How Long Is Hockey Intermission

How Long Is Hockey Intermission

Hockey is one of the most known sports around the world, and millions play it. If you are a newcomer to a hockey game, you may be confused why the players leave the field every 15 to 20minutes and come again after another 15 to 20 minutes. There is an intermission after each period is finished. You may wonder how long is hockey intermission and what do the players do during this time. 

Need a detailed answer to your question? I encourage you to go through the whole article in order to have the proper idea about intermission in Hockey.

What is Hockey Intermission:

Intermission generally means a break or a pause. Almost all the games in the world have a break in between halves or periods. In the same way, Hockey also has intermission in between the periods of the game. This intermission length is usually more in ice hockey than that of field hockey. This is because ice hockey is played on ice, and this ice needs to be resurfaced a lot. Otherwise, it will lose its smoothness, and the players will not find it comfortable to play. In ice hockey, the intermission is about 30minutes in a total of 3periods. And In field hockey, the intermission is about 20minutes in a total of 4periods. The length of hockey intermission varies depending on different levels of Hockey. The higher levels of hockey leagues are mostly played professionally.

How long is Ice Hockey Intermission?:

Ice hockey is Hockey mostly played in Europe and America. It is played on ice at an indoor stadium. The NHL, which is a famous league in the U.S., is played on ice. People of the U.S. come to watch the games and support their teams.

The length of ice hockey is 60minutes. It has 3periods. Each period lasts for 20minutes. There are two intermissions in ice hockey. Each intermission’s duration is 17minutes. During the 17minutes of intermission, players get a chance to refuel themselves. The Zamboni comes to the field with his truck and resurfaces the ice to improve its quality. The spectators get the chance to go to the bathroom and also finish eating their snacks or lunch. Advertisers advertise their sponsors on the giant screen.

In the early ’90s, the intermission was only 10minutes in between the periods. Later, in the 1966-67 seasons, the Ice Hockey federation altered the rule and increased the intermission period to 17minutes.

How long is Field Hockey Intermission?:

Field hockey is most common in Asia, Africa, and somewhere in Europe and Australia. It is played on greenfield or synthetic surfaces. It is very much enjoyable to play as a hockey player. 

A field hockey game’s length is 60minutes in total. In between these 60minutes, there are four periods having 15minutes each. The intermission is the time given between the periods. In the game of field hockey, after 15minutes of the first period, an intermission of just 2minutes is given. Players usually drink and rest for a while during this time. Then, after the second period, i.e., 30minutes, an intermission of 15minutes is given. During this break, players go to their dressing room and pass their time. The ground’s man becomes busy preparing the ground for one more time. The spectators also finish their necessary job. After 15minutes, the play starts again. Finally, after the third period, again another intermission of 2minutes is given for rest. Then finally, after the fourth period, the game ends.

If the match ties or draws, overtime is given. This overtime also has two periods having seven and a half minutes each. The time between the two halves can also be called intermission.

What do the players usually do during intermission:

Intermission is essential for a game to make it enjoyable both for the players and fans. During this short time in between the periods, the players have a short meal or snack but not like a heavy meal. They eat fruits, chocolates or sandwiches. Besides this, the players also do many other things during the intermission. 

The main purpose of intermission is to rest for the players. It is normal for the players to get tired of playing for some time with high energy. Almost all the higher levels hockey leagues carry much intensity and pressure. So, if the players can get a chance to sit down on a chair and relax for some time, they can multiply their confidence level and play in a more attacking mode. The restroom plays an important role in increasing the ability of a player both physically and mentally. Sitting in a restroom, a player can think about what he did in the match and focus on doing better in the rest of the game. Along with tiredness, the players also lose their energy level. So, when they come into their dressing room, some players rehydrate themselves with water or sports drinks. Thus, they feel refreshed and can focus on their game. Eating some snacks or fruits can also refuel the energy lost.

The ice hockey players wear jerseys, shoulder pads, and skates during the game. So, when intermission comes, they get a chance to remove their jerseys and should pad and allow themselves to stay comfortable for a few minutes. Some even remove their skates. The field hockey players remove their shoes and jerseys and comfort themselves. Mainly, players prefer to reposition everything during intermission. It helps them to feel better.

The manager plays his role during intermission, and they can help a team to regrow their confidence massively. This period of time provides a fantastic opportunity for the players to listen to the coach in a well-ventilated and quiet environment. He encourages his players and analyses their tactics and how they can do better in the next period. The coach mainly discusses the necessary changes that need to be made in the game plan. The coach influences them if they are behind their opponent. They rethink their tactics and find the passion for doing better.

The intermission period is about 17minutes, and during these 17minutes, all the players do not do the same. Some like to do what everything does, but some like to take rest only, as resting can help them to focus on the match. Some just take a shower, and some just busy rehydrating themselves. So, an intermission is like a blessing for the players.

Length of High school Ice Hockey Intermission:

The length of a high school ice hockey game is the same as professional ice hockey. In a 60minutes game, there are 3periods, each lasting for 20minutes. In between these periods, there are two intermissions that last for 15minutes each. The players get themselves ready and help them find to focus deeply during this time. 

Length of High school Field Hockey Intermission:

The length of a high school field hockey game is now 60minutes. Until 2019, these 60minutes were divided into two equal halves of 30minutes each. But in 2020, a revised rule was established. According to the new rule, the game will be played in 4periods instead of 2, and each period will last for 15minutes. After 15minutes of the first period, an intermission of just 2minutes is given. Players usually drink and rest for a while during this time. Then, after the second period, i.e., Half time, an intermission of a long 15minutes is given. During this break, players rest and pass their time. Have some drinks. The spectators also finish their necessary job. After 15minutes of play, it resumed again. Finally, after the third period, again another intermission of 2minutes is given for rest. 

Length of Women’s Hockey Intermission:

The intermission in a women’s hockey game is the same as the men’s hockey game. There is no variation in rules and regulations, periods, overtime periods. Women’s Hockey abides everything as there are in men’s Hockey.

Women play a game of 60 minutes where there are 3periods of 20minutes each. In between each period, an Intermission of 17minutes is given. The players take a rest and do what they need to do during this period.

Why is intermission necessary?

Why is intermission necessary

Intermission in Hockey is very important. During intermission, players get a chance to take a rest and refresh their minds. There is an intermission in both Ice hockey and Field hockey. 

Intermission is necessary because it provides a lot of benefits for the players, managers, fans, and organizers. Some of the mentionable benefits are:

  • Rest, Refuel & Regroup:

During the intermission, players can take a rest by going back to their dressing room. Have some little snacks and refuel their energy. It helps them to refuel their body and mind. Thus, they can focus on their game and try to take their team to victory. The manager talks with his players about the tactics and gameplay and has a quick discussion about the game. This can change the overall scenario of the game. The team who was losing, because of a break they can regain their confidence and score quickly. Regrouping helps a team to show their best possible skills.

  • Resurfacing the ice:

During an ice hockey match, the ice needs to be resurfaced in short of increasing its quality. Resurfacing the ice betters the playing condition. If the ice is resurfaced every, the ice becomes cleaner and more conductive.

Suppose you have enjoyed a few professional ice hockey games as an audience. In that case, there is no doubt you have noticed that during each period, a truck or maybe even two of a bit large size enters into the field and goes over the ice and drives circularly for about 10-15 minutes. The driver of that truck is called Zamboni. 

Playing for a long time on ice, often the player’s skates are dug into the ice, and the ice becomes full of ruts. Resurfacing the ice every 20minutes with the Zamboni can minimize this problem. 

  • Break for the Spectators:

According to the rules, a hockey game’s length is just 60minutes. Since it is played by a human, it is not possible to end at this time. It will always exceed the regulation time. A hockey game usually lasts for 2 to 2.5hours, so it is really necessary for the spectators to take a break. During the periods, the spectators can have a little snack, drinks, etc. They can also go to the bathroom. A bathroom during the period break always remains busy in Hockey.

  • More Advertisements:

A lot of sponsors always sponsor a hockey league. To advertise these sponsors, the hockey league uses intermissions to telecast the commercials. These commercials are seen by the people who are watching on T.V.

Besides, the audience also watches different attractive commercials on the giant screen inside the stadium or field during intermission.


Hockey is an interesting game to play and also feels good to watch. Ice hockey and Field hockey both have their own length, periods, and intermission. Intermission is like a blessing for the players when they run and play hard on the field. The chance of getting some rest helps them to focus more on their game.If you have no such good idea about the game of Hockey, a question will arise in your mind: how long is hockey intermission, and why is it necessary for the players? In a hockey game of 60minutes, usually about 15-20minutes are given as intermission. It is very necessary for the players as well as for the ground’s man as the ice hockey field needs to be resurfaced often. The player enjoys the intermission and gains their confidence for the rest of the game.