Things to consider while buying a bikini online

Before you go into a store or shop online for bikinis, you can gain more knowledge about buying high waisted cheeky bikini that’s truly suited for you by understanding how various styles can flatter your figure. Let’s look at several examples of body shapes to learn what you can do to enhance your appearance when wearing a bikini.

If you have no waistline and very few curves:

For those women who don’t have much of a waist, or who have very few curves, you can create the illusion of curves by choosing a bikini bottom with ruffles, bows, or a sewn-in belt. When you choose a bikini that ties on the top of the thigh on both sides, your torso will appear longer, which will draw an admirer’s eyes to your legs. You will want to avoid pairing this type of bottom with a halter-styled top since it will make your top half look longer, and that’s not the goal you want.

If you have a rather large or protruding tummy:

A tankini top works wonders for hiding the tummy area since the fabric covers the tummy in a soft draping manner, yet it holds the tummy in while allowing you to show off your hips and legs. For the bikini bottom, you should choose a full-cut style that will minimize the attention to your stomach area.

If you have large thighs or short, chunky legs:

A bikini style that makes your legs look longer is possible when you select a top that shows off your torso. This style choice lengthens the appearance of your overall height when the top is accompanied by a bikini bottom that ties high on the hip, like a string bikini; thus giving the illusion of an elongated body type. In addition, when you choose a bikini top that has a bright and bold print, the person looking at you tends to focus on the top part of your body rather than from your waist down.

If you have a large derrière:

Unless you’re a famous movie star like Jo-Lo, you’ll most likely want to minimize your large backside with a styling trick. It’s not a good idea to try completely to cover your bum with lots of fabric since that will only draw more attention to that area. When you’re looking for bikinis, choose one or two that contains a high-quality Lycra that will pull your buttocks in and up in just the right amount. Your best styling tip is to choose a bikini where the bottoms have full coverage, with no bows, ties, or ruffles. By understanding your body’s shape, you can maximize the overall beautiful effect of how you look wearing a bikini if you’ll just take a close look at yourself in the mirror and then follow the guidelines above when selecting a figure-flattering bikini. 

Women’s swimwear can stretch up to 100% in some cases. Typically 75%, but what this means is that the material will compress the body mass it encloses as it stretches more and more. If you stretch bikini swimwear material beyond its maximum comfort zone then unsightly bulges can result. What this means for most people is that if your hips are 41″ then do not order a medium bottom. Order a large. A medium will fit but unless you have very good skin and muscle tone, then those unsightly bulges will probably result. So it is VERY important to get proper measurements. Proper body measurement is key to a successful outcome. We’ll take you through the basic measurements that the clothing industry depends on.

How To Measure?Use a cloth tape measure if possible. Note: Older flexible tape measures can sometimes stretch and distort over time. The person being measured should be wearing his or her normal undergarments only. Measurements taken over bulky or constricting clothing will not be accurate. If you’re measuring for something that will be worn only with a certain pair of shoes or a certain undergarment, it’s okay to wear them during the measurement process.

Chest: To measure the chest circumference, place the tape around the fullest part of the chest or bust, under the arms. Keep the tape parallel to the floor. For chest width, measure across the widest part of the chest, beginning and ending at the point where the arm touches the body on each side.

Waist: You can find the true waist by taking a string or elastic band and tying it (parallel to the floor; snugly but not too tight) around the trunk of the person being measured. It will naturally fall to the narrowest part of the trunk. If you think the true waist area is too high, measure the circumference where you (or the person you’re measuring) normally like to wear pants or a skirt. 

Where to buy bikini?

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