Ten Things You Need To Take Care Of ASAP After Moving

Packing up your old life and starting a new one is a mixture of overwhelming emotions ranging from anxiety to optimism and everything in between. The census results of 2022 show a gain of more than 10,000 residents in Tuscaloosa since 2020, proving that the city is gaining new residents rapidly. Whether you’re amongst the recent movers to the Yellowhammer state or are planning a move shortly, many tasks await your urgent attention as soon as you set foot in your new abode. Here’s what these tasks are and how to carry them out efficiently for a smooth transition:

Get New Locks And Security Equipment

There’s a high chance that your residence’s previous owners retained a key to the place after moving out. Homeowners do this in case they need emergency access to the premises. But it may be that other people tied to the previous owners also possess keys or maybe even know of secret entrances. Therefore, changing the locks of doors, screens, and windows upon moving in is paramount for your and your family’s security. Other safety equipments your house must contain in the event of an emergency are smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and a burglar system.

Inspect Boxes And Deliveries From Movers

If your packed belongings are cluttered all over the place, they can turn the empty residence into a mess of cartons. According to Zillow, home values in Tuscaloosa have increased by 3.8% since last year. Hence, if you’re still not ready to buy, you’re probably going to rent an apartment. In that case, you might not have enough storage and wouldn’t want to remodel a rental. Hence, search for self storage Tuscaloosa units for a temporary solution to store extra boxes. With heavy belongings safely stored in a reliable storage unit, you can focus on the smaller items at hand and slowly bring larger items home to set up as you go from room to room. 

Set Up Utilities

Your new place won’t come with utilities and services set up upon arrival. Instead, you’ll have to get in touch with the relevant service and utility providers in your area to gain access to essential utilities. Whether it’s the water and gas supply or a telephone and internet connection, we recommend you book installation dates prior to moving to have access at the earliest. 

Send Packing Materials For Recycling

One thing you’ll notice after unpacking and emptying cartons and boxes is how much packing material is used in the process of moving. Most packing materials are recyclable, which is great for the environment and helps you eliminate waste in an eco-friendly manner. For the heaps of packing material you’ll need to give away, contact your residential waste and recycling service provider in advance and ask them to deliver carts to your residence. Load these carts with cardboard boxes and packing paper and leave them out for collection. 

Locate Main Valves

Knowing the inner workings of your home is essential to prevent disasters. Most emergencies at home are related to electricity, water, and gas supply, which can be tumultuous and unpredictable. Therefore, locating the main valves in your home is a necessity. Thoroughly inspect the circuit breaker, fuse box, and main water and gas valve to fix any sudden water or power issues. If fuses are not labeled properly or valves are not functioning optimally, immediately get them fixed with the help of a professional. 

Thoroughly Check The House

Moving into a new home calls for a deep inspection of its ins and outs, which will help you jot down any repairs or maintenance that must be carried out. As you inspect every inch and corner of the place, look for signs of leaks, paint chipping, damaged walls and flooring, pest infestations, or other foundational issues. Don’t forget to examine the roof, garden, attic, pool, or similar extended parts of a house that may easily get overlooked but shouldn’t. With inspection out of the way, you can arrange the necessary upkeeps and elevate your living condition. 

Proof Your Place

For those whose family unit includes a little human or pet friend, making the house safe and hazard-free is imperative. For babyproofing or pet-proofing a home, restrict the areas that may pose a threat to your child or pet, such as staircases and balconies, and elevate their safety using gates and raised railings. Keep your children or pets in a room with locked doors to prevent them from crawling out and about while you’re busy unpacking. Furthermore, seal all vents, shafts, or openings that might attract them. Using proofing items like corner covers, locks, and electric socket covers can further help in dodging any serious injuries. Lastly, remember to browse your home for any toxins, poisonous chemicals, or ingestible items that can harm your little ones through exposure. 

Update Your Address

This next step is crucial for ensuring you continue to receive important information, such as posts, emails, and packages, after your move. Departments like the post office, banks, credit card companies, and insurance companies must be aware of your new address to maintain a steady line of communication with you. Even subscription packages such as weekly magazines should be informed of your new location so they can continue providing services to you. Hence, update your residential address on all significant platforms to avoid missing important information and services.

Inform People Of Your Move

Once you’ve settled into your new home, it’s time to let people know of your move. You may be hesitant to do so, but much good can come from letting loved ones and friends know where you find yourself on the globe. Old friends and colleagues in the same location may hit you up, while family members may get you in touch with helpful contacts. Paying a visit to your neighbors is also a wonderful way of familiarizing yourself with the new neighborhood while socializing and receiving helpful tips and advice.   

Keep Your Finances and Homeowners Insurance In Check

Last but certainly not least is keeping a check and balance on your financial situation. Not only is moving a tiring and stressful journey, but it can also cost a fortune. If you’ve exceeded your moving budget, curate a plan for recovering these costs. For those who have moved across the state, get in touch with banks to set up new accounts. Those with homeowner’s insurance should look into successfully transferring the insurance from their previous home to the new one.  


Whether you are moving across states or changing homes within Tuscaloosa, the friendly and hospitable city makes the moving journey less daunting. Despite this, a range of tasks must be taken up by you to settle yourself and your loved ones into your new home with ease and comfort. The quicker you go through the tasks listed above and carry them out, the sooner you can relax and indulge in your brand-new life!