Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Mothers can become highly sensitive regarding their overall health. Excessive worrying can cause anxiety; however, if mothers notice unusual symptoms, it is best to consult a child specialist in Lahore. The caregivers can discuss the symptoms with the doctor, which will help identify the disease and its cause. It will help the doctor provide the child with the necessary treatment to avoid complications.

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) refers to the sudden death of a child below the age of one. Males are more likely to suffer from SIDS. 

The caregivers can notice the following symptoms that indicate that the child is unwell:

  • The child vomits most of the time, and the color appears green.
  • The child does not consume enough food for their age.
  • The child does not excrete enough urine.
  • The child remains drowsy and does not respond to others.
  • The child does not engage in activities that can help in motor skills.
  • The child throws tantrums and cries at a high pitch.
  • The caregivers can notice that the child suffers from breathing issues.
  • The caregivers may notice blood in the nappy.
  • The infant suffers from rashes all over the body.
  • The skin appears to be pale and blue.

The causes of SIDS include:

  • The exact cause of the disease is not known; however, the defect in the brain can cause hindrance in controlling sleep and arousal.
  • Sleeping in a position in which the child struggles to breathe can cause sudden death.
  • Sleeping with more people in the same bed can cause breathing problems.
  • The soft and flat surface can cause airflow problems, leading to sudden death.
  • The extreme temperature where the child sleeps can cause difficulty breathing and permanent damage to the vital organs.
  • Caregivers who smoke near the child should be vigilant, as it can cause respiratory diseases and lung failure, causing death.
  • An untreated respiratory infection can become the cause of death.

The preventive measures that can help save the life of the child include:

  • The caregivers must remain vigilant and put the child in a position; which does not cause a problem with breathing.
  • The mothers should breastfeed to avoid colic problems and help strengthen the immune system. 
  • The mothers should be cautious while giving a bath to the child. It is necessary to check the temperature of the water and make sure that it does not reach the nostrils. It can cause a problem with breathing and may become the cause of death.
  • The caregivers should make sure that the child is comfortable with the clothing.
  • Close people should not smoke near the infant, as it may lead to lung disease.
  • The parents should provide a healthy and clean environment for the baby. The room temperature should not affect the health of the child. Additionally, the cleaning of the room help reduces the chances of infection. A respiratory infection can become cause physical health complications or lead to death.

Caregivers who notice hindrances in the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of the child should consult a pediatrician at Islamabad Specialists Clinic. The specialist will determine the cause and provide intervention to avoid further complications.

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