9 Tips to Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But when it comes to real estate, first impressions matter. Therefore, a well-maintained and attractive home exterior can significantly boost the market value of your property.

Did you know that in August 2023, home prices in Oak Brook, IL, soared by a staggering 74.4% compared to the previous year? This indicates an upward trend in property appreciation, and your home’s exterior plays a crucial role in that.

Investing in the external appeal of your house not only makes it look good but also can result in substantial financial gains. So, here are nine tips to help you get started:

  1. Prioritize Roof Maintenance

Taking care of your roof is not just about keeping up appearances. Yes, a well-maintained roof definitely enhances the exterior appeal of your home. But there’s more to it. Regular roof check-ups can prevent leaks and damages, ensuring that your home remains safe and dry.

What’s more, a sound roof also plays a part in promoting energy efficiency. For Oak Brook residents, the good news is that they already enjoy electricity rates that are roughly 12.12% lower than most of the country. However, if your energy bills are soaring, your roof might be the culprit since small gaps or poor insulation can lead to heat loss.

It is recommended to hire professionals for extensive roof-related jobs instead of taking the DIY route. So, hire a reputed Oak Brook roofing company today to increase your property value and potentially lower your energy bills.

  1. Refresh the Paint Job

When your home starts to show its age, one clear sign is the state of its paint. As years go by, it’s natural for paint to lose its vibrancy, become dull, or even start chipping away.

Firstly, a fresh paint job breathes life back into your home, making it look clean and new. Secondly, paint acts as a barrier. It safeguards your house from weather changes, rain, and harsh sunlight. So, a fresh layer doesn’t just beautify your home but also strengthens it.

Sticking to neutral shades is a safe bet if you’re unsure about colors. They tend to have wider appeal, making your home attractive to more people, whether it’s guests or potential buyers.

  1. Upgrade the Front Door

Your front door is often the first thing people notice when they visit or pass by. Over the years, doors can wear out, or their style can become outdated. Getting a new door or even just giving your current one a fresh coat of paint can greatly enhance the look of your home.

However, it’s not just about looks. A door in good condition ensures security and can also help in maintaining your home’s temperature consistently.

If your door has gaps or isn’t closing properly, you might be losing heat in the winter or letting in unwanted warm air during the summer. Opting for a door that’s designed to be energy-efficient can help reduce energy costs.

  1. Landscape with Purpose

Landscaping is not just about planting a few flowers and calling it a day. A well-planned garden can elevate the overall feel of your property. Mixing perennial plants, which last multiple seasons, with seasonal ones keeps the garden lively throughout the year.

Additionally, it’s vital to invest time in maintenance. Regular activities like cutting back overgrown branches and mowing the lawn ensure that your outdoor space looks well cared for.

  1. Enhance Outdoor Lighting

Sure, well-lit pathways and highlighted design features make your property stand out, but there’s more to consider. Firstly, a bright entrance and path ensure that residents and guests can move around safely, reducing the risk of trips and falls.

Secondly, well-lit exteriors can deter potential intruders, adding an extra layer of security to your home. When setting up lights, it’s essential to find a balance. Too little light and areas remain dark; too much, and you might disturb neighbors or waste energy.

  1. Install or Update Shutters

Shutters can have a considerable impact on a home’s look and function. From an aesthetic perspective, shutters frame windows, providing them with a finished appearance. Picking the right color is crucial. You can either choose shades that match your home or go for contrasting colors to make them pop.

But shutters aren’t just about looks; they have a practical side too. When closed, they can block out excess light, offering privacy and possibly improving sleep. Additionally, they add an insulation layer, potentially preventing cool air from escaping during summers and warm air during winters.

  1. Replace or Repair Gutters

The main job of gutters is to channel rainwater away from the house, preventing potential water damage to the structure and foundation. It’s quite common for leaves, twigs, and other debris to accumulate in gutters. Over time, if left unchecked, these blockages can lead to water overflow, and this is where the troubles begin.

Regularly inspecting and cleaning gutters can help in preventing these issues. Besides cleaning, pay attention to their condition. Rust, cracks, or separations are signs that they might need repair or replacement. Newer gutter designs are more efficient and can provide better water flow.

  1. Add a Decorative Pathway

Pathways have the power to elevate the overall look of a home. Therefore, choosing the right material is essential. For instance, bricks have a classic appeal and stones can lend a natural, rustic touch, while tiles might give a more polished appearance. Whichever material you pick, make sure it complements your home’s exterior.

A well-laid pathway not only enhances curb appeal but also provides a safe, clear passage to your door. Regular maintenance is just as important. Sweeping away debris, clearing away snow or water, and occasional washing will keep it looking fresh and inviting.

  1. Update the Garage Door

Over the years, garage doors can show signs of wear and tear, potentially diminishing the home’s visual appeal. Nowadays, there are numerous updated garage door designs available in the market. These newer models often come with enhanced features, including better security mechanisms and improved insulation. They also offer a wide range of styles and finishes.

It’s advisable to select a design that fits seamlessly with your home’s architecture and design. For instance, if you have a traditional house, a classic wood-finish door might be apt. For more contemporary homes, sleek metal or glass doors can be considered.


Your home’s exterior plays a crucial role in its appeal. From the roof to the landscape, every detail matters. Prioritizing regular maintenance, like upgrading the roof, checking the gutters, or updating features such as shutters, can make a world of difference. Additionally, a focus on enhancing walking paths and entryways is essential. Newer garage door designs, in particular, offer better functionality and elevate the home’s appearance. Investing time and resources in these areas ensures a beautiful, functional, and welcoming home environment.