Comic Series Junkyard Joe: A Veteran point of view

It’s another light moment for veterans. This is after Image and Mad Ghost production announced the release of Junkyard Joe, the next installment of Geig verse. The creative team has decided to release the first issue of Junk Joe on October 5, 2022, along with the main book with its variant colors. In addition, a special edition which will be black and white will also be available.

How is this going to help the veterans? The creative team has decided to release a black and white edition to honor their grandparents who served in WWII. All the proceeds will be donated to two organizations that care for veterans. The two organizations are National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and Veterans.

Mad Ghost Production will also donate $2 to the two organizations for every issue sold. This fund will help the veterans who work hard and risk everything to protect society.

Lessons from Junkyard Joe on Veteran Affairs

You’ve heard so many saying they support veterans. It is high time to join people like Geoff Johns and others and make a difference in a veteran’s life. You can support veterans in many other ways.

Say Thank You and Mean It

Saying thank you is one of the ways to support the veterans. Saying thank you shows a veteran that you acknowledge their service. In addition, you may brighten someone’s bad day with these simple words.

In particular, a simple sentence, “Welcome home. Thank you for serving the society,” to Vietnam veterans can have a tremendous emotional impact on them. This is because Vietnam-era veterans did not receive even the lip- service from the society that today’s veterans enjoy.

Fight Homelessness and Eviction Among Veterans

Many veterans face foreclosure, eviction, and homelessness. You can volunteer with National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and provide financial assistance to prevent these evictions. You can also donate your time and spend it with these veterans.

Show Your Support by Providing Transport

One way to support veterans and make their life easier is to provide necessary transport. This can help them to attend their medical and mental health treatment appointments. The Veterans Aid has a volunteer that allows the volunteers to offer their vehicles to veterans in need. The program also accepts donated cars.

Volunteer Your Service To Help Vets in Need

You may have no funds or vehicles to donate to these organizations. However, this should not limit you. If you have skills in the medical field, you can help veterans who do not have financial resources by offering them free of charge.

Visit Wounded Veterans

Another way to support these veterans is to visit them in the facilities. This makes them feel cared for and brightens their day. You can contact staff from these facilities and arrange for a visit.

The black and white edition will be of great help to the organizations that are taking care of these veterans. Funds from this program will help the homeless veterans get food, clothes, and other basic needs. The veterans will also feel that they are being cared for.

Make an effort today and make these great soldiers happy.