How Long Does It Take for Ice To Melt at Average Room Temperature?

How Long Does It Take for Ice To Melt at Average Room TemperatureMelting ice can be fun sometimes, or you may want to do something where you need to melt the ice. But were you ever curious about how long does it take for ice to melt at average room temperature, and what can make the ice melt faster?

Ice cubes can melt at different times according to their size and volume. Another thing that matters is the ability to absorb the heat of the ice cube. Ice only melts when it goes under heat and energy. Here in this article, we will discuss how to melt an ice cube faster and how long it takes to melt. 

How long does a block of ice melt at average room temperature?

Heat or energy helps ice to melt. If you leave an ice cube in any room at your home, it will start absorbing heat and melt. How long an ice cube will take to meltdown depends on the size of the cube. Different-sized ice cubes require other times to melt. 

An ice cube around 1 inch will take 45 to 60 minutes to melt at 75°F room temperature. And an ice cube near 1 ounce, aka 30 gram at the same 75°F room temperature, will take 90 to 120 minutes to melt. Again, the same 30-gram ice cube will melt in 60 to 70 seconds in a cup of hot water near 185° F temperature. 

But all these times are just average and approximations. Few more factors determine the time of melting an ice cube. But after doing some calculations, it comes in front that the ice cube at the mentioned temperature will take that much time. But the time can vary depending on how fast you add heat and how quickly the cube can soak up the heat.

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Factors that determine how quickly an ice cube can melts:

  • The temperature of the ice cube.
  • The air temperature of the room or water that you will use. 
  • The exact shape and volume of that particular ice cube. 
  • The amount of speed of air in the room.
  • The insulation factors determine how fast an ice cube can absorb the heat.

So this is how much time an ice cube takes to unfreeze.

How long does an ice cube take to melt in cold water?

How long does an ice cube take to melt in cold water?We get to know how much time an ice cube takes to melt in a room at a specific temperature. Now let’s learn how much time it takes an ice cube to dissolve in cold water. When you put a cube around an inch in a cup of cold water, it will take around 15 to 20 minutes to melt completely.

Again, the ice temperature, ice volume, and cold water temperature decide how much the ice will take to unfreeze. You can also experiment by putting salt and sugar in the cold water and seeing how melting changes.  

When heat and energy cause the molecules to work faster, ice melts. The faster an ice cube can absorb the heat and the sooner it will melt, whether in hot or cold water. 

How long does an ice cube take to melt in boiling water?

Ice melts too fast in hot temperature, so when you let the ice cube flood in boiling water, it will melt in a few seconds. If you put an ice cube of 1 inch, it will only 40 seconds to dissolve entirely in the water. But the ice cube can melt faster than this time if the temperature of boiling water is too high.

How many ice cubes can cool down water?

If you take a cup with 200ml water, you need to take six regular-sized ice cubes to make your water transfer from 194°F (90°C) to 50°F (10°C) temperature. The ice cube needs to be 1 inch per piece; if you take any more enormous size ice cubes, it will make the water cool down faster. 

If you take 470 ml water of coffee and use 4 ice cubes of 1 oz will transfer the water from 185°F (85°C) to 122°F (50°C) temperature. This is the approximate amount to cool down your water at the mentioned temperature. If you are using ice on a summer day, then you can put as much ice as you want.

Is there any ice cube that can melt faster?

There is no specific ice that can melt faster, but there are a few ways that can do it. If you take two similar size cubes, then they will dissolve completely at the same time at a specific temperature. There are a few ice cubes for cocktails and whiskey, which come in different sizes and designs. So each ice cube will take extra time to dissolve in the liquor. 

Here are few ways that can melt the ice faster:

  • Use water that is above 32F as under this temperature will create ice, so in 32F water, an ice cube will chill in it. 
  • Use a few pinches of salt or sugar; it helps the ice to melt fast.
  • A cup of hot water will make the ice cube melt quickly while boiling water can melt them more quickly. 
  • Putting the ice cube in a larger container will make the cube melt faster than a small container. 

So the above steps are very few and effective ways for melting the ice faster than the usual time it takes. 

What are the non-melting ice cubes?

What are the non-melting ice cubes?Do you know that you can keep your liquor cold without melting down the ice cube in the water? Yes, you can do it if you put a few reusable ice cubes in the water. These ice cubes are different from the regular ices, and they are made from other things. 

When you want to drink cold coffee or any other liquor, put those ice cubes in the glass. Once you are done drinking, wash those ice to clean them up, then put them in the refrigerator again. And these non-melting cubes will last longer than the actual ice cubes. 

They are usually made of:

  • stainless steel
  • soapstone
  • plastic
  • silica gel

The best types of non-melting ice cubes among them are steel, and another one is plastic. And if you want to have a drink that is already chilled, then soapstone is a good one as it will keep the drink cold without dilution. But remember, do not use them in hot water.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you melt ice instantly?

Take a bucket and pour ½ gallon hot water into it, then add six drops of the dishwasher and ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol. Now mix them properly, then pour the ice melt mixer over ice. Ice will start to bubble up, and in the end, it will melt completely. That's how you can instantly melt an ice cube.

How much time does an ice cube take to melt under the sun’s heat?

A one-inch ice cube can melt at room temperature in 5 to 20 minutes. On a very sunny day, if you place an ice cube under the sunlight, it will melt in a minute. And if it's a typical day without sun heat, the ice cube can take around two minutes to melt completely.

How do you melt ice without damaging concrete?

When you use salt to melt the ice quickly, it can damage the concrete. You can use an alternative of salt. You can use hot water or boiling water to melt the ice cube faster than room temperature. And try to use a large container; it also helps the ice to melt fast without damaging the concrete.


So you have just gone through in-depth information on how long does it take for ice to melt at average room temperature and in various temperatures. You can also make the melting process of an ice cube faster by following a few tips. 

How long an ice cube can actually take determines how much is the temperature of the water. You will find a few different types of ice cubes made from different materials that can keep your drink cold without getting dissolved. We really hope this article helped you know how much time a cube of ice takes to melt.