Know the process to become a certified drone pilot

The unmanned aircrafts systems, popular by the name of drones, are becoming one of the biggest innovations from mankind. These tiny flying instruments don’t just fulfill one or two useful jobs. 

As a matter of fact, drones are becoming useful for civilian roles like search, rescue, surveillance, monitoring of traffic, drone photography, videography, and so many more interesting fields.

Now you must be thinking that if it is this popular then mere ownership of drones can help users in these key areas. Well, the truth is that because drones are becoming popular, there exist various regulations for the same. Just buying a drone does not give you the right to fly it. Flying a drone without proper registration and license is a punishable offense.

Why do regulations exist for flying drones?

Drones are not exactly like airplanes. So, what is the need to regulate the flying of drones? There are various reasons which have led to the establishment of rules and regulations on drones. Some of these reasons are:

  1. Sometimes people can create a threat to other’s privacy. Until the time drones were not under regulation, there arose numerous cases of stalking. Stalking using drones became very easy.
  2. Drones come with different specifications. In order to maintain smooth air traffic, the government established certain rules for flying drones. Drone flying is possible only when it does not cross the height of 400 feet.
  3. In order to keep a track of income earned from drone photography, videography, and other commercial activities, it is now mandatory to register a drone before flying.
  4. A major risk arises when the drone owner does not hold a drone pilot certificate. In order to prevent accidents, one must be a certified drone pilot to fly drones in open areas.

Process to get hold of drone pilot certifications:

Now that the reasons behind the existence of drone regulations are clear, it becomes vital to know the complete process of ‘how to become a certified drone pilot’. 

A quick search with keywords like, how to become an FAA certified drone pilot or how do I become a certified drone pilot can provide details for the whole process.

Well, because you are now reading this article, you will get all the key information with respect to the process. 

Holding a drone pilot certification needs you to go through three main steps. Completion of these steps will give you the license to fly your drone for monetary purposes as well as leisure purposes.

Let’s begin with the details:

Step 1 – Knowledge of rules

 – The flying rules for unmanned aircraft systems are constantly evolving. There is addition, deletion and modification in all rules pertaining to drone flying. In order to obtain the certification for drone pilot, you must know all these rules and regulations. One has to be on their toes to update their knowledge regularly. This knowledge is vital for passing the test. Moreover, it helps in proper flying of drones. Drone flying rules also help in preventing accidents. Whatever be the scenario, this step will benefit you in the long run.

Step 2 – Passing the knowledge test

 – In order to hold the certificate of drone pilot, the flier must be at least 16 years old. Fliers must read, speak, write and understand the English language. Lastly, physical and mental fitness is another eligibility criteria. All those who are eligible for flying unmanned aircraft systems, then have to clear the knowledge test. Clearly the test is your way to becoming a drone pilot. 

The FAA provides complete study material for the knowledge test. Good preparation is the only way to succeed in this test. Now, to appear for the knowledge test, the candidate must obtain a FAA tracking number (FTN). For the same, he or she has to create a profile on Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA). After completing the registration, schedule a test appointment and take the test on the selected date. After passing the test, make sure you complete the FAA Form 8710-13.

Step 3 – Drone registration with FAA –

After clearing the knowledge test and obtaining the certification of drone pilot, the last step is to register the drone with the FAA. In order to register the drone, visit the website. Drone registration costs just $5 and the validity period for the same is 3 years. Only after completing the drone registration will you be able to utilize the benefit of your drone flying certificate. 

Bottom line:

Clearly, there is no doubt about the usefulness of drones. If proper knowledge and precautions are taken then this can be the best innovation for the current generation. Today, when various activities are finding their substitutes with high technology instruments, then drones can also help in replacing humans. 

Working on getting a certification for drone pilot will prove to be immensely helpful in the long run. Having the certification opens doors for various activities. Entering in the field of photography, videography, surveillance, etc becomes a bit easy. So if you have a keen interest in this field, then now is the time to get your drone pilot certification.

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