What Is The Spiritual Meaning of a Pearl? 

What Is The Spiritual Meaning of a Pearl? 

Pearls have so many different symbolic meanings associated with them that to understand these meanings fully one has to embrace the complexities and depth of pearls. But most commonly pearls are a symbol of wisdom gained through challenging experiences. Not bookish knowledge, but the kind of knowledge one earns through living and growth.

They also symbolize the purity of the wearer. Their integrity and strength of character. In relationships, pearls may symbolize mutual growth and resilience. They are also believed to have healing energy against jealousy and insecurity that may contaminate a human heart. They also have significance in most of the world’s largest religions. 

Moreover, pearls signify wealth and are valued highly. The pursuit and gathering of pearls are essentially the same as chasing prosperity and wealth. So, really there isn’t a specific spiritual meaning of a pearl but rather a multitude of meanings.

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What Is The Spiritual Meaning of a Pearl?

Just as one recovers a pearl from the depth of the deep blue sea, one has to take a deep dive into their inner self to find true wisdom. The creation of a pearl starts at a wound. When sand or other foreign particles enter a mollusk, it gets hurt and as a way of healing itself starts coating that place in the nacre. Eventually, the coats keep on accumulating till a pearl is formed.

This signifies that true wisdom comes from within yourself, through toil and pain. There is also an undeniable association between pearls and healing. In the spiritual realm, pearls are both believed to have physical and mental healing abilities. It also is a cure for one’s heart. 

What Does A White Pearl Symbolize?

White pearls symbolize new beginnings, innocence, and purity. It’s because of these meanings associated with this color of pearls that makes them very popularly worn by brides in the west. The wedding day is the beginning of a deeper bond and a stainless white pearl marks a clean slate.

In some Asian cultures, white pearls are also a symbol of fertility and purity, which makes it a popular choice for brides there as well. They are also popular gifts for graduation or wedding anniversary. 

Even Queen Elizabeth II was very fond of white pearls. Possibly because it is a sign of elegance, timeless preciousness, and purity. 

What Happens When You Wear A Pearl?

In Astrology, gemstones are in conjuncture with certain planets. In the case of pearls, their  association is with the planet moon. Cancer is ruled by this planet and therefore, Cancer ascendants get maximum benefits out of wearing a pearl. 

Pearls are supposed to stabilize and minimize any bad effects of the planet moon on our charts. Since the moon moves faster than all other planets, its effect is seen in short intervals only.

Apart from Cancer ascendants, some other signs that benefit from wearing pearls regularly are Pisces, Aries, and Scorpio. Some other signs can wear it during specific times in their lives while others should stay away from pearls.

Pearls can bring good health, fortune, self-improvement, connections with important people, and overall, a comfortable life. People in the movie business or other creative lines like theatre, writing, painting, etc. benefit most in their careers from this gemstone. Combining pearls with red coral enhances the beneficial effects of pearls. 

Does Pearl Attract Money?

In Oriental culture, bringing pearls into your home is said to attract wealth and result in more income. It is supposed to help you make a fortune. However, its effect on finances isn’t as strong as other gemstones.

The best crystals to attract money are green jade, malachite, citrine, pyrite, peridot, tiger’s eye, clear quartz, amazonite, andalusite, green aventurine, emerald, blue sapphire, etc. 

Even though pearls have culturally always been associated with wealth, getting these gemstones to wear is going to have a far better impact on attracting and retaining money than pearls.  

What Finger Should You Wear A Pearl On?

If you believe in Vedic Astrology then the right finger for putting on a pearl ring is the little finger of your right hand. However, there is a ritual that you need to follow before putting on pearl on your finger. 

It is best to wear your pearl ring on a Monday night of the Shukla Paksha or Waxing Moon period. Depending on the birth chart, some people benefit more when it’s worn on the full moon. 

The gem shouldn’t weigh from 4-5 carats. Even though you can wear pearls with both gold and silver jewelry, it is essential that the metal of the pearl ring is silver. It is optimal if you wear your silver pearl ring after offering it to Lord Shiva. 

Do Pearls Symbolize Strength?

Pearls aren’t a symbol of brute physical strength but rather a strength from within. It symbolizes a strong character that is pure and innocent yet possesses inner wisdom that lets them be in greater control of themselves.

They also are associated with protection. So, a person wearing a pearl is believed to be protected from evil and harm. This is because the pearl is a defense of Mollusks against foreign matters that entered their soft insides. So, the stronger material of the pearl that is found within can save the soft and delicate inside of the Mollusk. So, pearls symbolize this dichotomy of delicacy and inner strength. 

Which Pearl Is Best To Wear?

There are so many varieties of pearls based on origin as well as quality that it is obvious that not all of them will have the same effect on the moon’s negative traits on your chart. The best results come from wearing seawater pearls. Saltwater Keshi Pearls, South Sea Pearls, and Basra Pearls to be precise. 

Keshi pearls are those that are produced in seawater naturally and possess a particular shape. They are getting rarer with increasing water pollution. Each one takes at least 7 years to form. They are about three times more expensive than South Sea Pearls, which are the cheapest in comparison. The rarer a pearl is, the more its price. 

Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia are the birthplace of most South Sea Pearls. They are perfectly round and larger than most. They are the most available among the three, while Basra Pearls are the rarest and cost a lot more money. Almost 10 times that of South Sea Pearls. If you want to buy Basra Pearl, a certificate of verification is a must.