, and hospitable locals, making it ideal for spending a year or two abroad. 

Depending on what you hope to gain from your working holiday, there are various reasons you should relocate to Edinburgh.

You’ll be glad to know that Edinburgh has many career prospects if you’re coming there on a temporary work visa. Since it is such a popular tourist destination, several work options are available. 

Although you’ll find nice residents all around Scotland, Edinburgh is extremely welcoming and offers many chances to meet new people.


One of the top three student cities in the world is Manchester (QS Best Student Cities 2023). Manchester students who want to eat well, socialize frequently and take advantage of everything the city offers may do so on a budget. 

With up to 200 languages being spoken in the city at any given moment, it is the most linguistically diverse city in western Europe. Manchester United and Manchester City are two of the most well-known sports teams in the world. 

You may choose from a wide variety of high-quality, contemporary British and other cuisines at one of the many restaurants in the area. You won’t ever be close to your next delicious dinner because of the city’s central position.