What are the Most Popular Winter Bouquets?

Flowers are the perfect gifts to cheer someone who struggles through the darker, colder months. In addition, they can brighten your home when used as a centerpiece or décor. If you want to buy beautiful blooms during winter, then you should consider getting those that typically grow around that time. This is the best way to ensure your floral arrangements not only look fresh but also match the seasonal vibe. In addition, buying locally grown floral arrangements are an environmentally friendly option and is cheaper compared to importing out-of-season floral arrangements from distant locations. Popular winter floral arrangements include:


Amaryllis grows from round bulbs into blooms that resemble the look of trumpets. These blooms grow from fall through late spring. In addition, they grow in sturdiness zones six to eight. You can get Amaryllis blooms in hues of red, pink, and orange. A beautiful flower to add some life to the room, especially during the winter season.


Camellias bloom from October, all the way through May. In addition, they grow in zones of hardiness 6 to 9. There are about 3000 species of Camellias. Therefore, they come in a wide range of colors, from purple and white blooms to ones filled with color to ones with white and pink petals. A great pop of color that can bring you out of any dull winter mood. They are perfect to have during the winter months as you wait for spring to come.


Anemones are in-season during winter and mid-spring. In addition, they grow in hardiness zones 3 to 8. Anemones resemble poppies and are popularly known for their dramatic black center. In addition, they generally have purple, white, or red petals. These are great for those who just need a pop of color in their room. The winter may be known for white and darker colors but sometimes you just want a little more. Luckily the anemones can offer just that.


Hellebores come in burgundy, green, purple, or brown shades. In addition, you can find Hellebores that have a blend of different shades. Hellebores are a great floral arrangement choice for couples who are planning a winter or an eclectic wedding. These groups of flowers are perfect for those who crave spring but have to go through the annoyance of winter. They are perfect to add to any room just to make it pop.


Tulips are recognizable by their flowers which are cup-shaped and bend at the top. The blooms are tiny and perfect when used as statement blooms instead of filler. Tulips grow in zones of the hardiness of 3-8. While they may be seen as spring flowers, they are perfect during the wintertime. They will keep you nice and warm as they can be perfectly adorned in any room.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis orchids are also known as “moth orchids,” and they bloom from late winter months through the spring months. It grows in USDA hardiness zones 10-12. The plants have thick leaves which come in shades of pink, white and purple. This bloom has a distinct shape and crisp colors that can be used as décor in homes and event venues for weddings to add a touch of class and sophistication.


These blooms are easily identifiable by their green foliage and vibrant red leaves. In addition, you can find some varieties of cream-colored poinsettias. Poinsettias are very large and can be used in wedding ceremonies. They are beautifully vibrant and just have a gorgeous essence around them. They are typically seen around the holidays as they are the perfect, sweet decoration.


The Ranunculus bloom has a tightly packed, swirled petal pattern. It grows in zones 8-10 and comes in vibrant shades like burgundy, orange, white and red. They are great flowers to brighten the room. Especially during the cold months of winter. The ranunculus bloom can be used in bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres.


You can purchase the most beautiful winter bouquets for your loved ones and use a flower delivery service such as Proflowers.com to send the flowers to them, regardless of their location. In addition, you can buy these blooms and use them as a centerpiece to add more style, sophistication, or vibrancy to your home. Furthermore, you can use them as décor in events like weddings. Flowers are a wonderful way to add any flair to a room or to get you out of a funk.

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