How Long Can Flowers Go Without Water?

Bloomy flowers bring colors to human life when you plant them in front of your eyes. Our homes and offices are the most common place where we love to plant flowers and water them.

But how long can flowers go without water? People who are planning for a vacation search for this question’s answer frequently. Often, we cannot water our indoor plants timely, particularly when going on a vacation.

Even though you’re on vacation, your mind will still be near to your beloved flower pot. Don’t panic! Your flowers won’t die for several days even after you forget the water.

On average, the living and fresh flowers last up to 5 days without water. You’ll need to steam the flowering plant with wet paper or cloth to keep it alive without water.

Let’s realize the points deeply and understand what factors affect the lifespan of the flower.

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How Long Can Flowers Go Without Water?

How Long last Can Flowers Without Water

It’s hard to describe how long flowers can go without water without knowing the types of flower plants. The weather also affects the lifespan of flower plants, particularly when you don’t water them.

Indeed, the flowers will stay fresh in the winter and rainy season more than in the summer without regular watering.

However, we already know that fresh flowers last up to 5 days without water. Typically, some flower plants survive 7 days; whereas, the full-grown tropical houseplants last 2-3 weeks without absorbing water.

If you have succulents and cactus plants, then you’re the luckiest person. Both of these plants come with a longer lifespan without the need for water. They can last up to 3 months even though you don’t water them.

Moreover, the plants look so beautiful externally. Perhaps, that’s why people love to plant cactus and succulent plants more than other plants on the premises.

What Are the Factors that Affects the Flowers Lifespan Without Water?

Several factors affect the lifespan of flower plants when you are irregular in watering the flowers. Understanding those factors, you can assume how long your non-watered flower plant is going to last.

Type of Flowers

First, come to the types of flower plants. Indeed, some types of flowers last long with less watering or without watering at all. Agave, bougainvillea, lantana, Gaillardia, etc. are those types of flowers which live with less watering.

Maturity level

New seeds cannot live without water at all, although they are from a long-living plant species. But a fully-grown flower plant can survive a long time (almost 2-3 weeks) even though you don’t water them regularly.


Undoubtedly, plants live longer in winter and rain than in the summer without consuming water.

In the winter and rainy season, the plants can hold the given water for a long time, whereas, when it is a rainy day, the plants hold the water and get ample water if you place the flower tub on your balcony.

Unlike the rain or winter, the flower plants get dehydrated in summer because the soil loses its ability to hold the absorbed water.

How Long Can Potted Flowers Go Without Water?

How Long Can Potted Flowers Go Without Water?

When there’s a low temperature in spring, you’ll have to water after every 3-4 days to your smaller potted flowers. A fully-grown potted plant with proper air and light might last more than 4 days without water.

Nevertheless, you must water your potted flower plant every day when it is summer.

Will My Plants Survive 2 Weeks Without Water?

Yes, some plants survive 2 weeks and more than 2 weeks without water. Usually, they are fully grown tropical houseplants. But it is undetermined whether your houseplants are going to last for 2 weeks or not.

Before going on vacation, you must ensure that your flower plant lasts for 2 weeks, right? Following our given procedures below, you can ensure your flower plant lasts for at least 2 weeks.

Shower Your Plant

Shower your plant before heading on your vacation. Literally, bring the flower tub under your kitchen sink, hold it for sometimes and ensure the flower tube, including the plant, drenches properly.

When the entire soil soaks, the water will start to come out from the hole under the tub. Replace the flower tub back to its previous place. Apply the same process for all of your flower tubs.

Use Self-Watering Planters

When you’re going out of home for several days, you mightn’t take your flower plants without them. But holding the moisture level of flower plants is important to keep them alive.

Use the self-watering planters to hold the moisture level of the flower plants when you’re going out without your babies. Set the self-watering planters above your flower tub on the right side.

Put a tread rope into the self-watering planters and lead the rope to your flower tub. Refill the planters with enough water that will last until you come back.

Use the Self-Watering Bulbs

Some self-watering bulbs also help to keep the flower plant hydrated, dropping the water slowly. Set the self-watering bulbs at the right place to keep the soil always damp.

Make a small hole into the soil and attach a spout to it coming from the self-watering bulb.

Remember, the hole must be away from the major routes. Otherwise, the direct water will damage the route of the plants, and the plants will die soon.

Take the Plants to A Shadow Place

If your plant tubes are on your balcony, they might get dehydrated due to light and higher temperatures. So, keep the plants in a shadowy place so that it gets only light but no warmth.

You may replace the flowering plant back to its previous position once you come back from vacation.

How Long Can Flowers Last Without a Vase?

How Long Can Flowers Last Without a Vase?

The fresh flower wrapped with wet paper or clothes will live 8 hours in total. When you cut the fresh flower, it loses its attachment to living. Still, it remains fresh and living for several hours when you place them in a clean vase.

Even though you cannot place the cut flowers in a vase, they’ll still live for 8 hours in wet paper or clothes.

However, if you cannot store the flowers in a vase, you can keep them in clean cooking utensils for storing. The common accessories for storing flowers are teacups, coffee mugs, wine glasses, drinking glasses, desserts bowls, etc.

How Long Do Bouquet Flowers Last Without Water?

When you cut off the flowers from the plant, they lose their connection to the living plant. To keep the bouquet flowers fresh for a long time, you have to keep them in a flower base with water.

If you keep the flowers in a vase with water, they’ll stay moisturized for a whole day. Nevertheless, the bouquet flowers don’t live more than 24 hours even though you keep them in the water-filled base.

Keep the flowers into the vase immediately before the bouquet flowers get dehydrated. Also, you can wrap the flowers with wet sponge or clothes to keep them hydrated for a long time.


How Long Can Flowers Last in A Car?

2 hours.
Usually, the natural air and light cannot easily get into the car; instead, there’s higher temperature into the car coming from the gas.
Consequently, the fresh flowers don’t live more than 2 hours if you keep them in your car. After 2 hours, they become wilted and long can flowers last in a car

How Long Can A Rose Live Without Water?

Without proper water and light, the rose begins to wilt within a couple of waters. Then the rose starts to wilt and the plant cells start to discolor. This is the sign for the rose plants when they need watering.

Which Plants Can Live Without Water for Many Days?

Surprisingly there are also some long-lasting flowers in the world that can live long without water. The flowers that last out of water are:
Red Valerian etc.

What Happens to Flower Plants Without Water?

The flower starts to wilt, and the petal appeals to the flower’s limbs without water. Slowly, it becomes dehydrated, and in the end, the flower dies.
Sometimes you cannot leave the flowers without water when it is hot outside. The petal starts to wilt immediately as soon as the flower loses its moisture.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh Without Water?

Without water, it is hard to keep the flowers fresh for a long time. Still, you can use the wet sponge or clothes to wrap the flower plants or bouquet. The moisture coming from the wet sponge or clothes makes the flower live longer than the average time.
Also, you can steam under water to make the flower fresh without water.How to Keep Flowers Fresh Without Water

The Sum Up!

The hot weather makes the flowers dry naturally, so; they need water almost every day. But the winter and rain sustain the freshness of flowers even though you don’t water them regularly.

So, before knowing how long can flowers go without water, remember, whether it is cold or warm temperature? If it is winter or rain, you don’t have to worry about the flowers getting dehydrated for a long time. But when it is summer, you should arrange the flowers in a way so that they get water regularly.

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