How Long Do Roses Last Without Water?

When you’re disturbed with your work, a bud of rose can refresh your mood. Not only you but there’s also hardly any person who doesn’t love roses, right? Neutrally, the rose can refresh anyone’s mood within just a few seconds.

People love to keep the rose in the vase to soothe their eyes and refresh the mood. But, how long do roses last without water in a base?

Indeed, the cut roses lose their connection with the plants when you tear them up. Consequently, the rose’s petals will start to limp, and the rose will begin to wilt within a couple of hours. These are the signs of the rose getting rotten.

You must water the rose into the vase immediately when you see any sign of a rotting rose. Through watering and applying some procedures, you can still extend the lifespan of your favorite rose for some days.

How? Don’t skip us to learn everything regarding how roses last without water and how to extend their lifespan.

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How Long Do Roses Last Without Water?

How Long Do Roses Last Without Water

Like other plants and flowers, roses also need water regularly to grow and stay alive. But it doesn’t mean your roses die after you lift them from your garden.

So, how long do roses last without water? It actually depends on where the rose is situated, the weather, and the rose species.

Exactly, it is difficult to understand the lifespan of roses based on their species; but depending on the situation and weather, we can assume how long roses can last without water.

Well, the indoor rose in the tub lasts for up to 2 weeks without water consumption. Conversely, the cut roses stay fresh for several hours without any wilt or stain. Furthermore, the outdoor rose gets a lifespan for several weeks with no water.

Notedly, the rose flower petals last up to 3 days after you pluck them up from the flowers.

What Factors Affect How Long the Cut Rose Last?

So, you want to increase the lifespan of the rose of your vase, right?

It is important to learn different factors affecting the rose lifespan if so. Only then, you’ll understand how long roses last without water and how to keep them alive.

Types of Flower

A few days ago, I got 4 roses as a gift. Two of these got wilted within just one day, and the other two were alive till the 3rd day. Why did that happen?

In essence, the lastingness of the rose depends on what species of rose you have.

The long stem roses are more long-lasting flowers than the short stem roses. That’s because the long stem rose can consume the water from the deepest soil. In comparison, the short stem rose cannot do that.

So, it’s better to invest in long-stem rose. Nevertheless, when you don’t have sufficient outdoor space for rose planting, you have to plant the short-stem rose.

Condition of Flower

It was completely fresh and living when I got the roses as a gift. But only two of them are alive for 3 days. However, from this incident, we can realize that how long a rose will live also depends on buying it.

My roses were absolutely fresh, so they lasted for almost 3 days without water. Conversely, if you collect the wilted flowers, they’re going to die soon.


How long It’ll take for the rose to wilt mostly depends on the weather. Indeed, the rose will last long in the wet weather compared to the dry and sunny weather.

The high temperature absorbs the water from the rose and its petals; consequently, the rose becomes dry. So, if you don’t water your rose and rose plants regularly, the plant won’t get moist and will die soon.

Conversely, the roses get sufficient water when there is rain or not so high outside temperature. Even though you forget to water your rose for longer, they’ll last longer than the regular time.


Your rose plant indoors will last longer than an outdoor rose plant without water. The outdoor rose gets direct sunlight, absorbing its moisture and making it needy for water.

But indoor rose plants remain under the shade; hence, the moisture doesn’t quickly go out of them.

Frankly, that’s why the fresh rose at the base stays alive for an unexpected time.

Using Food

Using the plant food also helps grow the rose plant faster and longer and doesn’t require water. When you use the flower food or sugar, it helps to keep your vase rose for a long.

How to Make the Rose Last Longer?

How to Make the Rose Last Longer

A bouquet of roses is a favorite to almost all of us, particularly from someone special. The more you see them, the longer you’ll get peace to your eyes and mind.

So, let’s arrange to keep the flowers in the vase from the bouquet to last them longer. You can apply the processes below even though you pluck on the fresh rose from your garden.

Trim the Stems

Trim the stems of each rose brought out from the bouquet. With garden shears, cut one to two inches at the lower side of the rose stick. It is called trimming the rose.

Re-trim the stems of the rose every time you change the water of the rose vase.

Remove the Leaves

The leaves in the rose stick shorten its lifespan; so, when placing the roses into the water vase, make sure there are no leaves in its sticks.

Cut all the leaves from rose sticks when you pick them up from your garden or simply get them in a bouquet.

Use A Clean Vase to Store Roses

How to Make the Rose Last Longer

The storing base for the rose sticks must have to be neat and clean. The growth of bacteria becomes faster in the dirty vase which affects the flowers in it. Consequently, the flower starts to rot soon before the time comes.

So, before placing your rose bouquet into the vase, make sure it is neat and clean.

Water Wisely

Rose prefers lukewarm water more than cold water. So, prepare the vase with water before you place the roses into it. Everyday change the vase water with the fresh water to keep the flowers fresh.

Use only plain water when you’re going to place the roses into the base. Add varieties of flowers food if you need them later.

Drop A Penny in Water Vase

Reliably, the copper prevents the anti-bacterial growth from water that might be caused by the cut roses. If you put the cut rose sticks into the warm water, the bacteria might break out.

Bacterial growth is another cause for the roses getting rotten. So, what to do to prevent the anti-bacterial growth into the water? Just drop a penny into the water of the vase.

The pennies are usually made of copper, and work well to prevent anti-bacterial growth into the rose water.

Place Under the Shade Away from Sunlight

Never put the rose-containing vase into direct sunlight even though it isn’t summer. Instead, keep the vase under the shade away from direct sunlight. Make sure the place has lots of air and sunlight spreads.

Maintain the Cut Roses

Putting the roses into the flower vase isn’t everything you need to do to ensure fresh and beautiful flowers. Change the water of the roses regularly to prevent their anti-bacterial growth.

The Sum Up!

You might think of presenting a bouquet to your beloved ones but couldn’t make it. Now, you want to present the same bouquet to the upcoming occasion close to the door. So, you’re willing to learn how long do roses last without water? Unluckily, the cut roses don’t last more than several hours. But with proper care and storing you can still make the bouquet long-lasting to present your beloved ones.