How Long Do Helium Balloons Last ?

How Long Do Helium Balloons Last?You must be planning on organizing an event and decorate the place with helium balloons. Before you start using helium balloons, you must collect information about how long do helium balloons last and how to keep them fluffy at different temperatures.

To make your event more enjoyable, you must create an eye-catching decoration no matter whether you use helium balloons or flowers. And it’s necessary to keep the balloons in good shape throughout the event to maintain a good decoration.

Here in this article, we will talk about how you can make the helium-filled balloon last longer than its usual longevity.

How long helium balloons can last by their types?

A smaller helium balloon made of latex about 9 to 12 inches can last almost 12 hours a day. And the larger size of latex helium balloons can last more than 3 days. While the foil helium balloons can last longer than a week. The longevity of helium-filled balloons is different according to the material of the balloon. Here are two types of a helium balloon and the longevity of them:

What is the longevity of latex helium balloons?

Latex helium balloons are great for any kind of event; they start to seep out since you fill helium inside the balloon. If you fill the balloons on the previous day of the event, those balloons may not look as good as before. The bigger size of latex helium balloons can last from a day up to several days.

But if only use the small balloons with no hi-float, then fill them with helium a few hours before the event starts. But if you choose to use the larger one, then you can fill them before the event day too, as they can last longer than the smaller one.

But there are a few things that determine the longevity of the latex helium balloons, such as temperature and weather. If you keep them in a closed place, then they will be able to float for almost 3 days without treating any hi-float. 

What is the longevity of foil helium balloons?

The foil helium balloons of 18 inches can last up to 3 to 5 days, and this is a small size. But the larger foil helium balloons will last longer than a few weeks. As both small and large size balloons can last longer, at least for 3 days, you can fill them with helium before the event day. 

If you want to decorate with a number or word-shaped balloons, then make sure the balloons you choose are 24 inches, or else it will be difficult to make them float. The weight and shape of the balloon matters to float the balloon. 

But if you want to choose cartoon or movie characters, then you need to choose balloons that are above 25 inches. These foil helium balloons last longer than latex helium balloons as these are less porous than latex ones.

How Long Do Helium Balloons Last In Hot Temperatures?

How Long Do Helium Balloons Last In Hot Temperatures?Under the sun or at a hot temperature, latex helium balloons can last only for 4 to 6 hours. It happens because helium expands in the hot temperature. So if you leave them under the sun, then helium will escape faster. Even leaving them in your car on a summer day will make them dull. 

On the other hand, foil helium balloons can last long for at least 24 hours under the sun or in any hot place. But there is a problem; foil balloons may change the color or sheen in hot temperatures. 

Here are few tips for inflating balloons in hot temperature:

  • Choose Qualatex quality for latex balloons. 
  • Use foil balloons on summer days instead of latex balloons. 
  • To allow the expansion, the balloon from heat always under-inflates them.
  • Try to use a similar air temperature to inflating your balloons as the outside; it will help the balloons to stay in shape. 
  • Try not to leave the balloon anywhere outside at night. If you leave them outside, balloons will shrink and will pop the next morning.
  • Try to use white balloons more than other colors. 
  • Try large balloons as they last longer than small sizes. 

How Long Do Helium Balloons Last In The Cold?

For an 11-inch latex helium balloon, they will last longer than 8 to 12 hours in a cold and AC chilled room. But after a specific time, they will shrink due to the cold temperature and will not look much fluffy. 

Helium-filled balloons will start to contract at 40 to 45 degrees which is 7 to 10 degrees celsius. When they start to shrink, it will look like they are deflated, but they will actually shrink. So move them in a warm place when you are not using them; it will help them to get an energy boost and expand, which will bring them back in shape. 

How Long Will a Helium Balloon Last In a Box?

If the temperature inside the box is cold and the outer environment is hot, then helium balloons will last longer outside. Small size or 9 to 12 inches latex balloons can last around 8-12 hours inside a box. They can last longer than this time if the quality of your balloon is good.

But if you leave your balloon chilled areas, the area which is neither hot nor cold is best for keeping your helium balloons. Chilled places help the gas to remain inside the balloon and stay in the right shape. It happens because the weather in a chilled place doesn’t shrink the balloon, neither will it leak out helium. 

How can you make your helium balloon last longer?

How can you make your helium balloon last longer?If you can follow some tips, then you can make your helium balloon last longer. Here are the ways of making the helium balloons last longer: 

  • Use hi-float solutions; it will expand the floating time of the balloon. 
  • Try to use round shape balloons, and the environment you are using is under the AC. It will help you to provide the helium balloons proper temperature so that they don’t pop or shrink. 
  • Use good quality latex balloons like Qualatex. 
  • Don’t insert or add too many accessories that put much weight on the balloon.
  • Foil balloons can last longer than latex balloons as they are not as porous as latex ones.

If you don’t know what hi-float is, they are like a liquid coating; it goes inside the balloon when you apply this liquid over them. Hi-float liquids spread inside the balloon and block helium to leak out early.

The above tips are absolutely useful ways for making latex helium balloons last longer. To apply hi-float, you require a dispenser pump, and they are not toxic at all. That’s how you can have long-lasting helium balloons.

Final Thoughts

So you have just learned how long do helium balloons last and how they react in different temperatures. If you want to have more longevity on your helium balloons, then you must get balloons that are good in quality. 

Do not leave them under the sun or put them in hot places, and also do not leave them in cold temperatures. It is wise to keep them in a chilled place where there is no fear of the balloon shrinking or pop due to the temperature. We really hope this article was useful for you to understand how to keep the balloon good and which temperature is good for these balloons.