How Long Does Perfume Last on Clothes?

How Long Does Perfume Last on Clothes?Most people wonder how does perfume lasts on clothes while applying their favorite perfume. Who doesn’t love to smell nice throughout their busy day? You must have noticed that when you apply your favorite perfume, it doesn’t last long.

It can happen when you apply perfume in the wrong way. You may have also damaged your few favorite clothes and jewelry by using excessive perfume. But if you follow the proper way of using perfume you can make it last even for a week. 

Here in this article, we will talk about how you can make your perfume stay for a long time by following a few tricks.

How long does the fragrance of perfume stay on clothes?

Whenever you buy a new perfume or put on perfume, you always think about how long it will last on you. Few perfumes last for a whole day, and sometimes they can last longer for a week. And a few famous cheap colognes last for around 6 to 24 hours on your cloth; in contrast, a good cologne can remain on your clothes for more than a week.

But how does perfume last on clothes determines the perfume itself and whether you wash the cloth or not. The majority of the famous perfume brands use low oil concentration on their product; thus, they last for a short period. 

Can I spray perfume directly on clothes?

Well, there is no problem with spraying perfume directly on clothes, and you can also do so. But when you are about to put on a new perfume, make sure you do a test spray on a small place of cloth or a piece of paper. Many perfumes leave stains on the wear, so unless you want it, do a test first.

For example, Eau De Parfum leaves stains on clothes, but it also lasts for a longer period. But this perfume has a stronger smell than Toilette, which can damage the clothes and make discoloration of your jewelry. 

On the other hand, directly spraying perfume over your clothes may seem inconvenient sometimes. Because you may want to wear a different fragrance for the next day, but the perfume you wore the previous day is still on your cloth. So if you don’t want to mix two different perfumes, it would be better to consider applying it on your skin, not on clothes.

Where should I spray perfume: Clothes or Skin?

Where should I spray perfume: Clothes or Skin?Technically, spraying perfume on the skin is much better than spraying on clothes. You can also increase the perfume projection if you spray it on your skin. There is a chance of damaging the fabric when you spray it on cloth; it may also create stans over the cloth. 

Again, it all depends on the perfume; you will find few perfumes specially made to apply on the skin. And the other perfumes are suitable for both skin and cloth used. On the other hand, it’s pretty impossible to tell how the perfume’s chemical will react to your cloth. That’s why it’s better to do a spray test before wearing it. 

Sometimes when you spray perfume on the cloth, it smells a bit musty. It happens because of your cloth’s material, but when you apply it to your skin, it will not smell stale. Your skin has a fragrance that will connect with the perfume; thus, the mixture will create a unique fragrance for you. 

That’s why you would better examine the perfume at the store by spraying it on the skin to know the exact fragrance. The unique fragrance varies from person to person; not every person carries a similar fragrance on their skin. Before you go out wearing perfume on your skin, let the perfume sit first. 

How to make a perfume last longer? 

Generally, perfume stays on your clothes for 6 to 24 hours, but sometimes, the smell may become odor. You can make the exact fragrance last longer by following a few steps. Here are the steps on how to make a perfume last longer:

  1. Moisturize — The right time to wear perfume is after taking a shower when applying body lotion to moisturize the skin. The more oily and hydrated your body will be, the longer your perfume will stay. This trick works best during the summer days. 
  2. Spray it on your clothes — Another way is to make the perfume last longer by spraying it on your shirts and during winter on coats or leather jackets. But when you apply perfume to your skin, it just adds a specific fragrance to make it unique. 
  3. Choose an oil formulation — Oil helps the fragrance last long as oil clings to the skin. Oils are also less volatile that is helpful to make the perfume last long as well. The best type of oil perfume, according to experts, is Kai perfume oil and Nirvana Black Perfume oil.
  4. Add a heavyweight note — No need to switch to cologne for this. You need to find a perfume that has notes with a woody or spicy ones. Clove, Oud, Cypriol, and Cedarwood are highly recommended for heavyweight notes. 
  5. Hit the less traditional pulse points — Applying scent on your wrist and neck is okay and normal. But when you apply them on your ankle and behind the knee, the scent rises more than wrist and neck.
  6. Don’t rub your wrists together — The common mistake we make is rubbing the wrist together after wearing perfume. Doing this thing produces friction, and it inhibits the perfume’s top notes. Thus you make the perfume smell duller and different. 
  7. Store it properly — You need to store perfume properly, just like the other products. If you leave the perfume in light or extreme heat or cold, then the perfume will get distorted. Store your perfumes in a dark place, for example, your closet.

What are those ingredients of perfume that make it last longer?

What are those ingredients of perfume that make it last longer?When you make your perfume by yourself, the ingredients you will want are Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Benzoin Resinoid, and Labdanum. To expand the lifespan of Citrus components, using Frankincense is advisable.

Unlike the store-bought perfumes, it’s not possible to get the last long fragrance from your home-made perfume. They use ingredients like synthetic musks and ambergris that add excess aroma and help expand the fragrance’s longevity. 

Oriental, balsamic, vanilla, and woody perfumes are the best long-lasting perfumes to buy. They can last longer than perfumes like citrus, and they include higher oil concentration. 

How to keep someone’s perfume on clothes?

If you want to keep someone’s perfume that you love on your clothes, then you can do it as well. You need to bring an airtight bag to keep that cloth in the bag; you can also use glass mason jars that come with a silicone seal. These two options are great for storing someone else’s perfume for a longer time. 

Please note, do not open the jar or bag unless you want to enjoy the perfume; otherwise, it will fade away in a short time. The silicon seal that comes with a glass mason jar makes sure it doest have any odor so that nothing can interfere with the smell of your clothes. But how long will the smell of someone’s perfume last long?

You can make it last for many weeks, even a few years if you never open the bag or box where you have put the cloth. But if you have opened the box a few times, then it will last around a year. Just make sure you do not bring the cloth outside from the bag or jar if you want to make it last for a very long time.

Where to Spray Perfume on Clothes?

You are safe to spray the perfume on your cloth if you see it doesn’t leave any stain after the spray test. When you spray the perfume, spray it from 10 inches away from your cloth, it will help the perfume spread over the cloth nicely.

When you spray perfume on silk or a shiny surface, you need to be extra careful and not spray too much. If you spray too much, it will be difficult to wash off the perfume from the cloth. Using weak fragrances spray and spray in a small amount of any strong fragrances perfume is always better. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Does perfume last longer on clothes or skin?

Perfume lasts longer on both clothes and skin but applying perfume on the skin can prevent clothes' damage. When you shower and then moisturize your skin, it is the best time to wear perfume on your skin. The perfume's fragrance on your skin will last longer if your skin is oily and hydrated enough while wearing the scent.

Is it bad to put perfume on clothes?

No, it's not bad to put perfume on clothes but applying it in areas when air can't go through is bad. It will turn the fragrance into a bad odor. Applying it on exposed areas like the neck, wrist, inner elbow is recommended. During the summer season, it is better to apply scent to the clothes.

How do you make perfume last longer on clothes?

To make the perfume last longer and smell amazing on your clothes, you can use a few tricks. First, you need to line your dresser drawers by using tissue paper, now spray your favorite perfume on the clothes. You can also carry a pocket-sized or travel size perfume to reapply the fragrance; it will help you to smell good all day long.

How can I smell like perfume all day?

You can smell like perfume all day long by using a few methods. Apply some petroleum jelly on the area of your skin where you want to wear perfume. Or moisture your pulse areas before spraying your favorite fragrance. Never rub your wrist after applying the perfume, as it will make the fragrance dull. Lastly, you should learn the perfume first how to use that for last longing use.

How long does it take for perfume to wear off?

If you have applied perfume on your skin, then it will wear off as soon as you take a shower, but a few perfumes still stay a bit. You can keep the fragrance of the perfume for a couple of years by storing it in an airtight container.

Final Thoughts

So you have just learned how does perfume last on clothes and how you can make them last longer than usual. You need to be careful and check whether the perfume makes any stain or not before you apply it to the cloth.

You can also increase the longevity of the perfume by applying the above tips. Storing your perfume in the right place is also necessary. We really hope this article was useful and helpful for you to figure the timespan of perfume.

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