6 Reasons to Consider a Tub-to-Shower Conversion

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A bathtub is an excellent fixture for families with kids, as it may provide them with a relatively safe and enjoyable bathing experience. Parents can supervise their kids while they enjoy a soaking bath in a bathtub. 

Bathtubs are also ideal for those seeking relaxation, stress relief, or a spa-like experience after a hectic day. However, a bathtub may not be a suitable option if you have a fast-paced life that keeps you constantly on the run. In that case, a bathtub may seem like a waste of time. On the other hand, taking a shower can be quick and revitalizing.

This is one of the situations where a shower makes a better option. If you have been thinking about a tub-to-shower replacement, here are a few more reasons to motivate you to follow your decision. 

  1. Showers can be more stylish and trendy 

When it comes to home renovation, one trend that’s making a splash is tub-to-shower conversions. The major reason why people are inclined towards showers is that they can be more stylish and trendy than bathtubs. Therefore, when homeowners consider a renovation, they often contemplate tub-to-shower transformations.

With their clear lines, spacious bathing space, minimalistic aesthetic, and a large variety of design options, showers captivate the interest of home remodelers. According to The Dallas Morning News, major hotels such as Sheraton Hotel and Hilton’s new Tru brand offers walk-in showers. In fact, younger generations prefer showers more than bathtubs because they often focus more on exploring their surroundings than immersing themselves in a luxurious bathing experience while staying in a hotel during travel.

However, if you want a successful tub-to-shower conversion, always hire a reliable bath remodeling company. Zintex Remodeling Group is a good option if you live in San Antonio, Wichita Falls, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Killeen-Austin, to name a few. But suppose you live in a city where Zintex Remodeling Group does not offer services; you can search for experienced local bath remodelers online. 

  1. Showers are more convenient

The appeal of showers extends beyond their aesthetic value. Without any doubt, they offer more convenience as getting in and out of them is much easier than with bathtubs. Showers allow you to save time, whether it’s a warm morning shower while getting ready for the day or an invigorating and relaxing post-work bath in the evening. 

Showers provide unbeatable ease compared to bathing in a tub, taking only a fraction of the time. With just a press of a button or a turn of a faucet, the water comes pouring out. There’s no need to wait for the tub to fill with water before you can get in.

  1. Better for all older people 

Age is another factor that makes bathtubs less practical. As you age, performing some activities that were once a breeze becomes challenging and tough, and bathing is one of them. This is because you tend to develop stability issues, making the bathtub less safe and practical. Showers, in this regard, are a better option; they offer more stability and minimize the risk of slips and falls. 

Getting in and out of a tub is also challenging and potentially dangerous for those who use wheelchairs or walkers for mobility. Showers equipped with low-threshold or even curbless designs eliminate the need to step over raised edges which is necessary with traditional bathtubs. They can enter the shower using their mobility aids

You can further improve the safety of showers by installing grab bars, providing a bathing seat, or placing non-skid mats. These additions allow older people to maintain their balance while maneuvering. 

  1. Easy to maintain

In the hectic life of today, where managing time to fulfill all daily chores is a struggle, spending hours scrubbing and maintaining a bathtub may not be at the top of your priority list. So, a convincing reason for considering a tub-to-shower conversion is that showers are much easier to maintain than bathtubs. 

Cleaning and scrubbing a tub is a hassle and takes much longer. On the other hand, keeping a shower sparkly clean is much more effortless. 

There is no need to stress over those dreadful and stubborn bathtub rings or fret over the arduous task of scrubbing every nook and cranny. The simple and sleek surfaces of showers make cleaning a breeze. 

If you wash your shower every day, it will require deep cleaning only occasionally. Even on those days, a few swipes with a sponge or a quick spritz of a cleaning solution are enough to make taps and other parts of a shower squeaky clean. 

  1. May help you fetch a better home value

Unlike in the past when kids grew up and left the nest to make their own life, these days, families are living in multi-generational settings. This arrangement involves two or more adult generations cohabiting under one roof, where grandparents may also share their home with their grandchildren. 

The Pew Research Center’s investigation of census data reveals that approximately 60.6 million adults (19% of the population) were residing with their extended family in 2014. This number marks a significant increase from the 57 million recorded in 2012. This increase showcases the growing popularity of multi-generational living, which offers a supportive environment, fostering close family ties and shared responsibilities. 

Nowadays, potential buyers may desire a space that can suit their unique family dynamic, such as multi-generational living. In the case of multi-generational family living, showers are often the preferred choice due to their ease of use and accessibility.

By considering a tub to bath conversions, you may attract buyers living in a multi-generational family setting and wanting a bathroom that suits everyone’s needs in the house. If they find your house suitable, they might be willing to pay a higher price, favoring it over other homes lacking such features. 

  1. Showers can be healthier

If you are considering a tub-to-shower replacement, you may be on track to ensure the better health of your family. Yes, you heard it right; showers might be healthier than tubs!

Showers offered a convenient pathway for dirt, sweat, and bacteria to be easily rinsed away and whisked down the drain. This contributes to a potentially cleaner bathing experience.

In contrast, bathtubs can potentially trap bacteria and dirt in the water as long as you’re soaking in it. So, why would you sit in a pool of potentially harmful bacteria and sweat when you could simply let it all flow away with a refreshing shower? So by opting for a shower, you are taking a step towards promoting cleanliness and potentially ensuring your family’s health. 


There are many reasons to consider a tub-to-shower conversion, including financial considerations, personal hygiene, and convenience. We hope that these reasons have strengthened your decision to consider a conversion. If you have decided to proceed, make sure to work with experienced bathroom remodelers.